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Wake Up The Switch Operator Before It’s Too Late!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Now as we begin to operate as one global, collective group, does the work of the local groups change?

Answer: We have to judge ourselves severely and calculate things in the clearest, most serious way. We have to learn according to the general upper Providence, the Creator’s actions in the world, to what extent the world needs correction, and how far we are still from fulfilling it by participating in it, by being ready to become the bridge, the pass-through, the adaptor, through which the correction will be made. This should wake us up and give us a real seriousness and responsibility of understanding our role.

It isn’t acceptable to take into account only ourselves and be deluded that everything is fine with us and that we can wait. The account is very serious and even alarming. It is like Baal HaSulam’s warning before the Holocaust. If the people of Israel, (everyone who is called Yashar – El, who yearns directly for the Creator), do not keep the required conditions, it causes the increased external forces and leads to their victory over the internal forces.

Then there are great troubles. The destructive, deadly, evil force, which we actually summoned, begins to rule the world. Therefore, every individual should treat the group very seriously and with great responsibility: every person in relation to the group, each group in relation to other groups to a common global group, and to the world, to the whole world.

We are already in this state, in this time which is the most critical in all of human history, and we will determine how we advance: by Light or by suffering.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/12, Writings of Rabash

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So Was It Yesterday?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we reach a true prayer artificially, through games?

Answer: Advancement is only possible through prayer, by the revelation of the deficiency. If you wish to count how many times and in what way you advanced, then you have to take into account the moments in which you discovered a deficiency for the Creator from the bottom of your heart.

This deficiency activates the Reforming Light. What depends on you is only the prayer, (the raising of MAN), then accordingly you can calculate things. How many times do you recall that you raised MAN yesterday by discovering a need for the Creator inside you and the desire to advance towards bestowal upon others, the group, and the connection with the friends and the rest of humanity?

Did you yearn for that yesterday, at least to some extent? If you didn’t, then there was no yesterday; you have erased that day from your history!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/12, Writings of Rabash

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How To Put An End To War?

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday there are no wars of survival wars, and no wars of independence, no wars against attackers, but rather wars directed at bestowal. This is exactly how we should see the current state.

In the past, Abraham’s group broke off from the part of humanity that was concentrated in Babel and since then all our existence is meant only to correct ourselves by going through shattering and destruction, exiles and holocausts. This is the essence of the many bitter corrections, as a result of which we are back at the land of Israel today.

Not all the nations understand this return, and among those who have accepted it, not all of them treat the state and the army in the same way. These of course are childhood diseases, which we have to go through during the stages of our development. In the paper Ha’uma (The Nation) and in other places, Baal HaSulam says that we are not a nation yet in the true sense.

Here is an excerpt from his article “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar“:

It follows that our generation is the generation of the days of the Messiah. This is why we have been granted the redemption of our holy land from the hands of the foreigners. We have also been rewarded with the revelation of The Book of Zohar.

Yet, with those two, we have only been rewarded with this gift from the Creator, but we have not received anything into our own hands. Instead, we have been given a chance to begin with the work of God, to engage in Torah and Mitzvot Lishma. Then we will be granted the great success that is promised to the generation of the Messiah, which all the generations before us did not know.

In this light, we must see the same path the past generations made. This process is essential despite the many disasters it involved, and at the end of which we were finally given a chance to return to the land of Israel in order to rebuild a state and a nation here. Today it is in our hands: There are all the necessary conditions, and from now on we have to pave the road to the correction of the world. Only when we are prepared for that, will the troubles and the problems that are aimed at us come to an end.

Today everyone who aims at and yearns for spirituality, for the revelation of the spiritual Providence of the upper force, belongs to the group called “the nation of Israel.” These people aim at Yashar – El (Straight for the Creator), and today they have to take on the form of bestowal. Then the pressure on Israel will stop and we will be able to take care of the whole world correctly. This is our mission.

As for now, we don’t see the whole picture, our role, the goal, and the process which we have to implement on the way to reaching the goal, we don’t understand why disasters fall upon us systematically even today, and when the afflictions and wars will come to an end. We cannot stop them, but we can correct ourselves, and then they will come to an end. It is simply impractical and futile to count on the fact that we will be rid of them if we don’t correct ourselves.

