The Beginning Of Development Should Start With The Vision Of The Result

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dmitry Itskov, Russia 2045 Movement Founder, New Media Stars President): “Our body is afraid of fire, rain, wind, gets sick, grows old and dies. Should we not direct the scientific and technical progress toward the improvement of the human body, construction of the iBody, an individual, immortal, intelligent body?

“The iBody is a new, immortal body, non-protein, constructed with the purpose of transferring individual consciousness, the human person, to it. It is perfect; it does not need a house and does not need protection from the weather. We will stop harming the planet. All of humanity and its entire habitat will change. Boundless possibilities for the development of consciousness will be opened before us, differences between people will disappear, and the level of consciousness, not the sum of money in the bank, will make people different.

“A prototype of the iBody can be developed in our time, and it will take several decades to make a mass product out of it. The development of the components of the iBody would be carried out around the world. Is it not time we move the evolution of the human body to the perfect technology of the iBody that will give life?”

My Comment: I was with one of the representatives of this trend at a discussion of the future world on one of the TV channels in Moscow. The question remains, “What is the point?” A secondary question was: “Does this fit the laws of our evolution?” After all, if it does not, then after spending huge sums of money, we would find ourselves in even greater crisis than after the collapse of socialism in the East and capitalism in the West.

Only by comparing our plans with the plans of nature can you be sure that you are not heading toward a deadend! Who knows these plans? If no one knows them, it is necessary to first discover them.

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