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The Call Toward The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore each lesson, it is very important for us to formulate the correct intention: “What are we studying for?” I do not simply arrive, sit, and listen to the smart things about the structure of the upper world or to the passages from The Book of Zohar, articles, and other materials. This is not the point. These are just the means for attracting the upper Light.

So what am I studying? I am sitting together with friends. A special connection is being formed between us and it must be such that it lifts us up to the realm of the upper Light, towards the upper level to which we direct our common desires, only the common ones! Individual desires mean egoistic desires. Common desires are already desires for bestowal towards unity.

As soon as I raise these desires up, the MAN (if I really can raise them together with the group), the upper Light (UL in the drawing) descends upon us from above immediately, which corrects us and draws us a little closer.

And every time we rise up, we get closer, more and more. And so it is until we unite into one point. However, this is not a point any more since it has opened up our egoism.

We simply have assembled it together and this is why we look like one point, but in reality there is great egoism below us, above which we have risen. And then we reveal the upper Light inside of ourselves, not in the form of the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif, SL in the drawing) any more, which changes us with its influence, but in the form of the Inner Light (Ohr Pnimi).

So what do we need books for? So that while we gather together we read about what happens in the upper World.

In fact, we do not know what is going on there, since we do not guess and do not actually know what actions these are. But in doing so, we evoke the upper Light upon ourselves. That is why there is “I + the group + the book”, and these are the essential conditions for our work.

Between the group and me there must be interferences, various questions, and problems. However, between the book and me there are no hindrances and no questions, and it is not important if I understand anything or not.

In any case, I do not understand anything because in the book, it tells about what is happening on the next level in the spiritual world about which I have not even the slightest idea. I am only reading words, but this is enough in order to summon the upper Light upon myself.

In the end, the study with the books and us is purely formal. It is absolutely unimportant how much a person knows and how much he understands! What is important is how much his unity with the group and the book arouses the desire inside of him, raises the voltage. Towards what? Towards the quality of bestowal.

If he is asking for the quality of bestowal, is aspiring towards it, trying not to deceive himself, and clarifying together with the group that he would like precisely this, then he all the more clearly discovers inside of himself what the meaning of the Creator is, the quality of bestowal, what it means to become closer to him, to get closer to the quality in himself, and to discover it in himself. When he is engaged with this desire, although it is small and deceptive, he himself does not understand what he is asking for. How can he really ask for something that is opposite to his nature?

However, such gradual aspiration moves him forward. He mutters like a child, not really knowing how to speak, utters the words incorrectly, and nobody understands him except his mother. In the same way the Creator understands us. However, we ourselves do not understand. We think, in fact, that having united together, we are demanding and asking, so where is what we want?

However, even if we do not want anything, He perceives it correctly, knowing our state, from which we cannot do anything in any other way. This is the case when the mother understands the babbling of a baby or simply understands him without words. This is exactly what we need. This is what is called the call towards the Creator, or the prayer, MAN.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 4

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The Force That Changes The Human

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: History shows that the development of humanity throughout ten thousand years could not change human nature. What force can help do this?

Answer: There is such a force in nature. When you are trying to become an integral part of nature, you suddenly begin to receive some kind of force, support. This is a law of nature. It is as if nature is moving towards you.

This is not mysticism. In my activities, I am very distant from various mystical explanations. We simply see this. We need to try to be integral in the same way a child who wants to become an adult does; he simply plays as an adult.

What does integral methodology consist of? People get together; at first they listen to a course of integral education, and then they enter the circle of integral development. In the process of development, we begin to practically create from them one common structure.

When people gather together, clarify the internal psychological problems of unity between them, and create one common desire and common thoughts, they suddenly begin to feel some force, a support. This force, the support, is formed in a group, in the collective that practices the methodology of integral connection. With that, we are stimulating a hidden force, which exists in nature, which we, as egoists, individualists, do not notice; we ignore it. However, when we get together, it begins to manifest. This is the force that is capable of changing us.
From a Lecture Šiauliai University 3/22/12

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A Good Pay For The Labor In Egypt

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn Egypt we had plenty of material benefits, everything except one thing: bestowal without any calculation for oneself, which is called the spiritual work in the desert. Man doesn’t strive for this, and it is impossible to strive for this above the constantly growing ego. One has to constantly fight the ego as he connects more and more with others, until they all become a single whole.

“The thing is that, indeed, they were very fond of the work in Egypt.” It was a wonderful consumer society: You worked, earned, and succeeded. Everything was up to you; everything was clear, according to the order, the laws of democracy.

