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When A Heart Speaks, No Words Are Necessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During seminars on connection, it is very important to speak from the heart without any slogans or clichés. If somebody feels unable to say anything, is it possible that support from the group moderator or someone else could help him to say a few words?

Answer: The thing is that the world we want to experience, the next level, is not verbal. There are no words or any information exchange besides nonverbal information on the level of frequencies that are called our thoughts and feelings. These are special frequencies.

There are people who can perceive them. Because when we don’t know a person, we instinctively tune into his frequency and sometimes capture his thoughts. There is nothing supernatural in that. Thus some people feel others at a distance. All of that is achieved through a connection to a higher common informational layer.

But we connect not just to an egoistic informational layer like psychics, but rather, to a higher informational layer that operates us and is called the upper force. It is called upper because, unlike our egoistic force, it is altruistic and is built upon bestowal, not upon reception.

It is important to understand that we influence each other without words on the level of this force. If our words do not correspond to our thoughts, then they have no effect. Results can be reached only when we want to be givers. Even though we are not yet altruists and don’t actually seek unity, but want to be so, then this desire works. Meaning, our thought and words shouldn’t contradict each other. There should be at least some desire and aspiration in them. Therefore, our internal thoughts, internal pressures, and aspirations, which are called prayer, are sufficient.

There are cases in our practical work when people sit a few hours in a row without saying a word. Rabash and I practiced the same approach during meals or other events when we sat for 30-40 minutes in absolute silence. I remember that millions of different thoughts swept through my head at that time. You wander somewhere in the deep corners of yourself, you are being thrown out, but then find the way into the right thoughts, and then get carried away again.

Thus a person gradually teaches himself the proper intention because only through a right intention, it is possible to penetrate, reach, and enter the next higher informational layer.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 2

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Irritation and Hatred Are My Helpers

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Negative feelings, irritation or even hatred appear in us when we begin to unite. What is the right way to work with them?

Answer: We need to divide the world into two parts: the way it appears to me, to my egoism, and the way it actually is. What is the world like in reality?

Once we reveal it in our common desire, we will see that it is full of Light and absolutely perfect. There is nothing to correct in it. In other words, we only need to correct ourselves, only our personal attitude toward the world, our personal perception.

This is why we need to divide the world precisely into the way it appears to us through the prism of egoism, and the world that actually exists outside of us. It is simply the upper Light that is in a state of absolute rest and has just the one quality of complete bestowal and love.

This is why we need to separate these two sensations within us. One sensation is the real sensation of irritation and objections that appear purposefully so that we would rise above them and perceive the group as something absolute and perfect, where all the friends are the greatest people in the world who are absolutely corrected. I, alone, must include myself in them and be like an embryo inside a mother.

The actual things they say and their influence on me does not matter. I am given these obstacles purposefully so that I would manage to get inside through these obstacles and be inside my friends as I imagine them to be absolutely perfect in the state of rest with me inside them.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 2

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The Light Of Freedom In The Horizon

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn exile (Galut) only the letter Aleph is missing to reach redemption (Geula). This letter symbolizes the appearance of the Creator, the actual sensation of the manifestation of the attribute of bestowal and love, which we sense it the same place where, being in exile, we craved to see it and to feel how it takes control over and fills us.

Therefore, all our work is to yearn for redemption in a true sense of the word. The moment we will picture it to ourselves as realistically as possible, as much as we can in our egoism that is so opposite to bestowal, and to the extent that we will come closer to what is called love, bestowal, connection, mutuality, and one collective heart instead of many people, to this extent we will approach redemption.

We should imagine this structure, form, desire, deficiency, and all of its details and components as clearly as we can. Everyone should think in this direction. This is all the work by which we will hasten time and reach redemption—the revelation of the Creator—soon.

We have to prepare a spiritual vessel that will enable us to reach a great desire in it and almost picture to ourselves a desirable form, a future picture, by yearning for it.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/2012

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When All Doubts Will Dissipate

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I check that my actions are actually in order to bestow, and not an illusion?

Answer: If it truly were an action of bestowal, you would have no doubts because the Creator would be revealed in it, participating in it to the same extent that you want to bestow upon Him.

