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My New “Self”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf the Creator is the only force that governs, maintains, and enlivens everything, then even the words that I utter, the thoughts and desires that arise in me now, all of it is also Him. Hence I need to unite with what passes through me now and comes out from me to others. All of it is all His work as well; He is carrying all of it out. I’m not here. I am only what perceives itself filled with the might, force, intention, and desire of the Creator who thereby addresses others.

I need to connect and to merge with what is happening inside of me now, to feel that I’m entirely filled by Him because there is no other force besides Him. And when I try to eliminate my own “Self” within me, that everything is only Him, this is exactly when I find my new “Self,” based on “there is none else besides Him.” That is, everything that I think about, it is all Him.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/2012, Workshop 2

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A Field For Inner Work

A Field For Inner WorkQuestion: What can I get from the friends’ words during the workshops, but can’t get from the lesson with the teacher?

Answer: When the teacher speaks everyone is silent, that is, they agree with what he says. There is a plus and a minus in this.

There is no internal work during this time because you are involuntarily suppressed, silenced by the knowledge, the height of the teacher as he is initially higher than you.

When you are together with the friends, you are working with someone who can be higher, lower, or at the same level with you. And here, you have a lot of work on lowering yourself, removing your “I,” canceling yourself. And in addition, you need to consider any of your friends to be the greatest. In this way, you “adjust” yourself to the Creator, prepare yourself to go by bestowal above reception, faith above reason.
From a Lecture on Unity Day Around the World, “Preparation for the Congress” 4/22/2012    

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The First Meeting

Dr. Michael LaitmanNow we desire only one thing: We wish that all of creation, meaning us, will not present any obstacles for the manifestation of the upper Light, so it will fill us without any resistance on our part. We want to make such a restriction on ourselves to give Him all the space for His revelation. At the same time we don’t exist, we are just transparent so that one single force would be passing through us and would fill us.

This is the first condition, restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph), from which to begin our meeting with the Creator when for the first time we really feel for real that “There is None Else Beside Him.”

We are transparent; we don’t exist because we have annulled our “I,” our egoism, and so now the Creator can fill everything.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Workshop 2

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Women’s Questions In Preparation For The Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can women create a strong common desire to maximize the ability to support the men during the convention?

Answer: To this day, we cannot explain to the women that they’re doing spiritual work just as men do, the only difference being that the style of their interconnection is somewhat different from the connection between the men.

With men, it all starts with a very simple friendship, with shared activities. They swim together in the sea, sit around, share meals, and study. With women this connection is much more complicated. But when they set a higher goal for themselves and understand that for the sake of this goal they need to unite, then they can accomplish it and achieve the goal. That is, the exalted goal becomes like a master for them, and they’re prepared to unite for its sake.

Question: Do women need to prepare for the convention in some special way? Perhaps we should do it together somehow or correspond with each other? Or should we only unite internally?

Answer: The importance of unification should be the same in women as in men; this is first. And second, they need to understand that they also need to achieve unity. Women are able to unite for the sake of a higher goal, and they need to explore and scrutinize this possibility.

The Bible tells about how Moshe’s sister Miriam united all the women together before exiting Egypt, how the women worked on themselves in Egypt, and how it was precisely that feminine part which nurtured Moses, that is, the force that then pulls us out of Egypt.

Question: What should women expect from the workshops?

Answer: The women, like the men, need to discuss all the details of unification. Let them try to do that; let them discover what is for them and what isn’t. In this manner, they will find their own path in a practical way since otherwise it won’t work.

On one hand, women ask: “Why not?” But when you offer them the work of unification, they say: “This isn’t for us!” And so a problem arises. And it’s unclear what can be done, what action to take, and how to approach this problem?

Women need to unite for a common cause, like in a huge number of existing women’s organization, where women can unite in order to achieve something not between, but outside of themselves. So let them unite in order to achieve something outside themselves as well, and for that purpose they can connect—not against anyone, but for the sake of accomplishing something. They can do it!

Question: Do women need to unite in order to achieve the goal or in order for the men to reach it?

