The Integral Framework Of Our Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You represent the concept of integral education, but we know that modern society is accumulating great amounts of knowledge. It is said that every three to four years the amount of knowledge is doubled. Often we are dealing with transmitting information that was discovered a decade ago. How is it possible to connect new knowledge with your method of learning?

Answer: I’ve already told you that we have groups of children in our integral education framework in which the children study from the age of six. By the age of 12-13, they can already understand and grasp correctly practically every kind of knowledge. Their perception is changed to become integral. The students are not afraid of anything; they are not closed. The teacher doesn’t “pour” the information into their heads. They perceive everything as one system of nature that constantly completes one picture.

Some of the kids at the age of 13-14 have already completed their first year of university study. They are equivalent to the end of their high school studies and are preparing for the matriculation exams. There is a law in Israel that allows them to do so. They passed the exams successfully. They don’t study individually, but in a group. They do their homework together and write papers together, etc.

I believe that it is impossible to do anything today without changing the person himself. A formal presentation of information, when you absorb it into a very narrow part in you, doesn’t allow us to progress. We see this in practice.
From a Lecture at Šiauliai University, Lithuania, 3/22/12

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