The goal of an action of bestowal is to bestow upon the Creator. It is impossible to do that without the ultimate addressee. If such action takes place, you will discover to what extent you actually bestow upon the Creator, meaning you will discover Him.

At first the revelation will be in concealment, to bestow in order to bestow. It is hard for us to understand what it is because the intention to bestow in order to bestow is Bina, an action that is detached from our desire to receive. We can somehow imagine the intention to receive in order to bestow as something opposite to us. But if it is only in order to bestow, it is impossible to understand how you can live without any connection to your desire, as if you are hanging in the air.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/2012, Writings of Rabash

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The Degrees Of The Growing Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanAwareness is the new category born out of the lack of equivalence of form. I begin to perceive who I am when I feel bad and try to clarify: What it is that I don’t like and why do I feel bad? Then I begin to search for the source of all this evil, from whom does it come?

All the 125 steps are based on the lack of equivalence of form, which constantly gives rise to the questions: What is this work and who is the Creator that I should listen to Him? Pharaoh is constantly asking us these questions and we are trying to find the answer. This is how the Creator plays with us on both sides, teaching us to be more sensitive to the intention of in order to bestow.

From one degree to the next, the Creator gives us a more qualitative sensation of the lack of equivalence of form. If at first I felt good and bad only with regards to corporeal criteria, by judging to what extent I succeeded in stealing from someone, now I judge the good and bad according to my intentions regarding the Creator or the person from whom I once stole.

At first I stole without anyone noticing and didn’t think about what I was doing. Then I continued to do the same thing, but I began to feel that I’m taking from someone. Later I began to feel ashamed of stealing, that I take something from a stranger for myself. Then my awareness grows so that I don’t need to take anything that is not mine, but when I look at it I feel like stealing it, and I don’t agree to that either.

Later I continue to correct myself; I don’t allow myself to steal or even to think about stealing, and this thought occurs to me only rarely. Different spiritual discernments are becoming more and more accurate inside me regarding this. Here the Creator confuses us and creates different interruptions, and all of it is being clarified only in thought.

Eventually I reach a point when even a single thought about using others makes me feel bad: If I suddenly think that another will be ill instead of me, or that he will feel bad instead of me. I am shocked by the thought that I may profit at another’s expense.

This thought remains but it becomes more tricky, fine, and internal. The evil towards others remains until the end of correction, but it becomes more qualitative because we are correcting the shattering. We rise from the simple, petty, and coarse exploitation of others to the cunning, sophisticated exploitation that harms the roots themselves. As it says, “he who is greater than his friend, his desire is greater than his friend’s,” which means that the ego is of a higher quality.

You have a slight egoistic intention, but it seems to be huge, not like “a hairsbreadth” but like “a cart’s ropes.” The correction is in rising above your ego, but the desire to use others is renewed on every degree and becomes more and more internal and cunning. This is what we should work on, and the main lab for that is the group, where you can quickly clarify your attitude to others.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/2012, “The Gate of Intentions”

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While Enjoying The Refreshments, Do Not Forget The Host

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #52, “A Transgression Does Not Put Out a Mitzva”: I had heard another parable that he had told of two friends, one of which became a king and the other became very poor, and he had heard that his friend became a king. The poor went to his friend the king, and told him of his bad state.

The king gave him a letter to the minister of the treasury that for two hours he would receive as much money as he wanted. The poor came to the treasury with a small box and entered and filled that small box with money.

When he came out, the minister kicked the box and all the money fell to the floor. It continued similarly time and time again, and the poor man was crying, “Why are you doing this to me?” Finally, he said, all the money that you took throughout this whole time is yours and you will take it all. You did not have the receptacles to take enough money from the treasury, and this is why that trick was played on you.

We have to be ready for the situation that the moment we fill our “box,” it will immediately be emptied. However, it’s not so that we continue to mechanically fill it and to take more and more from the treasury.

The ego feels how the box is being emptied again and again, and it itself starts training us to perceive this as something normal. And then we begin to ask why it happens this way, what’s the meaning of it, and we don’t agree with this.

