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The Decision Is Made Below

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf you perform actions directed toward the goal of creation, you advance with the help of two forces: your own desire and the Light. But if you perform actions that aren’t directed toward the goal of creation, you advance only with the help of one force: your desire. Developing naturally, we fulfill our own needs.

All of reality is essentially desire and the Light. Desire exists within the Light and is constantly changing, more and more. This is the way our natural development is carried out: from a point of energy to matter that becomes increasingly complex, until the present form of life. There are basic elements that create the cyclical system, and there exist connections between them that produce complex materials and even living cells that absorb and discharge all kinds of substances. The cells consist of a new, qualitative connection with the environment because at the still level, the absorption and discharge don’t produce the sensation of life or pain.

Thus, if we want to advance forward, we face a special condition: either to advance under the influence of nature’s force, like a machine, or to create a connection with friends in the group and to build a model that is essentially similar to the Light, the upper force, love and bestowal. You overcome the heaviness and the problems, and accordingly you receive help from Above. In principle, you don’t activate anything new, but in your wanting to advance to the goal, you add your efforts, and in response to it, you receive extra Light from the state you long for.

In the end, you use the same system that responds to “the addition” from our side. If you want it, go ahead, and if you don’t, then you don’t. The changes don’t come from the Light, but from you: If you invested efforts, showed more desire, then you discover an addition of deficiency on your side, and then you receive a greater illumination. No one Above makes decisions about allocating you a portion of the Light. The Light is at absolute rest, and everything depends only on your need for it. Take advantage of the conditions given to you—and you will receive it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/2012Writings of Rabash

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Even If You Pretend, But Honestly And Till The End

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the forces and details of perception come to us from Above, from the Light that acts on us. But it acts according to our efforts, when we nevertheless want to do something, even though we are not able to. From one hand, we are not able to, but on the other, we try anyway.

And this is the true effort: I have no chance, but I want it anyway. Yes, I am an egoist. That is clear to me. And nevertheless, without forgetting this, I perform certain actions as if they were actions of bestowal.

This is a game, but a serious one, and I want to play by its rules. I have been given this opportunity, and I want to take advantage of it. Even though I have plastic toys, what can I do, I work with what I have. Of course, it is not enough for me, but it doesn’t weaken me. I want to at least somehow be similar to the Creator, like a monkey that imitates man.

And then I invite upon myself the Surrounding Light. It is called “Surrounding” since it illuminates from afar on the desires the Light has absolutely no connection with due to their opposition. However, they do try, and then the Light illuminates on them from afar. Thanks to this, they begin to understand and feel a little more, receive more heaviness of the heart, and continue the work until they fill the needed measure of effort.

It is impossible to realize any spiritual act until the upper Light grants us spiritual attributes. And until then, we need to continue to be involved with “simulation” and to be thankful that we received access at least to this. Even if the Creator wants me to do this until the end of my life, although I am neither lazy nor resigned, I agree.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/2012, Writings of Rabash

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The Economics Of Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to change people somehow, and here we encounter a very interesting phenomenon: Nature compels us to shift from a society of excessive consumption to a society of reasonable consumption, in balance and harmony because when we consume equally and give to one another and to nature, by keeping that law of balance as the main law of nature, a great number of people will be released from work.

This means that, with the help of the crisis, the future society that is already beginning to take shape will gradually result in people working very little. They won’t have to work ten hours a day. The erroneous attitude toward the use of our time should be replaced by creating new relationships among people. This will indeed require a lot of time.

We have studied this issue and have reached the conclusion that for the hundreds of millions of people who will soon be free from work (there will simply be no work for them), we need to establish a huge world university. We must teach these people about the integral attitude to others and to nature.

The right integral attitude to mutual cooperation will release such forces that everything will be enough for everyone.

According to all our calculations and data, there is nothing in the world that we lack. The only problem is that man cannot properly allocate everything because of greed, because of his ego.

If we take all the unemployed and create one university, classes, and clubs where people will learn the integral education, we will create a totally different society, that will be satisfied, balanced, no longer seeking super satiation, and will really feel happy.

It is known that in the last few years, the so-called “economics of happiness” has been developed, which measures everything not by the amount of money, but by how a person feels life. In principle, this is what we need to come to.

