Spiritual Surgery

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe most important thing in spiritual work is to direct yourself towards the goal using many parameters while taking into account the various surrounding conditions that guide you directly to the target. 

It is the same in our world. Let’s say I’m an artilleryman shooting at a distant target. I cannot see this target since it’s 15 miles away from me. I have to calculate how much TNT I need to use relative to the mass of the cartridge so that it would reach its target. In addition, I need to take into account the humidity of the air, wind, temperature, and thousands of other parameters. Previously, we used tables, but today all these numerous conditions are programmed into a computer. This isn’t simple.

In our world, we first fire a few test rounds, use them to determine the deviation, and only afterward do we take a shot at the target.

But there is no such thing in spirituality; we cannot “shoot” and calculate our error, checking whether we “hit” the Creator or not. We need to account for all conditions. The group is created for that purpose, and all the necessary components are there for making the calculations to reach the goal. This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science about how to come to the possibility of revealing a new property within us: the property of the revelation of the Creator.

Moving forward isn’t sufficient for us because I cannot see anything in front of me. I am in such a state where I don’t know what “forward” means. I don’t see it! Perhaps I’m moving in a completely opposite direction? A big question mark hangs over all of this. What can be done?

 Spiritual Surgery


This is why our egoism exists, so that by pushing off it we could determine “What exactly is that something that’s “not it,” not our egoism? And in this “not it” is precisely where the Creator would be. That is, egoism operates in everything except for just one direction, the one opposite to it.  

In order to find the one and only goal, the property of bestowal and love, which is called “Creator,” we start from its opposite. We don’t know it because all of our desires, including the love and bestowal in our world, are all egoistic and don’t have anything to do with spirituality, with the true and genuine property of bestowal and love. We can forget about that, we’re not in it at all; nobody is, in any manner whatsoever!

In order to lead us into the spiritual world and to orient us correctly, we were given egoism, the group, the study, and finally, the upper Light, which ultimately performs this spiritual surgical operation. It “operates” on us with its ray and liberates the soul, “releasing it outward.”
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/12, Lesson 5

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