The Call Toward The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore each lesson, it is very important for us to formulate the correct intention: “What are we studying for?” I do not simply arrive, sit, and listen to the smart things about the structure of the upper world or to the passages from The Book of Zohar, articles, and other materials. This is not the point. These are just the means for attracting the upper Light.

So what am I studying? I am sitting together with friends. A special connection is being formed between us and it must be such that it lifts us up to the realm of the upper Light, towards the upper level to which we direct our common desires, only the common ones! Individual desires mean egoistic desires. Common desires are already desires for bestowal towards unity.

As soon as I raise these desires up, the MAN (if I really can raise them together with the group), the upper Light (UL in the drawing) descends upon us from above immediately, which corrects us and draws us a little closer.

And every time we rise up, we get closer, more and more. And so it is until we unite into one point. However, this is not a point any more since it has opened up our egoism.

We simply have assembled it together and this is why we look like one point, but in reality there is great egoism below us, above which we have risen. And then we reveal the upper Light inside of ourselves, not in the form of the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif, SL in the drawing) any more, which changes us with its influence, but in the form of the Inner Light (Ohr Pnimi).

So what do we need books for? So that while we gather together we read about what happens in the upper World.

In fact, we do not know what is going on there, since we do not guess and do not actually know what actions these are. But in doing so, we evoke the upper Light upon ourselves. That is why there is “I + the group + the book”, and these are the essential conditions for our work.

Between the group and me there must be interferences, various questions, and problems. However, between the book and me there are no hindrances and no questions, and it is not important if I understand anything or not.

In any case, I do not understand anything because in the book, it tells about what is happening on the next level in the spiritual world about which I have not even the slightest idea. I am only reading words, but this is enough in order to summon the upper Light upon myself.

In the end, the study with the books and us is purely formal. It is absolutely unimportant how much a person knows and how much he understands! What is important is how much his unity with the group and the book arouses the desire inside of him, raises the voltage. Towards what? Towards the quality of bestowal.

If he is asking for the quality of bestowal, is aspiring towards it, trying not to deceive himself, and clarifying together with the group that he would like precisely this, then he all the more clearly discovers inside of himself what the meaning of the Creator is, the quality of bestowal, what it means to become closer to him, to get closer to the quality in himself, and to discover it in himself. When he is engaged with this desire, although it is small and deceptive, he himself does not understand what he is asking for. How can he really ask for something that is opposite to his nature?

However, such gradual aspiration moves him forward. He mutters like a child, not really knowing how to speak, utters the words incorrectly, and nobody understands him except his mother. In the same way the Creator understands us. However, we ourselves do not understand. We think, in fact, that having united together, we are demanding and asking, so where is what we want?

However, even if we do not want anything, He perceives it correctly, knowing our state, from which we cannot do anything in any other way. This is the case when the mother understands the babbling of a baby or simply understands him without words. This is exactly what we need. This is what is called the call towards the Creator, or the prayer, MAN.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 4

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