The Light Of Freedom In The Horizon

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn exile (Galut) only the letter Aleph is missing to reach redemption (Geula). This letter symbolizes the appearance of the Creator, the actual sensation of the manifestation of the attribute of bestowal and love, which we sense it the same place where, being in exile, we craved to see it and to feel how it takes control over and fills us.

Therefore, all our work is to yearn for redemption in a true sense of the word. The moment we will picture it to ourselves as realistically as possible, as much as we can in our egoism that is so opposite to bestowal, and to the extent that we will come closer to what is called love, bestowal, connection, mutuality, and one collective heart instead of many people, to this extent we will approach redemption.

We should imagine this structure, form, desire, deficiency, and all of its details and components as clearly as we can. Everyone should think in this direction. This is all the work by which we will hasten time and reach redemption—the revelation of the Creator—soon.

We have to prepare a spiritual vessel that will enable us to reach a great desire in it and almost picture to ourselves a desirable form, a future picture, by yearning for it.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/2012

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