The Discontent Of The Masses Is Ahead

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexei Kudrin, Russia’s former Finance Minister): “‘The scenario of the debt crisis, reduced growth, and reduced demand for oil is very likely. …Corporate structures in Europe and around the world have already calculated it and are trying to be ready for it.’

“‘The actions taken by the European Central Bank to purchase the debt is a necessary measure that does not solve debt problems since they ultimately do not degrease country’s national debt.’

“‘If the recession lasts another year, we will have to solve the problem employing more resources at the expense of the stabilization fund, the IMF….

“The European countries will soon have to make decisions on budget cuts; otherwise, it will lead to an increase in government debt and the inability to service it.

“The scenario of rescue of the European economy through printing money and rising inflation is more than likely.

“‘If the printing money is maintained to support the economy, then ultimately, it will result in inflation. And it will hit the real income of the population. Thus, the industry will be saved through inflation, but the real income of the population will decrease….’”

My Comment: But these methods cannot solve anything either. The waves of public discontent and civil wars are ahead—if the authorities do not instigate a world massacre instead.

It is necessary to restructure the system of society, industry, and economy to reasonable consumption, integral education and upbringing, and unity in front of the common enemy: the consumer attitude towards the world, nature, and environment.

It is necessary to begin to educate the population in advance so as to change its view of society, priorities, and values and create new landmarks—the integral ones. Only by these changes will we be able to provide us and our children with the guaranteed future. Otherwise, we have no future.

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