As it says: …’But they mingled themselves with the nations, and learned their works.'” That is, everything was managed only by the desire to receive at every level, in every appeal. “It means that if Israel are under the dominion of a certain nation…” that is, if the point in the heart, the direction towards bestowal, the spiritual spark, is under the dominion of a person’s ego, then the desire for spirituality only helps the ego develop in different directions. And there is no way to break free from this slavery because a person sees that he can even profit from his aspiration to spirituality.

Thus different altruistic organizations and mystical practices, anything that is a bit above the simple ego and can fill a person, come into being. Such people feel that they are fulfilled, perfect, and elevated, and it seems to them that they don’t lack anything. This is a sign that the point in the heart is under the rule of Pharaoh, and this is why it all looks so good: altruism, mysticism, or New Age. These people don’t suffer and only want to make others like them.

While Israel (those who yearn for the Creator) suffers, works hard, and fights with problems. After all, a person works against the ego that is getting stronger all the time. So on one hand, he has all material benefits, a “pot full of meat” as it was in Egypt, and in spirituality there is nothing: a desert, the dry land, only faith. And so a person is constantly torn between the two points, trying to decide what he should do.

It seems that by leaving Egypt we are separating from it totally. But in spirituality it isn’t so because when you fall, it is as if you fall back. Of course, it isn’t the same state because it is a new degree, and so the troubles begin already in the desert: snakes, scorpions, quarrels, all sorts of problems, and diseases. The ascents and descents come one after the other and are combined in one person.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2012, Shamati #159 

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To Egypt As A Group, From Egypt As A Nation

To Egypt As A Group, From Egypt As A NationDuring the preparation for correction the order of the inner work is as follows: Wanting to connect with the friends, I pressure myself and make great efforts. In response, the Light, the force that helps me connect, shines on me. Finally, I complete the connection and immediately the AHP of the higher degree, whose desire to receive is even lower and thicker than mine, is revealed. As a result, I feel that I am in an even greater exile.

So it turns out that the more I try to reach goodness, bestowal, the deeper I sink into evil. However, this immersion into evil is comprised of two parts: On one hand, I still remember the connection that was achieved, the closeness to the friends, and on the other, a new corrupt desire is now revealed to me, even worse than before.

Thus during the period of exile, I grow not in a linear way, but step-by-step. By attaining connection I fall, and not by one degree but by two. It’s because in the beginning I rose to unification (+), then I fell to detachment (-), and so now I feel a double descent (x2). Then everything repeats again and again: I rise and fall even lower.

I always fall not to the previous level of the ego, but from the level I rose to. Therefore, because of every ascent, the next fall is twice as bad. When I rise, I ascend in bestowal, and when I fall, I descend into receiving and into the filth.

Thus a person expands his vessels by building-up the good according to the evil, and thanks to that he advances during the 400 years of exile.

The exile begins when we approach unification in the group. It ends when, having given all our powers to unification, we reach a point when we cannot connect.

During this process we unite and become the people of Israel. It isn’t the same small group that once descended into Egypt because of internal conflicts, like the conflict of Joseph and his brothers, for example. One united nation comes out of Egypt, although it is still impossible to attain Godliness by this unification. At the present state the form of unity is revealed as the control of the desire to receive. Only by our last effort does the escape, the exit from the ego, occur.

In spirituality we also walk on “two legs”: from unity to separation and then to unity again. Pharaoh grows, so does Moses opposite to him, and the Creator is revealed.… All these discernments become greater and greater, and we don’t escape them, but carry on with our work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/5/2012, Writings of Rabash 

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Integral Upbringing In Chicago

Here are some pictures of our friends disseminating information about the integral upbringing during the protests in Chicago.


Give A Person What He Is Ready For

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In recent years we have been talking a lot about the work for the 99% of the planet’s population. If I have already changed and I see the world corrected, then why should I be changing them?

Answer: If they were not suffering then, possibly, you would be right. If they were not looking for a way out of their condition, then of course we would not be addressing them.

The science of Kabbalah was hidden throughout all of the millennia. The first time it was revealed was 5,773 years ago, but then it was hidden again. Its second revelation happened in the Ancient Babylon 3,700 years ago. However, nobody used it practically and it was hidden again. Now, throughout the past decades, it is gradually being revealed again. This third revelation is characterized by the fact that it is global.

A serious need exists in the world: how to go on living? Humanity has finally discovered the futility of its existence. What is life? A form for the existence of protein matter and that is it? But since you have already developed to such an extent that you are constantly suffering and you are constantly lacking something, then these sufferings are drawing the questions: What do I need this life for, how, and why?

