Dissemination: What We Can And Cannot Do

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately, I have questions about dissemination. Could you please clarify your attitude toward dissemination, what can and cannot be done?

Answer: The world needs dissemination, meaning integral education and upbringing (mutual responsibility). This method has to be circulated widely and openly, without connecting it to Kabbalah by any means. It can be done from a separate website, as well as openly on the streets, by giving out leaflets, newspapers, CDs, and any other media.

Kabbalah can be circulated only from its site and only virtually so that outsiders will not associate it with the integral upbringing—until people realize themselves that Kabbalah is that very system of man’s upbringing and correction.

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  1. I would like to disseminate. I can pass out leaflets, cds or newspapers.

    Contact me at the above email address.

    Thank you

    Marie Latting

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