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America: From South To North

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I will be connected to the North American convention virtually, together with other friends. How can we create a powerful unity on the path to the convention? How can we raise its importance so we all disconnect from corporeality and feel the single world Kli?

Answer: First of all, I would advise you to attend the New York convention after all. This is necessary without a doubt.

Secondly, I suggest you read all of Rabash’s and Baal HaSulam’s articles about the group. Unification, the change in a person’s attitude toward the group are what’s important.

Thirdly, dissemination also plays a big role in the preparation.

Thus, we are trying to help the Convention, to prepare and bring several more people to it who are in doubt as to whether or not they should attend. We should bring together as many people as possible to take part in it.

Besides, North America will be preparing with the help of South America, thanks to our meetings in Columbia, Chile, and Brazil. This will be real, practical preparation, including not only lessons and lectures, but also participation in seminars.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/12, Writings of Rabash

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Striving Toward The Force Of Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot be simultaneously in egoistic and altruistic intentions, desires, and goals. These are two opposite properties, which cancel each other out. So if I extol bestowal and Light, if I exalt the ability to step outside and ascend above myself, and with that, if I feel how my friends are supporting me, if I sense how much this protects, inspires, and fills me, if I feel enjoyment, love, and fulfillment, then no place remains where I can think about myself, I simply dissolve in their love and concern.

Therefore, when people are playing and enacting this state, through that they evoke the surrounding Light on themselves. It gradually develops them up and leads them to that state. And then a person’s self-concern involuntarily dies off. He or she exists on the earthly level only to the extent required to simply support his or her existence, and no more than that. And this condition is the most comfortable one for our body, for our egoism.

Then all the person’s efforts involuntarily take form and add up to just one intention—to bestow. And within it, in this intention to bestow, within the light of Hassadim, he now begins to sense the revelation of the Creator, fulfillment, and warmth. He discovers completely different properties and other possibilities. They suddenly appear out of nothing. Before, he simply didn’t feel them, and now he reveals them.

We need to try to combine our efforts, like children who are playing the same game together, not one against the other, but together, and to not forget about the fact that it’s specifically our collective impressions, our penetration into and connection with one another that supplies us with the force of ascent.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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“US Government Debt Growing Four Times Faster Than GDP”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (From “The global market is being held together with the veneer of massive debt duct tape. The solution for much of the European debt crisis was to simply add more debt to the current situation. In other words, solve a debt problem with more debt. All this does is delay the inevitable. The hope is that somehow GDP in these countries will grow fast enough to pay off existing debts but the amount of debt is so enormous that it is mathematically impossible without inflating currencies away. Even the US is mired in enormous levels of debt and the pace of debt expanding is by far outpacing GDP growth.

“This debt by definition is unsustainable. If anyone was honest about this they would realize that we will never payback that $15+ trillion in debt outstanding.

“Unlike the banking sector, the deleveraging is occurring at the household level. The only area where this isn’t occurring is in the corrupt student loan market that keeps growing into yet another debt based bubble.”

My Comment: Once they used to say in Russia: “War will write everything off.” This is what they are hoping for.

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Unity Day Around The World – 04.22.12

Lecture on: Preparation to the Congress

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A Person Is Between Keter And Malchut

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we measure our advancement, in comparison to what?

Answer: I measure my advancement by checking to what extent I justify the friends, value them, and see them as the greatest in our generation, as special people, and to what extent I see the Creator’s image in them and want their attributes to become part of me.

I want to become the result of their influence because this is called the internal perception of the environment. What they imprint in me will be the form of the Creator, the human part in me.

I understand that this is how I should treat them, but at the same time I don’t see them that way. These are two feelings that don’t connect at all. On the one hand, I feel that the friends are great and special and that they are no different from the Creator. On the other hand, I understand that I treat them in a totally different way. This determines my attitude towards the Creator. If I disrespect the society, to the same extent I disrespect the Creator, it’s absolutely the same. If I want to change by the environment, it’s as if I place myself under the influence of the Creator.

If I can combine these two discernments, meaning hating and disrespecting the friends while at the same time respecting and valuing them, I attain these two polar opposite points. One becomes my Keter and the other becomes my Malchut and together they build my spiritual vessel.

By attaining such a vessel, I understand that this is my nature and I can determine that I am in “exile” because now I see the cause that requires my connection with the group and that I should place myself under its influence. On the other hand, I discover how far I am from connection, how I always forget it. I discover the difficulty in attaining it and how reluctant I am to do it.

Thus I see how harmful my ego is by not letting me be included in my environment in harmony, which means to be included and to melt in it as an integral part. This means that I transcend the Machsom (barrier) that separates me from the spiritual work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 4/19/12, Writings of Rabash

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Anyone Can Generate Happiness For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanOther than personal informational genes (Reshimot) that influence the inner condition of an individual, there is another factor that has a big impact. This is the general awakening from Above (Etaaruta DeLaila), which is called “weekdays,” “Shabbats” (Saturdays), and Holidays, all of which denote perpetual relative “ups” and “downs.”

