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Weekly Torah Portion – 04.05.12

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion “Shemini” Selected Excerpts
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The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion “Tazria and Metzura” Selected Excerpts
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Only The One Who Is Ready For Everything Will Be The One Who Escapes

At the Arava ConventionRabash, Dargot HaSulam (The Steps of the Ladder) 924, “And the Lord spoke to Moses”: Actually we cannot receive anything from Above, from nature, before a person comes to the decision that it cannot be in nature. Only after he despairs from nature, can he ask for help from Heaven, so that he will be helped above nature.

We should try to connect and perform actions of bestowal among us in order to evoke the Reforming Light. When the Light influences us we will feel that we are less and less worthy of connection. It says: “Come to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart.” By wanting to resemble the Creator, we are getting closer to Him and at the same time feel that we are drawing away from Him.

Here a person is required to do special work: He doesn’t escape the battle, but understands that this hardening of the heart will help him reveal the necessity for the power of bestowal, no matter what, without any preliminary conditions. Eventually a person is ready for everything, no matter what, independent of the conditions, the group, the world. One way or the other the main thing is to acquire the power of bestowal, the power of connection

– What for? What will you gain from it?

– Nothing, except for the power of bestowal itself.

It isn’t enough just to talk about it. We should try to attain this attitude towards others by working in the group and in dissemination. It doesn’t have to be expressed externally, but if a person tries to reach others, then he really encounters the king of Egypt and sees that his ego won’t let him do anything.

Then a person goes through the “Ten Plagues of Egypt” and sees how under the influence of a special force from Above, his ego gradually surrenders. Every time “Pharaoh” raises his head and insists, he receives another blow. This detaches a person from the ego and enables him to finally escape it.

Escape where? A person escapes from Pharaoh, which means from the power that separates him from others. First it is just an escape, rising above it, and then a person begins to practically work on connection. In Egypt, in the desire to receive, he couldn’t do that. This is how we reach the “Receiving of the Torah,” which means mutual guarantee, and start the period of “forty years in the desert.”
From the  4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/12, Writings of Rabash

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The Integral Framework Of Our Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You represent the concept of integral education, but we know that modern society is accumulating great amounts of knowledge. It is said that every three to four years the amount of knowledge is doubled. Often we are dealing with transmitting information that was discovered a decade ago. How is it possible to connect new knowledge with your method of learning?

Answer: I’ve already told you that we have groups of children in our integral education framework in which the children study from the age of six. By the age of 12-13, they can already understand and grasp correctly practically every kind of knowledge. Their perception is changed to become integral. The students are not afraid of anything; they are not closed. The teacher doesn’t “pour” the information into their heads. They perceive everything as one system of nature that constantly completes one picture.

Some of the kids at the age of 13-14 have already completed their first year of university study. They are equivalent to the end of their high school studies and are preparing for the matriculation exams. There is a law in Israel that allows them to do so. They passed the exams successfully. They don’t study individually, but in a group. They do their homework together and write papers together, etc.

I believe that it is impossible to do anything today without changing the person himself. A formal presentation of information, when you absorb it into a very narrow part in you, doesn’t allow us to progress. We see this in practice.
From a Lecture at Šiauliai University, Lithuania, 3/22/12

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Unemployment In The EU Reached Record Levels

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “Unemployment across countries that use the Euro edged higher in February to 10.8%. That’s up from 10.7% in January and the highest level since the introduction of the single currency in 1999. Spain has the highest rate of 23.6%.

“Meanwhile, a separate report confirmed that manufacturing activity in Europe shrank in February. …

“France was particularly weak, with manufacturing activity falling to the lowest level in almost three years. …

“Finance ministers will hope that an agreement to increase the size of the eurozone’s rescue fund will help bolster sentiment.”

My Comment: When decisions are deadlocked, there is no other solution but war as it has always been in the past. In order to prevent an impasse, a massive outreach is required to explain the solution to the crisis through integral education. Human egoism is the cause of the crisis, and it must be corrected from individual to integral.

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Solving Problems That Have No Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that integral education is not only essential, but it is the most important thing in life. What is so important about it?

Answer: Today nature puts us in a very tough framework when demands decline and a person has no need for anything except a normal, balanced, reasonable existence. We must make a transition from a society of unrestrained, unlimited consumption, although previously we thought our consumption would grow endlessly!

I was still a child when the Americans began advocating the consumer culture. They thought that it would be infinite, eternal, just like the communist propaganda on the other side of the world. But how could such a society be if we siphon all the natural resources from the earth and with them manufacture goods with built-in obsolescence, and so after a short period of use, we discard them into a landfill? As a result, cities are surrounded by huge garbage dumps that pollute our water sources and all the environment and our natural resources. We need to spend vast sums just to procure what is necessary for our existence: clean air, water, food, biological supplements and vaccinations, and huge purification plants, etc.

This means that the world has become more and more difficult because of the useless overproduction so that only a very few people (500 or 1000 people in the world) with exorbitant bank accounts that eventually will be useless for them as well, but they still don’t understand this because of their limitations. And for this we are destroying our only home, Earth?

