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Dissemination: What We Can And Cannot Do

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately, I have questions about dissemination. Could you please clarify your attitude toward dissemination, what can and cannot be done?

Answer: The world needs dissemination, meaning integral education and upbringing (mutual responsibility). This method has to be circulated widely and openly, without connecting it to Kabbalah by any means. It can be done from a separate website, as well as openly on the streets, by giving out leaflets, newspapers, CDs, and any other media.

Kabbalah can be circulated only from its site and only virtually so that outsiders will not associate it with the integral upbringing—until people realize themselves that Kabbalah is that very system of man’s upbringing and correction.

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The Fed Will Be Powerless To Stop The Real Crash

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Graham Summers, Chief Market Strategist): “Over the last two years, I’ve been caught into believing a Crash was coming several times. In some ways I was right: we got sizable corrections of 15+%. But we never got the REAL CRASH I thought we would because the Fed stepped in.

“So what makes this time different?

“Several items:
1) The Crisis coming from Europe will be far, far larger in scope than anything the Fed has dealt with before.

2) The Fed is now politically toxic and cannot engage in aggressive monetary policy without experiencing severe political backlash (this is an election year).

3) The Fed’s resources are spent to the point that the only thing the Fed could do would be to announce an ENORMOUS monetary program which would cause a Crisis in of itself.

“In simple terms, this time around, when Europe goes down (and it will) it’s going to be bigger than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. And this time around, the world Central Banks are already leveraged to the hilt having spent virtually all of their dry powder propping up the markets for the last four years.

“Again, this time it is different. I realize most people believe the Fed can just hit ‘print’ and solve everything, but they’re wrong. The last time the Fed hit ‘print’ food prices hit records and revolutions began spreading in emerging markets. If the Fed does it again, especially in a more aggressive manner as it would have to, we would indeed enter a dark period in the world and the capital markets.”

My Comment: Here is an opportunity to begin local wars or one world war. The rulers will practically have no other choice. And only the timely realization that the crisis is aimed at changing society can lighten our path.

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Mutual Responsibility In The United States

The ideas of mutual responsibility and the integral method of education and upbringing are expanding and spreading in the U.S.  More people are joining and remaining in our system of dissemination.

So far, sixteen virtual seminars about integral unity have been held. New people are joining in these seminars in increasing numbers. Also, successful actions of distributing printed material with the messages of mutual responsibility and integral upbringing to the public were carried out in seven US cities, including Washington DC and St. Louis.


A New Game

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that we have to imagine ourselves in a corrected state. How can I be sure that I imagine it correctly?

Answer: It’s impossible to imagine a correct state. The Light will gradually create this picture for us. This can only be done by the Light!

Our attempts resemble those of a child who does something with persistence, and even though he’s unable to accomplish a task, he still continues trying. You’ve seen the persistence of a  child who is playing or trying to do something. As a result, he acquires sensations, thoughts, and experience and thereby becomes an experienced adult. This is the only way it can happen.

We don’t reveal anything new here. We utilize the same Light as we did when we were children when we were trying to become adults. We are utilizing the same principles that are instilled in nature. This is the same exact law and there isn’t anything else.

You make attempts, you play with building blocks, but they fall down. You try to assemble a construction set, but you can’t. You do something, jump, and run around like a little monkey. However, these efforts evoke the upper Light, the concealed force of nature, which is responsible for your development.

This force developed us on the animate level and we became adults. Right now we’re consciously playing the next degree so that the same force will develop us and elevate us to that degree. Whatever it is you play, that’s what you will become. This is the way it works.

Today we’re playing a game of “Becoming Similar to the Creator.” If we continue playing this game, we’ll succeed! People develop through playing. You have to imagine yourself there. Imagine yourself as an adult; this is most important. You may ask: “What does it mean to rise to the next degree? After all, this is what we want to accomplish.” Go ahead and realize your desire! Fantasize about what it means and play this game, but base it on the knowledge you’ve obtained.

You read lots of articles and listen to the lessons: What is the meaning of the upper degree, the quality of bestowal, above egoism, a screen, Reshimot, Partzufim, the Light of Hassadim, the Light of Hochma, and so on? How do transitions become actualized? Try to constantly imagine that you are there and you’ll achieve it! All of nature operates according to this principle. There’s nothing new to add if you compare it to the development of a child.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/2012, Workshop 1

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The Beginning Of Development Should Start With The Vision Of The Result

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dmitry Itskov, Russia 2045 Movement Founder, New Media Stars President): “Our body is afraid of fire, rain, wind, gets sick, grows old and dies. Should we not direct the scientific and technical progress toward the improvement of the human body, construction of the iBody, an individual, immortal, intelligent body?

“The iBody is a new, immortal body, non-protein, constructed with the purpose of transferring individual consciousness, the human person, to it. It is perfect; it does not need a house and does not need protection from the weather. We will stop harming the planet. All of humanity and its entire habitat will change. Boundless possibilities for the development of consciousness will be opened before us, differences between people will disappear, and the level of consciousness, not the sum of money in the bank, will make people different.

“A prototype of the iBody can be developed in our time, and it will take several decades to make a mass product out of it. The development of the components of the iBody would be carried out around the world. Is it not time we move the evolution of the human body to the perfect technology of the iBody that will give life?”

My Comment: I was with one of the representatives of this trend at a discussion of the future world on one of the TV channels in Moscow. The question remains, “What is the point?” A secondary question was: “Does this fit the laws of our evolution?” After all, if it does not, then after spending huge sums of money, we would find ourselves in even greater crisis than after the collapse of socialism in the East and capitalism in the West.

