“Economic Gloom Deepens Europe’s Political Crisis”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Marcus Walker and Charles Forelle, from The Wall Street Journal): “Around Europe, many voters, politicians and investors are fretting about economic weakness and high debts, and searching for the right balance between growth and fiscal discipline. A divide is growing between a German-led camp that argues that there is no alternative to austerity for all, and critics who say the strategy is pushing the euro zone into a downward spiral.”

My Comment: This is because the integration must either be complete or not; there is no halfway independence, virginity, or love! A lack of preparation of society in the form of integral upbringing will be manifested more strongly until it is implemented or until they run away, only this is terrible to imagine because it wouldn’t be done in a nice way!

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  1. Granted, there is a place, despite ein sof, where the middle line is so thin, that everyone but one must pass to the left or right. Decide or not, to unite.

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