We go through the same states again and again, while the Light acts upon this uncompromising repetition, and we begin to understand that we don’t need to worry about the full box, but about the work itself. The opportunity to transfer the King’s treasure from place to place gives us fulfillment, and thus we attain bestowal, “Lishma.”

We shouldn’t aim at and focus on the fulfillment that is pleasant and important to us today, but constantly think about what will be important tomorrow. We need to do that immediately, and then we will be similar to that same old man who walks bent over and is searching, as if he has lost something. He is constantly afraid of losing the importance of the goal and tries to clarify what this goal is exactly.

The goal isn’t about pleasant sensations. Pleasant sensations are needed so that I can rise above them and demand a different filling—to feel the importance of the One I am working for and to remain in concealment. I demand the revelation of the greatness of the Creator only in order to supply to myself the fuel for the work. As it is said: “Wisdom (Hochma) is for the humble” and “The reward for a commandment is a commandment.” This is what a person has to aspire to so that he is allowed to rise above one deed to the next deed, which has no relation whatsoever to the pleasure that he received.

It is as if I prepared some action by myself, executed it by myself, and received good results. And now I need to thank the Creator for executing everything from beginning to end. After all, now I understand that everything happened because He gave me desire, fuel, direction, intellect, and all the rest. He is the One who arranged everything, and I did nothing at all.

Thus I need to make a sacrifice (Kurban), to bring another part of me closer (Karov) to bestowal. I have to sacrifice the pleasure that I received thanks to “someone else’s” work and the money (Kesef) that wasn’t mine either, meaning a screen, covering (Kisuf) in this world. The Creator gave me all of that and He also gave me fulfillment. And I want to rise above all of this and to work not for this fulfillment, but for the sake of His greatness.

In this way we don’t lose the level we obtained and don’t descend. Now we determine an even higher goal for ourselves, like that old man who searches in case he has lost something.

And we indeed have lost something. For a small moment we felt how good and pleasant it is to be in unity, and now we have to rise above this pleasant feeling to the importance of the goal. And this same pleasant feeling we want to pass on to the Creator so as to bring him contentment.

It follows that this entire process he went through, all the refreshments that the guest received from the host, he now wants to return them so as not to receive them for himself. This is already a state that in some way becomes pure bestowal, “Lishma.” And this is already the correct attitude.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/2012, Shamati #52

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Nature’s Central Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is the ego different from high self-confidence?

Answer: Actually the ego isn’t bad. It’s nature’s central force that develops all of matter and moves everything forward. The point is that nowadays, when we are opposite to nature, it becomes negative.

Until our time it wasn’t negative. We advanced, developed science, technology, life, and social and political structures. All this was very positive for us. The more desire a person had, the higher he was: a scientist, an inventor, a poet, no matter what, but he moved the development forward.

Now however, it’s the opposite. The ego has become Pharaoh and everything has stopped; nothing is developing anymore, but rather is only decreasing. Because nature has become integral, the ego is turning into an obstacle. It should also become integral.

If some organ in the body begins to think only about itself, it becomes a malignant tumor that swallows and destroys everything around it. This is exactly what is happening in our society these days, with our planet, with the environment.

We, on the contrary, have to be in a mutual integral connection, just as our body is. When all parts of society, like the parts of the body, come together into one integral bundle, they must learn to cooperate. Otherwise they will destroy themselves just like a malignant tumor.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/22/12, Preliminary Lesson

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A Holistic Approach

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we were little, our parents taught us to treat each other well. And today we need an environment, which will continue the same thought. But you also say that we need to treat nature as a whole well. What does this mean?

Answer: Shouldn’t we protect the still, vegetative, and animate nature? Shouldn’t we love it? Loving nature means that I don’t live in it to use it as much as I can. “Let us blow up a mountain, let us dessicate the sea; let us do whatever benefits us. …” No, we must have a balanced attitude towards everything.

Ecologists are being defeated, but we will succeed because we say: “Nature is in balance. So let us first experiment on ourselves is what this means. Let us feel between us what it is like to be in balance, to protect all of nature, and to take from it only what we need for existence.” Animals act in a similar way naturally.