Since before those questions were revealed, while the sufferings were not revealed in a more or less global form in the family, in society, culture, and science, and today even in economics as well, we did not come out to the large masses.

However, if a person does not need anything today as well, then don’t tell him anything. Let him live peacefully. The Creator gives him desires on a particular level, and he fulfills these desires: He has a home, a garden, chickens, a small yard. He is fine; it is enough for him; so don’t touch him. You have no right!

However, if a person is suffering, try giving him something so that he will find an answer to his question about suffering.

But if suffering is manifested already in the global form: the terrible state of children in schools, the detachment of youth, depression, drugs, suicide, lack of work, and the complete destruction of the past relationship towards life, then we can speak, but in general, not addressing each person. Speak about the reason behind what is going on, about our egoism, and how we can come to a better life if we correct it a little, if we change our relationships between us.

Practically, we are only advising about how it is possible to improve our state and only where people have a big question about this. That is why we disseminate Kabbalah only in those places, where it is necessary, where people really do have a need.

Question: If I go to disseminate to the 99% of the population without the minimum preparation, will I bring them more benefit or harm?

Answer: One needs to study about this. We have special courses open for educators and teachers, for people who work with the masses, for lecturers. All who participate in dissemination are required to pass these courses.

Everyone is obliged to this without exception. Everyone! Each one must take these courses and keep developing constantly. And this helps. First, this shapes a person; addressing others he becomes connected to them, and in the contact with them, he begins to form himself.

Dissemination is an effective means for spiritual ascent.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 4

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The Leap Into The “Red Sea”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean when you have to jump into the “Red Sea” in order to escape from “Pharaoh?”

Answer: It is a state of despair when Pharaoh, your ego, pushes you from behind. He doesn’t leave you, he wants to swallow you, to eat you, and you feel that being in it is worse than death.

When the Twin Towers burned in New York, people jumped from the 50th floor. It was meaningless, but a person simply cannot stay in the fire. For him to stay even a second outside the fire seemed like redemption, and so he jumped.

A person feels the same way while escaping from Egypt. You cannot stay in this situation one second longer, and you are ready to jump into the sea, no matter where, for you it is redemption. When you reach this state the sea opens up.

You overcome the splitting point, the breaking point, and there is no way back. You have already reached the decision and by that have totally killed, cut, and broken the connection with your ego.

Question: Has the ego today reached this state, that you can overcome it only together in a group?

Answer: Yes, this is a collective point in the group that is described as Nachshon that jumped into the water first.

It is the point of “Moses,” that is the center of the group, but which changes its role each time, according to the attribute that is revealed in it each moment.

So the point of Nachshon is revealed in the group, when all the group is convinced that unity, closeness, and mutual support, is the most important thing for it.

At the same time, people don’t mind that they are in the dark. What’s important is to get closer, even if they die together. It is more important than being alone in the ego and existing in it in a most comfortable beastly manner. This is all our free will.

Then the sea is split, which means that you simply discover the next level, meaning the jump into the “Red Sea.”

This is the end of the period when you lived under the control of your ego. From this moment onwards you don’t return to it.

You never return to the previous level. If you think you are in a worse situation, it is only because you were given the next level, which isn’t corrected yet.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 4/1/12

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In The Middle Between The Creator And The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it so hard to understand what the connection itself is?

Answer: It is hard for us to perform these actions because we initially relate to them and approach them egoistically. I cannot annul my mind in perceiving the world, in perceiving the group, and in perceiving myself, and start clarifying the situation by using a cold external mind.

First we should understand the reason for our actions and what I am required to do. The Creator wants me to bring about the correction of the world. The world is all the reality that appears before me. This means that I have to relate to it accordingly and to be included with the public, with the people, who at their level of development, are also in exile in Egypt; even if they are not in the final stages, they are in very advanced stages. People are already feeling that they have reached a dead end; they are feeling that it is the end of the world; they have encountered ecological problems, wars, famine, suicide, despair, etc. This is the “exile in Egypt” for them, an exile from the prosperity they knew before and helplessness.

In the past a person used to make changes in his life and find relief in it. Today there is nowhere to turn to; one doesn’t find comfort anywhere. There is no comfort at home and in the family, and nowhere to rest. Children don’t show any hope for something good; at work it is impossible to settle for what one really needs together with others since there is no goodness. The hope to rest when one retires is becoming imaginary, and we cannot be sure that when we grow old we will have food and shelter. People live in uncertainty: All their lives they saved in some fund, but if they ever will get this money back is a big question. And these are only some of the problems.