The knowledge of the whole system is required here: Why does it happen, what are the reasons, what is our responsibility, what is the goal that we should reach, and what should we fulfill in order to do I that? Only then is it possible to talk about a solution to the problems, only then will there be no more wars end and fallen heroes.

If people could see the general process, they would understand that we are becoming worse than we were before. We are not building a state and a nation, and do not arrive at any consensus. On the contrary, more and more people relate to the nation and the state by putting their self-interests first: As long as a person feels good, he is here, and when it is bad, he leaves the country. He doesn’t tie himself to anything here. Show him a place on the globe that is better and that is accessible and he will leave immediately.

So on the whole the question is: Why are we crying if we are not doing anything? Isn’t it silly and childish? Instead of just shedding tears and avowing never again, let’s find out, let’s look for the reason for what is going on. New planes and missiles are fine, but let’s examine things and focus on clarifying them.

What is lacking? Even in the direct practical sense, why are there so many who don’t join the army? Because we don’t care about the people, about their spirit, about their self-recognition. Look at what we are teaching the younger generation. The point is not about military service, but about a person’s investment in the society. If we don’t worry about that, why should we cry about it afterward?

Isn’t it better to invest in means and efforts to change the internal state of the people, in raising them, thus reaching a general consensus? Otherwise, if people do not recognize the state and its fallen heroes, the sporadic phenomenon will become a general trend.
From “A Conversation Dedicated to the Memorial Day to the IDF Casualties and Terror Victims”

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A Safety Net For The Acrobat

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe four hundred years of exile were given to us so that we would cry out and reach a true prayer. When you finally cry out “Help!”,  you come out of exile.

So, the conflict between the “shell” and “holiness” is about one question: Who will rule? Is it the human part in a person or the Creator that is in a person?

This is the middle neutral point called the middle third of Tifferet, the shell of Noga. The Creator rules the upper part, as it is written, “There is none else besides Him,” and below, Pharaoh, or myself.

Here in the free neutral point we have to clarify many things, because each time, Pharaoh grows stronger and denies the Creator’s control. This is after you have decided that the Creator should rule and you are totally under the domination of the Upper that does everything. For a moment I imagined this whole picture in my mind.

This isn’t easy since I am constantly confused about who the Creator is, who rules, and where my place and the place of others is. It is very difficult, here, to keep things balanced, as if standing on one leg on a high pole in a circus constantly trying to maintain balance, trying not to fall.

I need the Creator’s help here that He will give me the force of bestowal, which will make me independent of my desire to receive. Otherwise I will constantly need to stabilize the picture of reality in me that is absolutely impossible, and will have to balance on one leg on a pole like a circus performer. Only the power of bestowal can provide me with such a safety net and balance.

Thus, our point of freedom, “the shell of Noga” is revealed on the lowest level, “the middle third of Tifferet,” that obliges us to answer the question as to who will rule and “Who is the Lord that I should listen to His voice?”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/12, Writings of Rabash 

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Talk About Women’s Preparation For The Convention – 04.17.12

I gave a talk about how women should prepare for conventions within the framework of the program “Rungs of the Ladder.”

The host of the program was Rachel Laitman, head of the Internet Department of the Arvut Movement.

Talk About Women's Preparation For The Convention

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“Economic Gloom Deepens Europe’s Political Crisis”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Marcus Walker and Charles Forelle, from The Wall Street Journal): “Around Europe, many voters, politicians and investors are fretting about economic weakness and high debts, and searching for the right balance between growth and fiscal discipline. A divide is growing between a German-led camp that argues that there is no alternative to austerity for all, and critics who say the strategy is pushing the euro zone into a downward spiral.”

My Comment: This is because the integration must either be complete or not; there is no halfway independence, virginity, or love! A lack of preparation of society in the form of integral upbringing will be manifested more strongly until it is implemented or until they run away, only this is terrible to imagine because it wouldn’t be done in a nice way!