There are “seconds,” “minutes,” “hours,” “days,” “nights,” “special days of the week,” “extraordinary days of the month,” “special months of the year,” and “leap years” all inside one another. They play a tremendous role in our lives since our path includes these states.

Even the smallest state contains all others like a holographic picture. We’re connected with a special Light that shines for us and thus modifies the Surrounding Light so that on various days we get different types of the Surrounding Light even though we continue applying the same level of effort.

Our work stays unchanged, but by the mere fact that it’s a Monday, the Surrounding Light differs from the Light that we had on Sunday. We alter our labor “from below;” at the same time, conditions “from Above” also get modified in order to “meet” our work and equate it with the external conditions that are called “the world, a year, a soul.”

This applies particularly to various time segments such as “seconds and minutes,” etc. since it brings us in compliance with them. The awakening from Above is of great help to us. Changes in the upper worlds happen perpetually, every single second. It provides us with additional sets of changes that shorten our path to spirituality.

The system is built in an exceptionally wise way. Concurrent to our personal growth, we correct the whole system on a large scale because the awakening from Above originates an exceptional state within us. Thus, a microscopic change that we achieve impacts the whole system and improves other people’s condition by bringing them a lot of happiness.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/17/2012, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Introductory Lecture “The Picnic Of Unity” – 04.10.12

Here are some pictures from the picnic of unity that took place at Hayarkon Park, Israel on April 10, 2012. 

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “The Picnic of Unity”
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Which Desires To Fulfill?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From what I understand, when we speak of fulfilling desires at the “human” degree, we’re talking about fulfilling the desire for connection with the Creator. Should I also be fulfilling a person’s corporeal desires, like his desire to watch football?

Answer: The fact is that all unfulfilled desires of our world, meaning suffering, are aimed only at revealing the Creator to a human being. And only if we continue toward this goal will these desires be fulfilled.

We see that the world is full of pleasures, opportunities—anything you can think of—and still people suffer. We see that despite the fact that there’s an abundance of resources in the world, half of humanity is hungry. We see that despite the great advances made by medicine, people are sicker today than they were in the past. We see that although people are given all the means to lead a normal life, they still get divorced and don’t want to raise children, suicide rates are rising, and so on and so forth.

Why is this happening?! What is the problem?!

So you let a person watch some football. Then what? It is better to teach him something that will actually allow him to come closer to the source of fulfillment because any fulfillments that I can give him, besides whatever is necessary for our physical body, will only divert him from the goal, causing him to suffer in the end.

There is nothing else. There is only one goal. And all of humanity must aspire to it.

If we fulfill our physical body on the animate level with all it needs for survival, all our remaining motives, all our remaining desires must be aimed only at achieving the goal. Otherwise, if I use them in some other direction and not toward the goal, I receive feedback that will trigger suffering in me, to make me correct my direction.

Therefore, if I give a person anything other than his bare necessities, something additional, like letting him watch football, my actions indirectly cause him to suffer. I’ll buy him a ticket to see a game, and he will definitely receive some blow from fate because he’s not moving in the right direction. This will happen all the time. That is why humanity’s suffering only increases as we develop further.

And we have no other means of doing good to a person other than to give him a normal, sensible standard of living: food, shelter, family, health, and everything else, but only in order to achieve the goal. Herein lies the program of creation.

And If I lead him away from this path, I am to blame for him failing to achieve this program of creation. And both of us will suffer for it. I cannot act in any other way.

That is why all my work in this world amounts to helping people to feed and take care of themselves only so that they understand how they can truly achieve happiness. All other paths only lead to misery because the Light’s influence will be opposite in order to guide the person to itself thereby.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/2012, Workshop 1

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Which Game To Play?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the workshop, the work was very intensive, but now I feel that I have lost the sensation that I acquired over the course of the workshop. So do I have to play this game my entire life?

Answer: You don’t have another choice. You play this game one way or the other!

You either play a game that the surrounding society presents to you, the society that doesn’t know itself what game it is playing. Or you play a real game offered to you by people who attained the upper layer of the universe. For you it is a game that tells you what you can attain. And so you choose. There is nothing else: You have two games to choose from.

One game is this life, and everybody plays it. They curse this game, not knowing by whose will they ended up here and when they will finish it, because they constantly lose in between.

Another game offers you an opportunity to attain a completely different level of nature, of the upper, spiritual matter, and do it in the course of your lifetime, even during its relatively short part. You only need to yearn for this revelation, to change your properties into bestowal and love: not to use others for your selfish interests, but to try to have a good, benevolent connection with them. That’s all. There is nothing else!

The theory is very simple. And practice depends on you. Choose which game to play. You either learn from people who want for you to do good and to create a world similar to the force of bestowal and love. Or you will learn from the examples of the surrounding world: mass media, TV, newspapers, and soap operas.

That’s the choice you have. The surrounding society shapes you anyway: either the group or the “street.” Only that! Ultimately, the choice is up to you.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/2012, Workshop 1 

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