I am not part of any environmental movement in any way. I am simply talking about the law of nature that obliges us to act differently. We are carrying out the main essential rule for our existence. These aren’t just nice words that teach us something beautiful; it is a necessity. We are beginning to feel it in our daily life.

We should understand that work hours can be reduced for a great number of people employed in manufacturing; we need this to raise ourselves to another level of development, a level of harmony with nature. Then we will begin to perceive nature differently, that it leads us, as it has done so during the many years of our development, towards a specific goal—to become equal to it.

What does it mean to become equal to nature? When we look at how the inanimate, vegetative, and animate parts of nature exist, it is clear that they simply exist. So what does man exist for? Is it only in order to live an ordinary “human” life? Then we are considering the human level as just a part of the animate world. Or is there another goal here that is above our perception?

We are able to study whatever is on a level of development that is lower than us, but we cannot examine what is on our level of development because a lower level can be examined only from a level above it. In order to rise to a higher level, we must attain integrality. Then we will be able to understand why man was created and what the purpose of his existence is. We shouldn’t push these questions aside thinking that they are childish and that they have no solution.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 2/26/12

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The Cure For The World Is In Integral Education

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe number of people in the world who suffer from depression is increasing. Rejection, not understanding the meaning of our existence, drug use, and terrorism, are all indicators of our disappointment in life.

We have come to the point where we must bring the world to a rational, balanced state. Now, since now many people find themselves unemployed and have nothing to do, it is a very dangerous social factor and governments are afraid of that. So what can be done?

It is impossible to destroy millions and even billions of the supposedly superfluous in the world simply by wars. It would be a war after which nothing would remain. There is no reasonable solution, even if we approach the problem according to Malthus: “Let’s just purify humanity of all the redundant elements and cut it in half”—this will not work!

We see how the collapse of one tenth of a nuclear power plant in Japan had terrible effects throughout the world, most of which we still don’t know about, like in Chernobyl, because the information remains classified.

But even these small “problems” are enough to stop the construction of nuclear power plants around the world. The decision makers understand the threat and so they stop building them. But by this single action, we can see that there is no problem and no solution. The problem is somewhere else all together: How can we bring billions of people to a balanced state?

So we should see the release of so many people from their work as the transition of man to another kind of work, to productive social work, so that we can really make human society more beneficial for everyone.

This can be implemented only through the integral education of everyone. Thus we raise a person to the level of integral understanding, of the global management of nature, and then he treats himself, the world, and everything else differently.

First he understands that the problem isn’t just about rich people and poor people, about good or bad leaders, or about billionaires who take everything for themselves, but he understands that there is a clear trend here, and this is how nature develops us. This means that we should take on a form that is adapted to nature because we cannot do anything against it. The only thing we can do is to understand the laws of nature. If we are adapted to the laws of nature we will bring ourselves to the most comfortable state.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 2/26/12

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Understanding The Integral Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanBy understanding that we are in an integrated, closed, giant sphere that constantly develops us; we simply need to study its laws and try our best to act accordingly. Then we will naturally feel better.

Now we are preparing a presentation for the UN about the program of education for adults.

We are developing an education program for the unemployed for the Spanish government. The rate of unemployment among people below the age of 40 in Spain has risen to 60%. This is a very serious problem for the country because these people are gradually losing all hope and they cannot build a family. They are in a terrible situation: People who graduated from European universities now find nothing to do. The most important thing is to make them part of the normal development of growing and improving.

We believe that instead of unemployment benefits, these people should receive scholarships. By studying, a person becomes a useful member of society because he or she gives society an integral part that balances the nation and society with nature.

Consequently great forces are released: kindness and goodwill instead of hatred, a careful attitude towards the society one lives in instead of protest movements, etc. All the sharp edges and all the problems gradually disappear. Now we are preparing this program.

We are facing grave problems because we are still egoists. Although we understand that we can transcend to a global and integral society and we see that it is necessary, we are still very far from it.

Therefore, the integral education is designed to gradually and softly prepare us for that, not by blows and suffering as a result of the crisis, but by recognition; to soften us by understanding, by getting closer, rationally helping us through to the next phase. This is the mission of our institute.

There are other people in the world who are working in the same direction. In the meantime they are very few, but we are in touch with them.

By the way, when the integral system is gradually accepted something interesting happens: Many resources are released. People begin to treat what we have correctly, and suddenly there is a balance: everything is enough for everyone and everyone is happy. This is what a person actually needs. Therefore, we should see how nature is pushing us towards this state.
From a Lecture at Šiauliai University, Lithuania, 3/22/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.05.12

Preparation to the Lesson
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Shamati #157I Am Asleep But My Heart Is Awake
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Zohar for All Passover Shemot (Exodus),” “He Neither Ate Bread Nor Drank Bed,Item 251, Lesson 2
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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 15, Item 33, Lesson 2
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Writings of Rabash,Dargot HaSulam,” Article 945
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