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Workshops Are The True Realization Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we organize workshops, and how helpful are they?

Answer: Kabbalah is a practical science. That is why all the millennia while we didn’t have to do practical work it was hidden from people, and only few scientists, Kabbalists, developed this method and adjusted it each time for the generation in which they lived.

But they didn’t show this method to people, simply from generation to generation along the way as they developed, they modified it until the entire humanity reached our time and found itself in the integral global crisis, that is, in an obvious egoistic Egypt, in the feeling of exile from something good, kind, natural, and normal.

We see that our nature is destroying us; we cannot get out if it ourselves and are hostages of our egoism that drives us to such dangerous actions that we may just ruin the entire civilization. We are destroying nature, the Earth, and the environment in which we live, and in general are making a terrible future for our children.

Why do we raise them? I look at children whose parents create intolerable conditions in advance. Why do they give birth? Today you love them, but what will happen to them tomorrow? You are doing things so that they will not be able to live! They will die a painful death! Don’t you feel that?! No, the human being doesn’t feel that, he is still blind.

However, he is slowly beginning to realize that. But even knowing this, he cannot change himself yet and act differently. Nonetheless, he still uses everything possible, sparing nothing, taking nothing into account; it doesn’t matter what’s left to his children. That is how we relate to nature, society, everything.

Therefore the science of Kabbalah is revealed today in order to explain that this is called slavery, it’s what is called the expulsion from spirituality; namely this is the worst state, the most opposite to spirituality. And in order to help us get out of it, to pull ourselves out of it, the science of Kabbalah is revealed. Therefore, it has been revealed today when we should practice all its advice, laws, and rules.

But to put them into practice, we first need to learn.

And we have to learn this, as usual, in groups, at school, by helping each other, by studying textbooks and conducting workshops in small groups—a prototype for future work with the whole humanity.

Therefore, workshops are necessary; they are the most important thing! They are the real true realization of Kabbalah in principle; it exists for this purpose. It’s not a theoretical science, not philosophy, but namely a practice.
From a Lecture on Unity Day Around the World, “Preparation for the Congress” 4/22/2012

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Relating To Everyone With Warmth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we relate to the newcomers during the convention?

Answer: I wouldn’t say that there is a big difference between the newcomers and veteran students. It’s because when all people incorporate into one another, the difference is always there, and in principle, in this case it’s not important how much a person knows or at what level he or she exists since this is a reflection of the entire humanity, which consists of the smallest to the greatest ones, those who already understand and maybe even partially sense the upper world. Hence most important is for everybody to incorporate into one another.

The veteran students have to help the newcomers. They have to work at full force, participate actively, and set everything into motion. We will hold preliminary talks with them on how to conduct workshops, how to talk with everybody and get them involved, and how to relate to everyone with warmth. Most important is to set an example.
From a Lecture on Unity Day Around the World, “Preparation for the Congress” 4/22/2012

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The Necessary Step

The Necessary StepConventions are the necessary step to create a unified Kli (vessel, desire). If above all our problems, contradictions, distances, and differences in mentality and understanding we try to unite, then due to the differences between us and the connection above them, we will reach a powerful desire measured by the contradictions within it and the connection above it. This is the purpose of conventions. 

I understand that there are huge problems in every group and internal distances between the groups. That is why the main thing at the conventions is to try to rise above them. Don’t destroy, but learn to overcome the problems by uniting above them by “faith above reason” or love that “will cover all sins.” Let’s cover everything within us with this “blanket” and build our common desire for the Creator above this. It should be precisely like this, at the top, above all the contradictions. 

Everything that we have passed through, all the problems, the hardening of the internal Pharaoh—everyone’s personal Pharaoh and the common Pharaoh between us—all that has been given to us from Above, from the Creator. And now we only need to think about unity, how in this unity, according to the law of equivalence to the Light, we discover the upper Light in ourselves, in our connection between us.

The conventions, consisting of lectures and various exercises on connection, are dedicated to this.
From a Lecture on Unity Day Around the World, “Preparation for the Congress” 4/22/2012    

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