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The Domino Effect

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)): “Major donors’ aid to developing countries fell by nearly 3% in 2011, breaking a long trend of annual increases. Disregarding years of exceptional debt relief, this was the first drop since 1997. Continuing tight budgets in OECD countries will put pressure on aid levels in coming years.

“‘The fall of ODA is a source of great concern, coming at a time when developing countries have been hit by the knock-on effect of the crisis and need it most. Aid is only a fraction of total flows to low income countries, but these hard economic times also mean lower investment and lower exports.’”

My Comment: So far the crisis is held back by the year of presidential re-election (the economy of election), but then it will hit everyone like a tsunami.

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The Discontent Of The Masses Is Ahead

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexei Kudrin, Russia’s former Finance Minister): “‘The scenario of the debt crisis, reduced growth, and reduced demand for oil is very likely. …Corporate structures in Europe and around the world have already calculated it and are trying to be ready for it.’

“‘The actions taken by the European Central Bank to purchase the debt is a necessary measure that does not solve debt problems since they ultimately do not degrease country’s national debt.’

“‘If the recession lasts another year, we will have to solve the problem employing more resources at the expense of the stabilization fund, the IMF….

“The European countries will soon have to make decisions on budget cuts; otherwise, it will lead to an increase in government debt and the inability to service it.

“The scenario of rescue of the European economy through printing money and rising inflation is more than likely.

“‘If the printing money is maintained to support the economy, then ultimately, it will result in inflation. And it will hit the real income of the population. Thus, the industry will be saved through inflation, but the real income of the population will decrease….’”

My Comment: But these methods cannot solve anything either. The waves of public discontent and civil wars are ahead—if the authorities do not instigate a world massacre instead.

It is necessary to restructure the system of society, industry, and economy to reasonable consumption, integral education and upbringing, and unity in front of the common enemy: the consumer attitude towards the world, nature, and environment.

It is necessary to begin to educate the population in advance so as to change its view of society, priorities, and values and create new landmarks—the integral ones. Only by these changes will we be able to provide us and our children with the guaranteed future. Otherwise, we have no future.

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Towards A Better Life With The Point In The Heart And Without It

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I begin to feel the point in the heart and what is that desire?

Answer: In our world, there are many people who are drawn to the truth. This person will not rest until he attains the source of life, its program, and goal, something higher than mere material existence.

A person can be prosperous in his material life or not; this is not important. The main thing that concerns him and does not let him rest is a lack of understanding what he lives for, but not in what form. What is the point of our life in general?

If a person asks himself this question, this is a sign that the point in the heart, that is, a special desire, awakens in him. The heart is called the entire egoistic desire of a person. And one of the desires which concerns a person, is the question about the essence of life. He must find an answer and satisfy this desire, to fill it with knowledge.

And knowledge is the link to the source of life, to its goal. A person is drawn to this fulfillment, and this inner yearning leads him to a place in this world, which is closest to the answer. There, he becomes included in studying and begins to understand from what he hears that there is no problem in learning at a university and getting the usual knowledge about this life to understand what happens in it. But why it happens is not taught at the university, and for this, it is necessary to obtain new additional qualities.

If a person wants to know the source of life and its goal, he must obtain knowledge that is above this earthly existence. But neither his heart nor his mind has the prerequisites for assimilating this knowledge. This information exists in the world, but he is not able to absorb it while he is at the animal level of development. He needs to rise to the human degree in order to develop the sense organ of perception of the source of life.

This requires special conditions, a new birth and development, which has no source, no roots in our world. But due to a special methodology called the science of Kabbalah, he learns how to receive (Lekabel) this information and feeling, to connect with the source of life, its goal. In essence, this is the same point, in which the upper force is manifested, but it is called the source of life relative to a human being, and the purpose of life relative to his efforts, his aspirations.

It is necessary to provide a person with suitable development, and that is why, there are teachers, places of study, and the methodology, which is passed from generation to generation and developed to match him. Thus, a person becomes acquainted with the method of Kabbalah, is given a teacher and books, and develops if this special point has awakened in him.

And until this point has been awakened, it is not allowed to reveal the science of Kabbalah to a person because he will perceive it as something abstract and unreal. But nowadays, when the world has entered the general crisis as a result of development that lasted for millennia, and people are suffering, the science of Kabbalah is revealed in the aspect of the so-called mutual guarantee. From the entire science, talking about attaining the source of life, just a small part is taken, one action without the intention, which is called mutual guarantee. People study how they can unite in order to reach a better life in this world.

Therefore, today, the science of Kabbalah is used, by people with a point in the heart and without it, as the method of connection for the sake of a better life and for correcting the crisis.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/12, Shamati #190

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Born To Crawl In Three Axes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If everything that we see is actually within us, why do other people around us see the same thing?

