How To Become A True Instructor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can men and women who want to become instructors, educators, and organizers of integral education study together or is it better for them to study separately?

Answer: I think that it is better to study together, but without children because children need other examples and other generalizations; they need to be talked to at a different level.

Groups can be comprised of people of various ages from 18-20 to the elderly. Perhaps, we need to sort them according to their age, for instance, groups from 20 to 30, or from 25 to 40 (major groups), or from 40 to 60, and groups for the elderly.

Question: During the process of preparing instructors of integral education, does a person need to practice this method on oneself?

Answer: Moreover, he needs to experience this, to feel this, because he needs to form an integral perception of the world. Only then will he be able to be an instructor or educator. That is, he must clearly see the world differently than his students do. They look at the world individually, egoistically, but he should be one level higher.

If he does not have it, he cannot teach. He will just show people some memorized tricks, but will not be able to pass the spirit of integrality to them: “Do like this, think like this. And if you make this decision or vice versa?” If he does not have a feeling of the integral technique, if it does not live in him, he will not be able to teach students and gradually advance them to an integral perception of the world.

It is impossible just to learn this. First of all, you need to reformat yourself, only then you become a true instructor.

It is not that I graduated from a university, got a diploma, and now here I am ready to go and work anywhere. A diploma, a certificate of teaching ability, is a person’s adaptation to the new world, his perception of himself, his inner changes and only that.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of an Integral Society” 2/26/12

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