In Expectation Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe book The Study of The Ten Sefirot (TES) tells us about the structure of our soul and about the actions it performs. But this soul is frozen and motionless now, as if in a state of expectation, of readiness, in the minimal state of its still level. To the extent that we study about it, it awakens and comes to life.

We can do this even unconsciously, without any calculations of how all this happens, but simply by reading this book. This is also good since by that we already evoke the Light that Reforms, but we make the blood flow in the system only at the intensity of the still nature.

If we want to participate in this work consciously and to feel how the Light operates in us, which means not only to read TES, but also to go on spurring the action of the Light consciously, we inject different currents of the Light of life into our soul, and it comes to life.

Then we feel its actions and thanks to that we reach the understanding, the attainment, and the participation. It all depends on the extent to which we identify with the writings, when we understand that it is about our soul. The word “soul” is called “a Godly part from Above,” which means the corrected desire to enjoy with the intention to bestow. There cannot be another upper particle in us.

And so gradually, we slowly advance by drawing upon ourselves the force that injects the spiritual life into us. Eventually a person begins to feel and to be incorporated practically in the whole process the book tells us about, just as the author of the book who attained everything describes it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/12, The Study of The Ten Sefirot

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