The Force That Changes The Human

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: History shows that the development of humanity throughout ten thousand years could not change human nature. What force can help do this?

Answer: There is such a force in nature. When you are trying to become an integral part of nature, you suddenly begin to receive some kind of force, support. This is a law of nature. It is as if nature is moving towards you.

This is not mysticism. In my activities, I am very distant from various mystical explanations. We simply see this. We need to try to be integral in the same way a child who wants to become an adult does; he simply plays as an adult.

What does integral methodology consist of? People get together; at first they listen to a course of integral education, and then they enter the circle of integral development. In the process of development, we begin to practically create from them one common structure.

When people gather together, clarify the internal psychological problems of unity between them, and create one common desire and common thoughts, they suddenly begin to feel some force, a support. This force, the support, is formed in a group, in the collective that practices the methodology of integral connection. With that, we are stimulating a hidden force, which exists in nature, which we, as egoists, individualists, do not notice; we ignore it. However, when we get together, it begins to manifest. This is the force that is capable of changing us.
From a Lecture Šiauliai University 3/22/12

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  1. This is not a psychological “problem”. It is lighter than your head. Good bye and thank you for all.

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