There is nothing artificial here. Life simply obliges us to study all the processes that take place in society and how we can balance them. This is what nature pushes us to.
From a Lecture at Šiauliai University, Lithuania, 3/22/12

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How To Become A True Instructor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can men and women who want to become instructors, educators, and organizers of integral education study together or is it better for them to study separately?

Answer: I think that it is better to study together, but without children because children need other examples and other generalizations; they need to be talked to at a different level.

Groups can be comprised of people of various ages from 18-20 to the elderly. Perhaps, we need to sort them according to their age, for instance, groups from 20 to 30, or from 25 to 40 (major groups), or from 40 to 60, and groups for the elderly.

Question: During the process of preparing instructors of integral education, does a person need to practice this method on oneself?

Answer: Moreover, he needs to experience this, to feel this, because he needs to form an integral perception of the world. Only then will he be able to be an instructor or educator. That is, he must clearly see the world differently than his students do. They look at the world individually, egoistically, but he should be one level higher.

If he does not have it, he cannot teach. He will just show people some memorized tricks, but will not be able to pass the spirit of integrality to them: “Do like this, think like this. And if you make this decision or vice versa?” If he does not have a feeling of the integral technique, if it does not live in him, he will not be able to teach students and gradually advance them to an integral perception of the world.

It is impossible just to learn this. First of all, you need to reformat yourself, only then you become a true instructor.

It is not that I graduated from a university, got a diploma, and now here I am ready to go and work anywhere. A diploma, a certificate of teaching ability, is a person’s adaptation to the new world, his perception of himself, his inner changes and only that.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of an Integral Society” 2/26/12

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The Seeds Of Light Are Sown Now

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Holiday of Pesach (Passover) begins tomorrow. We have to understand what it is. Firstly, “Pesach” is the most important state. We remember this exodus from Egypt in all the following corrections. Why? Because this is the foundation, from which the ladder of spiritual degrees begins.

Secondly, Pesach is the spiritual birth of a human being.

Thirdly, we are talking about darkness, in which we build the preparatory base for our corrections because we have nothing else to correct except what is disclosed in “Egypt.” These years of preparation, on the one hand, are useful because they reveal our corrupt desires; on the other hand, they are hard because exile is an unpleasant thing.

However, in reality it all depends on how we accept what is happening, trying hard to comprehend, understand, and recognize this state, how much we are aware of its necessity in the group, and how much we can feel blossoming in it.

Similarly, the Middle Ages was a dark period of history, which was characterized by confusion, human brutality, the cruelty of inquisition, religious aggression, and animalistic mores. However, going deeper, we see that it became the preparation for the outburst of the Renaissance, for the development of science and other subsequent achievements.

Until the end of the Middle Ages humanity was obtaining big vessels, desires. Then, a cultural explosion took place, and the Age of Enlightenment began during which we used what we had prepared before. Now, we are approaching a logical result—the crisis of all the desires having been exhausted and there is nothing else to do in our world.

If we draw parallels with spirituality, the current preparation allows us to reach the end of correction and use our desires correctly. After all, we revealed our evil during the period of Egyptian exile. That is why all further corrections are called the “memory” of the exodus from Egypt.

In this case, evil is revealed to us only in the relationships between friends. Consequently, if we correctly perceive the problems arising between us, we prepare ourselves for ascent. We must request correction from these states; however, on condition that we want to unite, we feel the need for it, see that we cannot, and nonetheless continue to push. The less we succeed, the more we press.

We need to reveal bestowal namely in this mutual pressure between us. Even if instead of it, we on the contrary reveal reception, evil, manifested above good, we do not retreat, do not relax, and do not despair. We are going to the end, until the state about which is said in the Torah: “and the children of Israel groaned from the work” (Exodus 2:23)

It will not be just moaning; we will really feel that we are powerless to do anything else. That is when a person raises his hands to the Creator and merges in the collective prayer.

Thus, we should respect the current period. We cannot exit it until we prepare the desire for further corrections. It is impossible to receive revelation from Above, if we do not push, forcing the upper force to reveal us our evil.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/5/12, Writings of Rabash

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