This is part of integral education. It will of course help people to also have the right attitude towards the natural environment. It is impossible to only teach people to treat each other well; they also need to be taught to have a kind and proper attitude towards nature, to the actual notion of “nature.”

After all we are in the process of development, and someone drives and pushes us. Where does this come from? What kinds of forces are developing us? Where does my tomorrow lie? I might not be familiar with it, but there are people who reveal it and perceive it. We see before us a step-by-step, causal process; we see that nature evolves consistently and every detail in it depends on other details. Einstein had really wanted to learn the common, universal formula of nature; science is familiar with this tenet, science is aware of the reciprocal influences of all parts of nature on each other.

And we are not an exception. And therefore, as we learn to unite, this unity also includes nature as a whole, together with its all-encompassing law, which develops us and everything else. Human society is not the only thing to develop, vegetative, as well as animate nature also develop, only much slower. The entire universe is in the state of development. Where is it directed? We do not know, but the fact remains: The universe is expanding, experiencing different processes, and none of them are accidental, even though we cannot yet understand them. As we advance, we learn that a great law of nature is concealed here.

In the end, we see that all the laws are obviously woven together into one, even though the connection between biology, zoology, botany, mineralogy, man, stars, and other things escapes us. We are not able to see the nets that connect everything, but essentially everything is a single Nature, and it does not divide into separate segments. And this is why we must have a holistic, wholesome approach to it. In addition, we also are its inseparable part. Life itself dictates it to us: Study facts and not someone’s assumptions.

It is like two directions exist:

  • You can form a good attitude towards the human society and then justify the devastation of Earth for the sake of current welfare;
  • Or conversely, you can prioritize environmental protection and neglect people.

Instead, I say: “No, the approach must be wholesome, ‘round,’ one. A single attitude towards everything is required of us. After all, man is a part of nature, and thus he must have an equal attitude towards society, family, and nature as a whole. We must attain balance among all parts. Balance is what is inherent in nature, and thus we observe its universal law.”

It is also balanced by the mutual influence and movement of the planet, stars, and the galaxy. Also, any interference with the earth’s nature is reflected in its various parts. So we need to understand our place in the system and build a corresponding attitude.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 11, 1/9/12

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The Sixth Factor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do all people potentially have an additional sense, the sense of integral connection with others, or not?

Answer: No one has this sense. It’s born when we begin to connect. It happens in a group with the guidance of an educator who teaches us how to be connected, and suddenly we feel that we are parts of one system. It’s just like a body in which every organ (the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver) operate in a different manner, but together they all operate for the benefit of the one integral connection so that the whole body will exist.

Then in the collective group that becomes closely connected, there’s the feeling of one whole: a new thought, a new sensation. The heart and mind appear, which relate to us, bonded with each other in this connection.

This internal feeling evokes an opportunity in a person to perceive the integral nature. We are egoists; we cannot feel it as one whole. But in this way by tuning ourselves, we become a kind of oscillating circuit, detector that can perceive the integral nature and its fluctuations. The fluctuations we perceive in this sense are a new kind of knowledge, a new feeling of the upper world, of the next, fourth level called “Adam” (human).

It’s then that we begin to feel that the world is not only the still, the vegetative and the animate. It’s also the world of knowledge, the world in which the present, past, and future are connected above time. We begin to feel it as infinite, eternal, whole, and in harmony with all its parts.

When a person reaches this level, he begins to feel his body as less important because this knowledge, these desires, these thoughts are no longer connected to our beastly body. If your desires and thoughts are only about your beastly body, then they are really connected to it. But if they come to the connection with others, then they are outside of the body—between you and all others. And then you as if begin to “come out of yourselves” into this space, into the “upper nature.” Essentially, this is what has been prepared for us.

There are many scientific articles about this topic. My ideas have scientific basis. Very serious scientists write about this. These concepts are not very close to us in our daily life, but if a person comes to an integral group and studies in it, he begins to feel these things very quickly. This is materialistic psychology, and there is no mysticism here. It’s simply feeing oneself in connection with others, and today nature is pushing us towards this very firmly.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/22/12, Preliminary Lesson

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