A Safety Net For The Acrobat

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe four hundred years of exile were given to us so that we would cry out and reach a true prayer. When you finally cry out “Help!”,  you come out of exile.

So, the conflict between the “shell” and “holiness” is about one question: Who will rule? Is it the human part in a person or the Creator that is in a person?

This is the middle neutral point called the middle third of Tifferet, the shell of Noga. The Creator rules the upper part, as it is written, “There is none else besides Him,” and below, Pharaoh, or myself.

Here in the free neutral point we have to clarify many things, because each time, Pharaoh grows stronger and denies the Creator’s control. This is after you have decided that the Creator should rule and you are totally under the domination of the Upper that does everything. For a moment I imagined this whole picture in my mind.

This isn’t easy since I am constantly confused about who the Creator is, who rules, and where my place and the place of others is. It is very difficult, here, to keep things balanced, as if standing on one leg on a high pole in a circus constantly trying to maintain balance, trying not to fall.

I need the Creator’s help here that He will give me the force of bestowal, which will make me independent of my desire to receive. Otherwise I will constantly need to stabilize the picture of reality in me that is absolutely impossible, and will have to balance on one leg on a pole like a circus performer. Only the power of bestowal can provide me with such a safety net and balance.

Thus, our point of freedom, “the shell of Noga” is revealed on the lowest level, “the middle third of Tifferet,” that obliges us to answer the question as to who will rule and “Who is the Lord that I should listen to His voice?”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/12, Writings of Rabash 

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  1. Every voice, of every opinion, of every color and hue, speaks. That is the neutrality, that every idea exists, and we are left, despite all this, to make a decision.

    Without the will to receive and bestow, we would not exist. It is impossible to transcend either, as all is one already, as it has always been.

    That being said, we can embrace truth or lies. Truth is reality, and honesty, and through that, we come to goodness to ourselves by a longer path. Evil is narrow mindedness, blindness, that sees and says that the quick, vicious path is better.

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