Towards A Better Life With The Point In The Heart And Without It

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I begin to feel the point in the heart and what is that desire?

Answer: In our world, there are many people who are drawn to the truth. This person will not rest until he attains the source of life, its program, and goal, something higher than mere material existence.

A person can be prosperous in his material life or not; this is not important. The main thing that concerns him and does not let him rest is a lack of understanding what he lives for, but not in what form. What is the point of our life in general?

If a person asks himself this question, this is a sign that the point in the heart, that is, a special desire, awakens in him. The heart is called the entire egoistic desire of a person. And one of the desires which concerns a person, is the question about the essence of life. He must find an answer and satisfy this desire, to fill it with knowledge.

And knowledge is the link to the source of life, to its goal. A person is drawn to this fulfillment, and this inner yearning leads him to a place in this world, which is closest to the answer. There, he becomes included in studying and begins to understand from what he hears that there is no problem in learning at a university and getting the usual knowledge about this life to understand what happens in it. But why it happens is not taught at the university, and for this, it is necessary to obtain new additional qualities.

If a person wants to know the source of life and its goal, he must obtain knowledge that is above this earthly existence. But neither his heart nor his mind has the prerequisites for assimilating this knowledge. This information exists in the world, but he is not able to absorb it while he is at the animal level of development. He needs to rise to the human degree in order to develop the sense organ of perception of the source of life.

This requires special conditions, a new birth and development, which has no source, no roots in our world. But due to a special methodology called the science of Kabbalah, he learns how to receive (Lekabel) this information and feeling, to connect with the source of life, its goal. In essence, this is the same point, in which the upper force is manifested, but it is called the source of life relative to a human being, and the purpose of life relative to his efforts, his aspirations.

It is necessary to provide a person with suitable development, and that is why, there are teachers, places of study, and the methodology, which is passed from generation to generation and developed to match him. Thus, a person becomes acquainted with the method of Kabbalah, is given a teacher and books, and develops if this special point has awakened in him.

And until this point has been awakened, it is not allowed to reveal the science of Kabbalah to a person because he will perceive it as something abstract and unreal. But nowadays, when the world has entered the general crisis as a result of development that lasted for millennia, and people are suffering, the science of Kabbalah is revealed in the aspect of the so-called mutual guarantee. From the entire science, talking about attaining the source of life, just a small part is taken, one action without the intention, which is called mutual guarantee. People study how they can unite in order to reach a better life in this world.

Therefore, today, the science of Kabbalah is used, by people with a point in the heart and without it, as the method of connection for the sake of a better life and for correcting the crisis.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/12, Shamati #190

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