In The Kabbalists’ Footsteps To The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhile reading the articles, we have to learn to follow the thought of the author, to yearn to enter the states our teachers describe. When a person begins to watch a captivating movie, he forgets about the entire world and lives with the heroes on the screen, experiencing everything they go through.

This is how we have to relate to reading the texts. We must annul ourselves and adhere to the author, to his states at the time he was writing the article, and to his thought, and to constantly flow with this thought, hold ourselves within it. It is as if I don’t exist, which means that I cling to the books and their authors.

We have no other way to reach our teachers. At this time, I don’t see such readiness on the part of the students. Even before the lesson, before reading the text, we should think that we are about to do something special. By reading or listening to a text written by a Kabbalist and by making constant efforts to hold onto his thoughts, we cling to the Creator.

We mustn’t think about anything or have any calculations, but simply flow with the Kabbalist on the same wave. It doesn’t matter whether I understand what the text says or not. I feel like a baby in the arms of an adult. Someone lifted me and is taking care of me. Thus, I gradually begin to grow and understand why and how everything happens.

First, I simply find out what is going on, and afterwards I will understand the reasons. This attitude is essential while reading the articles.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/2012, Writings of Rabash

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