Unemployment In The EU Reached Record Levels

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “Unemployment across countries that use the Euro edged higher in February to 10.8%. That’s up from 10.7% in January and the highest level since the introduction of the single currency in 1999. Spain has the highest rate of 23.6%.

“Meanwhile, a separate report confirmed that manufacturing activity in Europe shrank in February. …

“France was particularly weak, with manufacturing activity falling to the lowest level in almost three years. …

“Finance ministers will hope that an agreement to increase the size of the eurozone’s rescue fund will help bolster sentiment.”

My Comment: When decisions are deadlocked, there is no other solution but war as it has always been in the past. In order to prevent an impasse, a massive outreach is required to explain the solution to the crisis through integral education. Human egoism is the cause of the crisis, and it must be corrected from individual to integral.

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