So when we are approaching the Creator, do we take into account what He wants and not what we want? The Creator wants the correction of the world. Is this how we approach people, taking their desires and worrying about them? I am not sure. Do we go out to the people enough, those who, by the way, feel the exile much more than we do? Are we included in their exile, and their corporeal troubles? Do we gradually turn their troubles into spiritual troubles at our level?

If the Light influences people through us, people will feel good. This is what the part of the world called “Israel” should do, to become “Light unto the nations.” For all those who have no contact with the Light, I have to be the “adaptor,” their envoy. Do I start from that?

The Creator wants to bring them Light and advancement, while I am only the link. I have to take their deficiency and to turn it into a necessity to connect at my level, the necessity for the Reforming Light and to transmit this request upwards, and not my personal desires. This means to bestow.

Do we do that? Do we give enough weight to dissemination in order to absorb the people’s desires? The account begins from the lower degree and not from the middle. The true deficiency is concealed in the world, while we receive our deficiency from the Creator and only have to be part of the whole.

By absorbing the deficiency from people, you have to connect with the friends. Otherwise why do you need this connection? What for? Who is your future bestowal intended for? Without the world there is no way you can reach it. The Creator doesn’t need your bestowal; he doesn’t need any favors from you. You can bring Him contentment if you pass His Light downward, if you manage to convince people that they need to change. Then by the slight change in them, you will increase it and raise it to the Creator, and thus draw the connection from the bottom up. You will grow from smallness up to His high level and will take your place in the middle. Without the connection between the two ends, you are playing with something that is based on nothing but the ego.

Question: So what are we doing wrong? After all, we are trying to bring our message to the world.

Answer: It seems that we are not impressed by the world’s desires enough in order to act by them. Eventually we are only left with a “fictitious” formal impression of the work that is done. Everything turns out the opposite: We want to advance and so we use people as a means, instead of being the means for their advancement and to bring people what the Creator wants to bring them. We are turning everything upside down: Instead of being servants, we are becoming the proprietors of the situation. The Creator depends on us, the nations depend in us, while we look at them standing in the middle.

The point is not the actions, but our inner attitude. The deficiency of the Creator and the deficiency of the world are what should be important for us. It is from these deficiencies that we should stabilize our self-deficiency so that it will lead to the desired result. “Israel” belongs to the level of Bina, and it has nothing of its own. Its upper part is the Keter and the lower part is Malchut. In the middle there is only a cut. So how can the two parts be connected? It is we who have to become this connection and this is our only property.
From the 4th  part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/5/12, Writings of Rabash

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In The Role Of The Connectors

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are saying that the desires of the masses should be in first place and not our own spiritual aspirations. But today I am worried about my advancement and this is the reason I disseminate. How can I make this internal transition?

Answer: I have to understand that everything that will happen to me depends on others, on the extent to which I bring them closer to the source. To do that, I have to bring them closer to me, and then they will provide me with the right deficiency in order to turn to the Creator. That’s why they are suddenly important to me.

Next I will discover that they are my parts and then I will find out that they, in fact, are the parts of my soul. The need for the “Self” totally disappears: Let it burn, I only want to provide for them, that’s most important. The previous self-consciousness disappears: My upper part belongs to the Creator, my lower part belongs to the created beings, and I am in the middle, in the neutral middle third of Tifferet that exists only in order to connect the two halves. We shouldn’t do anything with it.

Question: So it follows that when we connect with the masses in order to absorb their desires and to serve them, we do the work among us and we receive the answer somewhere from Above. It’s quite a complicated system….

Answer: The system is simple: Above is the plus and below is the minus, and you allow the entrance in the middle and open up the way.

It can be drawn differently, like a fan. On the left there is positive pressure (P+), on the right there is negative pressure (P-), and you determine what will come out. On one hand, there is the nation, on the other hand there is the Light, and in the middle, Bnei Baruch (BB).

This is exactly how nature is built. This system is normal and natural. Let’s draw it in Kabbalistic terms. Above there are Keter and Hochma, in the middle there is Bina divided into GE (Galgalta ve Eynaim) and AHP (Awzen, Hotem, Peh). At the bottom there is ZON (Zeir Anpin and Nukva). At the top until the middle of Bina there is the system of the Creator, at the bottom there are the lower ones, and among them there is Bnei Baruch. It’s all the same: Above there is the plus, below there is the minus, you are in between, and the tap is in your hands.

This is our work. We connect in the group in order to correspond to the Light, and below we build the system of dissemination that conveys the message of love of others and unity. This is how we connect with the people in order to bring contentment to the Creator.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/12Writings of Rabash 

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