Answer: It only seems that way, but actually it is all inside you. We cannot correct this distorted perception until we feel the spiritual world ourselves. Einstein also wanted to create a formula that would explain the order of creation, but he did not succeed. It is impossible to do that in our corporeal world.

Imagine a bug that crawls on the ground and feels the world in two dimensions: only by its length and width. You will never be able to explain to it what height means, it isn’t made for that since it is missing the third axis in its brain. We have three axes and time, and there is nothing other than that. This is why we cannot understand the world in the spiritual dimension.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/2012, “The Gate of Intentions”

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The Threshold Of Sensitivity To The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I study over the Internet, does the Light that Reforms affect me?

Answer: Even in our corporal world there are neutrino particles that pass freely through matter, hardly losing any speed.

The upper Light is at absolute rest everywhere. There are no barriers for this phenomenon in our world; it is above its nature. Therefore, if we want to summon the Light to operate on us, we have to change so that it can feel us, in other words, we have to be similar to it in our properties. This is the extent to which we get incorporated into the Light and receive the results of its action upon us. For this reason our work is directed at being more and more similar to the Light.

The Light itself is formless, while our vessel, our desire, has to take on the attribute that is similar to the Light. The desire to receive is made up of many layers and degrees, and hence advances towards similarity to the Light step by step. Our goal is to constantly, from degree to degree, become increasingly similar to the Light. After all, the purpose of creation is to attain full similarity to the Light. This is where the name “Kabbalah” comes from, meaning to receive (in Hebrew). It teaches us how to receive, to absorb all the attributes of the Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/2012, Shamati #190

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Convention As A Pressing Necessity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I strengthen my connection with the friends in a virtual group?

Answer: It’s not easy. After all, a person responds to what he perceives in five senses. This is how we are built on the “animate” level: We react to those who are close to us, who are in the field of our vision and hearing, and whom we can reach for and touch.

There is a reason why business people spend so much time travelling. Can’t they reach agreement remotely? All necessary conditions exist for that. Why does it make a difference with whom you maintain business relationships? It could be someone from China, Taiwan, South America, or Europe—most important is nevertheless profit. Yet still, business people need full-fledged meetings, not only virtual contacts and correspondence. Thus, a natural need for real contact roots in man. He has to “feel on skin” whatever is important to him.

It’s not the case with us, but we too have to meet each other and get imbued with sensations, impressions from these meetings. This is why we hold conventions.

It’s like a scientist who can lock himself up in his laboratory and carry out experiments, forgetting about the external world. But once in a few months he has to fly out somewhere to meet other scientists and communicate with them. To have a full picture, he needs a physical sensation, no matter what research he is engaged in.

Similarly, we can be separated by a distance, but on the other hand, having an opportunity, we have to invest efforts into unification. This makes our path a lot easier. And for this reason, if a person hasn’t been at a convention yet, he simply must come. Otherwise he won’t receive the needed impressions for subsequent advancement.

Regarding those who were at conventions already, who have difficulties coming, who for whatever reason have no opportunity, these people, having previous impressions, can stay with a local group and participate in our gathering there.

But if a person cannot come either to the convention or to a local group, then he needs to organize for himself the best possible conditions at home and stay there, imagining to himself that he is wholly with us. This also works.

In any case, regardless of where a person is, it’s desirable to always aim at unity. After the shattering of the vessels we get corrected only through unification. Surely, we don’t really want it, we are not drawn to it at all since by nature we are a result of the shattering of that very property that unites us into one whole. However, if a person wants to reach the purpose of creation and reveal the truth, he needs to rise above his nature. He has to dwell above this life so as to come to the spiritual one.

I repeat, for those who have never attended a convention yet, it’s simply your duty to. I cannot advise you on how to make it happen, however, as it is said, do whatever is in your power to do. It’s necessary to come to a convention at least once, if such an opportunity actually exists.

And besides, it’s very important to prepare for the meeting. Visit our site and press on the convention banner to get familiar with the preparation material.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/2012, Shamati #190

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The Success Of A Congress Depends On The Preparation For It

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are you expecting from your trip to South America and the upcoming convention in Brazil?

Answer: I look forward to this trip with excitement since it gives me an opportunity to achieve some results in the mission to which I have dedicated my life. But on the other hand, this result doesn’t depend on me, which is why I’m simultaneously inspired by this opportunity and cautious in my expectations.

And naturally, the outcome of the convention depends not only on those who’ll come to Brazil, but on all of our friends from around the world—you all understand this very well. And this is why I think that we need to conduct a very serious preparation, which is extremely important to each of us individually and to all of us together.

