When A Heart Speaks, No Words Are Necessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During seminars on connection, it is very important to speak from the heart without any slogans or clichés. If somebody feels unable to say anything, is it possible that support from the group moderator or someone else could help him to say a few words?

Answer: The thing is that the world we want to experience, the next level, is not verbal. There are no words or any information exchange besides nonverbal information on the level of frequencies that are called our thoughts and feelings. These are special frequencies.

There are people who can perceive them. Because when we don’t know a person, we instinctively tune into his frequency and sometimes capture his thoughts. There is nothing supernatural in that. Thus some people feel others at a distance. All of that is achieved through a connection to a higher common informational layer.

But we connect not just to an egoistic informational layer like psychics, but rather, to a higher informational layer that operates us and is called the upper force. It is called upper because, unlike our egoistic force, it is altruistic and is built upon bestowal, not upon reception.

It is important to understand that we influence each other without words on the level of this force. If our words do not correspond to our thoughts, then they have no effect. Results can be reached only when we want to be givers. Even though we are not yet altruists and don’t actually seek unity, but want to be so, then this desire works. Meaning, our thought and words shouldn’t contradict each other. There should be at least some desire and aspiration in them. Therefore, our internal thoughts, internal pressures, and aspirations, which are called prayer, are sufficient.

There are cases in our practical work when people sit a few hours in a row without saying a word. Rabash and I practiced the same approach during meals or other events when we sat for 30-40 minutes in absolute silence. I remember that millions of different thoughts swept through my head at that time. You wander somewhere in the deep corners of yourself, you are being thrown out, but then find the way into the right thoughts, and then get carried away again.

Thus a person gradually teaches himself the proper intention because only through a right intention, it is possible to penetrate, reach, and enter the next higher informational layer.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 2

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  1. Rav, Thank You for all of these Heartfelt articles that you post on here. I consider your writings on here just as important as our Books. Many of your writings touch my perceptions to the core, which is enabling me to heighten my Desire to connect with our Brothers 🙂 Thank You … Shalom

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