The Economics Of Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to change people somehow, and here we encounter a very interesting phenomenon: Nature compels us to shift from a society of excessive consumption to a society of reasonable consumption, in balance and harmony because when we consume equally and give to one another and to nature, by keeping that law of balance as the main law of nature, a great number of people will be released from work.

This means that, with the help of the crisis, the future society that is already beginning to take shape will gradually result in people working very little. They won’t have to work ten hours a day. The erroneous attitude toward the use of our time should be replaced by creating new relationships among people. This will indeed require a lot of time.

We have studied this issue and have reached the conclusion that for the hundreds of millions of people who will soon be free from work (there will simply be no work for them), we need to establish a huge world university. We must teach these people about the integral attitude to others and to nature.

The right integral attitude to mutual cooperation will release such forces that everything will be enough for everyone.

According to all our calculations and data, there is nothing in the world that we lack. The only problem is that man cannot properly allocate everything because of greed, because of his ego.

If we take all the unemployed and create one university, classes, and clubs where people will learn the integral education, we will create a totally different society, that will be satisfied, balanced, no longer seeking super satiation, and will really feel happy.

It is known that in the last few years, the so-called “economics of happiness” has been developed, which measures everything not by the amount of money, but by how a person feels life. In principle, this is what we need to come to.

There is nothing artificial here. Life simply obliges us to study all the processes that take place in society and how we can balance them. This is what nature pushes us to.
From a Lecture at Šiauliai University, Lithuania, 3/22/12

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  1. Ironically, only when we achieve this balance, will the “seed” of the earth be ready to emerge. Only then, will we transcend all limits!

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