Let’s really prepare ourselves in a way Rabash describes in his articles “The Need for the Gathering of Friends” and “Preparation for the Gathering of Friends.” Preparation for a gathering includes clarifying why I need these friends, what they give to me and I to them. Even before I come to the meeting, I must clarify the purpose of creation and how it can be attained so that this convention, that is, the unification in which everyone is equal, becomes a means of achieving the desired goal.

I am glad that people understand this better and better, and I believe that through these conventions we will be able to leap to the next degree. All of it depends on our preparation. This is what we lacked before the European convention in Lithuania, where we didn’t have such joint preparation.

There was only participation of the whole world in the convention, the kind that I feel now as well. But it’s only participation; for now I don’t yet sense a real preparation, even though we know that it determines everything. Right now, we need to conduct a massive preparation, which is even more important than whatever will happen later at the convention.

At the time of the convention, all kinds of obstacles could come up, such as interruptions in the Internet broadcast or whatever else. But at that point it’s no longer important because the action itself doesn’t depend on us, we are charged only with its preparation. We should never forget about this!

Your preparation doesn’t depend on anyone other than yourself since it happens as if in concealment. It has not revealed itself yet, hasn’t been realized in action. It is said that the thoughts of a person are not accessible to the impure force, it knows only of his actions. And this is why we can freely prepare together, correspond, and share our plans. And it is very important. The action itself could even appear as entirely unsuccessful, but the result won’t depend on the action itself at all but on the preparation for it.

We are concerned with the way the action itself turns out because we’re still small in spirituality, and we use the impressions we receive to determine the “success” or “failure” of a convention. But in reality, everything is determined by the preparation, and this is why the main emphasis right now should be made specifically on it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/2012, “Questions and Answers Regarding the Brazil Congress”

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Preparing To Meet The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe upper Light is at absolute rest, which means that I shouldn’t hope that there’ll be changes on its end and need to change only myself, my desires. And even though it is said that the Lights agitate the desires, there is only just one Light. The Light is divided into five beams in correspondence to the desire being divided into five parts, and thus the desire senses the single Light as if there are five different Lights. The vessel changes and therefore it feels as if the Light agitates it.

And if everything depends on the desire, it means that the entire success is determined by its preparation. Depending on how the desire prepares itself, meaning whether or not it will be ready for the action, for its meeting with the Light, so it will be! This is why preparation determines the entire outcome of an action.

And we don’t know what the action will be. Perhaps it will be an even deeper fall into Egypt or one of the Egyptian plagues?! Or perhaps it will be the crossing of the Red Sea, which is not a very pleasant adventure either, or the escape from the Pharaoh’s army, or even receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai. All these situations can hardly be called pleasant pastimes—they all pass in trepidation, fear, hate, and great strain. But preparation determines whether or not we will be able to overcome all this.

Therefore, right now we need not think about the way the convention itself will go, but only about how we can prepare ourselves for the action of unification. And the degree that will be revealed to us within this unity will show us where we are: Perhaps we are still in Egypt, or we are about to exit it, or maybe we are already beyond its borders.

Everything depends only on the preparation of our desires (vessels, instruments), while the Light is at constant rest. Depending on how we prepare ourselves to correspond to the Light, we will receive its influence accordingly, that is, we will sense how we are acquiring its form.

You will see that there are no obstacles to preparation; it is always blessed and leads to advancement. While the action itself is a meeting with the Light, and it can lead to completely opposite results from what we were expecting. The result will always be for our benefit, but it can appear to us as a blow, like, for example, the plagues of Egypt, which signified the stages of advancement towards a spiritual birth. And we can go through them in the blink of an eye, one after another, in the duration of a single convention….
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/2012, “Questions and Answers Regarding the Brazil Congress” 

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The Foundation Of The Spiritual Ladder

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If connection occurs on the spiritual level, why do we need to come to the convention and meet in person?

Answer: You don’t think that it’s possible to disconnect from the Internet entirely and instead of the lesson, to sit with your eyes closed and connect to us through internal channels, do you? Evidently, you’re not yet prepared for such internal connection and will begin to daydream and meditate.

We understand each other better when we meet. It’s necessary to meet at least once in order to feel what that is. We receive impressions from this world, from the five bodily senses of perception, and therefore we need to feel each other through the regular senses. We’re animals, not angels.

Our brain consists largely of cells that perceive smells, and they grow like seaweed covering the ocean floor. Despite all of our modern virtual networks, we act in this world according to our animal instincts. This is why we need the most direct contact; otherwise, on a subconscious level we’ll lack a great amount of data needed for a higher connection.

We are required to meet since we live in this world and from this world we begin our spiritual ascent along the rungs of the ladder! Thus, if we won’t lay the foundation for this ladder, we won’t be able to climb it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/2012, “Questions and Answers Regarding the Brazil Congress”

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