How Can We Help The Light?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash’s lesson: It’s impossible to work without fuel. A person must receive something, he can’t work without a goal. Thus, our goal is to feel for whom we work.

People often ask how they can check how close they have come to spirituality. This is determined specifically according to the clarification for whom I work. I have advanced if I begin to act not as if I am standing against the Creator, but next to Him, on His side, trying to help Him, serve Him, and work in line with His program.

I think about how to give the Light the possibility to influence me more strongly, how to help the Light enter all my desires more deeply, to connect them. I feel that I am the slave of the Creator, connecting to Him stronger and stronger under the influence of the Light.

According to this sign, it is possible to feel how a person changes. Instead of thinking: “Me, me, me,” he now worries about how to assist the Light in entering the desires and correcting them.
From Preparation for the Lesson 4/22/2012

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