Only by comparing our plans with the plans of nature can you be sure that you are not heading toward a deadend! Who knows these plans? If no one knows them, it is necessary to first discover them.

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Men’s Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The need for the women’s desire, without which men won’t come to the goal, was not felt at the seminars. Why is that?

Answer: In order for a man to feel a need for something, he has to realize that without that need or desire he won’t reach the goal. It means that they haven’t reached that state yet.

Assume I try doing something and see that it doesn’t work out. What do I miss? Aha, I need another tool. I start working with it and see that I lack some other device. Meaning, only to the extent I see myself not reaching the goal do I look for the ways to reach it.

Then I see the lack of a clear strong support. It must exist for sure! This is what is written in Kabbalistic sources and we see that in a real life as well.

Men have their own somewhat baseless pride. They forget their dependency on women due to their nature. That’s a man’s nature.

But by moving forward, they begin realizing how weak they are. And then feel a strong need for female support.

That is not a weakness, it’s just our nature; when we depend on each other with just the right combination, together we achieve the common goal.

By the way, I’m sure many men have this feeling—I see that in them. They really feel it.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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The Fulcrum

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe environment is a tool for self-correction, and self-correction is the means for the correction of the world. This is because a person who changes himself just a little thereby changes the entire world.

Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” The entire problem is that point, the fulcrum.

You can “move” the earth if you have the right and safe point to lean on. Even if the left part of the lever is just a meter long, if the right side is, let’s say, millions of meters long, even if you use the force of just one gram, you will turn the world.

You have to be a hero in quality, not in quantity. It is all about how much you prefer spirituality over corporeality, meaning internality over externality. This means that you choose the fulcrum. If you see spirituality as more important than corporeality, then no matter how much the earth “weighs,” you have a lever that can turn it. This is the “heavenly mechanics.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/19/2012 on Holocaust Memorial Day

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Egypt In The Eyes Of A Slave And The Eyes Of A Free Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person count 400 years (levels) of his stay in exile if Egypt is in total darkness?

Answer: It is impossible to count that, and this is why the escape takes place suddenly, in a hurry. A person does not know when he will come out of exile. Suppose the 400 years of exile are to end today at 13:30, but you can’t know that. Don’t you see that according to the story, the escape is sudden? You are told only what you must take with you: the components that make up your spiritual vessel so that later you will be able to rise above it.

According to the story, after we come out of Egypt, we leave nothing behind. I take all the gold, all the sheep and the cattle, all the property, and leave behind me an empty, destroyed country. I destroy to the ground the country that once flourished, big and prosperous with beautiful cities, and I leave.

Of course, I leave for a better life, and there is nothing to lose. There is no reason to stay in Egypt where there is not even water to drink because everything has turned to blood, and everything is dead.

This is how a person sees the corporeal world that he leaves. In fact, the beautiful palaces are still there and so are all the good things, everything is flourishing, but in my eyes it looks like a destroyed land in the dark. This is how it is perceived in my new discernments that oblige me to disrespect all the luxury and see it as trash and to want to escape from it.

However, if I looked at everything through the eyes of a slave, I would see the rich land and think that that there is no need to escape. After all, the land of Egypt is surrounded by a desert.

But suddenly I decide that staying there is the worst thing, and there is nothing worse than that. It isn’t just a desert, but a place of awful destruction and lowliness. It is all in the eyes of the beholder.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/2012, TES

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The Only One Who Will Help Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanBy trying to unite in the group, we don’t just evoke the Light, but the Light that Reforms. It doesn’t correct me, but it gives me new details of perception. Its job is to show me that I am totally detached, opposite, broken, immersed in hate, and laying at the bottom. First, I come to this recognition.

Beyond that, the Light obliges me to feel that nothing can save me, and it is impossible to come out. It gives me the feeling that there is no force in our world that can correct me, although I seemingly do want to connect with the friends and love them.

However, I continue to work and do my best, together with the great hate for separation and the great desire to unite. With the help of the Light, I begin to understand that this is very important. Then, it reveals the most important internal point to me: the understanding that only the Creator can help me.

Thus I reach two things. On one hand, I begin to hate evil, and on the other, I come to love the good, meaning absolute bestowal, when I actually want to go out of my way toward others. I have acquired a big deficiency, the need for unity and love. In addition, above the call of the heart, I have reached the understanding that no one can help me except the Creator.

So, eventually, I acquire a deficiency for the Creator. First, I assumed that together with the friends, we would tear down the Machsom (the barrier separating us from spirituality), and as a result of this demand, I would penetrate nature more deeply and discover the inner force hidden in it—the only one force that can help me. I feel that the desire aimed at the Creator is born in my heart.

This is the top, the climax of my work on the corporeal degree, with all the means available here. From this point on, I am “locked” onto the Creator: How do I ask, demand, oblige, and beg Him for help?

This desire develops and takes on new forms. For whom is the Creator’s help meant? I begin to see that until now, I wanted to use Him, even pay Him. However, I actually need the changes in order to bring Him pleasure. So, by changing internally, I begin to change our mutual relations, until above all my personal calculations, I want all the changes to bring Him pleasure.

This is the work of the Creator: I work and consciously aim all the fruit of my work toward Him. Then, I ask to feel Him. I ask not as I do now, not for my self-benefit, but on the contrary, I tell Him: “Don’t reveal Yourself, otherwise my desire to receive will begin to enjoy. Just tell me what is for Your good. This is the only thing that I want.”

So, from the level of our world, I move on to another kind of work, done relative to the Creator. At the same time, I continue to work in the group, but now as one whole with it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/2012, “Preface to The Book of Zohar”

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