The Sixth Factor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do all people potentially have an additional sense, the sense of integral connection with others, or not?

Answer: No one has this sense. It’s born when we begin to connect. It happens in a group with the guidance of an educator who teaches us how to be connected, and suddenly we feel that we are parts of one system. It’s just like a body in which every organ (the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver) operate in a different manner, but together they all operate for the benefit of the one integral connection so that the whole body will exist.

Then in the collective group that becomes closely connected, there’s the feeling of one whole: a new thought, a new sensation. The heart and mind appear, which relate to us, bonded with each other in this connection.

This internal feeling evokes an opportunity in a person to perceive the integral nature. We are egoists; we cannot feel it as one whole. But in this way by tuning ourselves, we become a kind of oscillating circuit, detector that can perceive the integral nature and its fluctuations. The fluctuations we perceive in this sense are a new kind of knowledge, a new feeling of the upper world, of the next, fourth level called “Adam” (human).

It’s then that we begin to feel that the world is not only the still, the vegetative and the animate. It’s also the world of knowledge, the world in which the present, past, and future are connected above time. We begin to feel it as infinite, eternal, whole, and in harmony with all its parts.

When a person reaches this level, he begins to feel his body as less important because this knowledge, these desires, these thoughts are no longer connected to our beastly body. If your desires and thoughts are only about your beastly body, then they are really connected to it. But if they come to the connection with others, then they are outside of the body—between you and all others. And then you as if begin to “come out of yourselves” into this space, into the “upper nature.” Essentially, this is what has been prepared for us.

There are many scientific articles about this topic. My ideas have scientific basis. Very serious scientists write about this. These concepts are not very close to us in our daily life, but if a person comes to an integral group and studies in it, he begins to feel these things very quickly. This is materialistic psychology, and there is no mysticism here. It’s simply feeing oneself in connection with others, and today nature is pushing us towards this very firmly.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/22/12, Preliminary Lesson

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