Answer: They need to unite to attain the result together. Let them clarify this, and they will see the middle point into which they need to fit exactly to complement the men. And in no way is their work any less than the work of men; it’s actually greater.

Question: How should a woman prepare her husband for the convention?

Answer: You wash, dress, and feed him, then hand him his backpack, and let him go to school. I’m speaking absolutely seriously: Prepare him like you would a child. That is, let him know that you expect great accomplishments from him, that you hope that throughout the convention he’ll really go in the right direction with good and necessary thoughts. That’s how you get him ready. When it comes to that, a woman has what’s called the wisdom of life.

Question: How do men work correctly with women’s support during the workshops?

Answer: Men shouldn’t pay attention to it yet. Later, when we really become properly interconnected, we’ll feel the women’s influence, pressure on us.

It’s good when we can sense that; it obliges us. Let’s hope that we’ll be able to feel that too.
From a Lecture on Unity Day Around the World, “Preparation for the Congress” 4/22/2012     

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What Should We Talk About At The Convention?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We see plenty of faces at the convention, many new people. What should or shouldn’t we talk about?

Answer: What do you mean “plenty of faces, many new people”? Am I really interested in what a person looks like, or whether he or she is old or young?

The soul is ageless. The soul has no form. The soul is the property of bestowal. If so, I don’t look at anything else! That is why I neither notice nor remember people; I don’t recall their names because I am interested only in their internal field that they resonate around, that they emanate, but not in their looks or names. What’s the difference?

Question: In order to generate this field, what should we talk or not talk about?

Answer: You should talk only about the goal, only about the topic of the convention, only about maintaining the greatness of the goal, only about the positive, and in no way about the negative—that’s what Rabash writes in his articles.

A convention is not the place to make calculations. We do all that before the convention—take an example from me.

That’s it: The convention is starting, and we put aside all the problems; this is the past, and we should rise above it now. All our negative qualities, properties, connections, and contradictions between us, all that is left below. Now we rise above them and talk only about unification, about the necessity, about what we achieve by virtue of unity, about how impossible it is to reach it in any other way, about how we can’t reach it on our own, and hence need the upper Light.

All our work is precisely in order for us to realize that we cannot achieve anything ourselves. But this is after we perform a certain number of joint efforts and see that we aren’t able to do this. And then the upper force will be revealed in this huge frustration and huge desire, and it will perform the correction upon us, revealing the Creator within us. 

Question: What should I do if during a workshop a friend either talks too much or doesn’t talk at all? How can I relate to this correctly?

Answer: If he doesn’t talk, try to encourage him, to hug him, or to involve him in a conversation so that he participates in a discussion in some way, “breaks” a lack of contact, and makes contact somehow.

If a friend talks a lot, it is necessary to limit him because everyone should speak up, that is, the maximum number of people should speak within 2-3 minutes. He can say a couple of sentences, but they should be thought through in advance. He “shoots” them out, and the microphone is given to the next person.
From a Lecture on Unity Day Around the World, “Preparation for the Congress” 4/22/2012    

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Responsibility For The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach convention is like an ascent to the next degree. In the convention you receive the rudiments of new sensations, which you have to develop. If you don’t, they die away, disappear.

You saw something at the convention, you heard or sensed something new: a new idea, a new inner movement, a new relation to others, and how others help you. Later you have to realize all of it in practice.

You have to go over, and perhaps more than once, everything that we’ve covered during the convention, to internally process, pass it through yourself, like through a meat grinder, and realize it in the group, in dissemination, and in the relationship with yourself and with the Creator. You have to put it all together into one general worldview, one picture of the world, being aware that thereby you are forming your view on everything, including yourself and the Creator. All of it has to become one unified whole within you.

How can I put everything that is happening on this sphere into one unified whole? Everything is happening only in order for me to bring this sphere into balance, harmony with the Light that exists at absolute rest, and so everything else has to come into balance with it. I’m responsible for bringing this entire system into a state of balance, harmony, and similarity to the Light.

We have to form in ourselves this view of the world and then realize it.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/12, Lesson 5 

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