The Principle Of Connecting: Concern And Inspiration

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the convention in the Arava desert you said that our work is very serious, but at the same time joyful. How do these two things go together?

Answer: The main thing in spiritual work is the greatness of the goal. Rabash wrote that inspiration, the greatness of the goal, the yearning for it, it all stems from the fact that we feel that we are on a special mission, have a special responsibility, a big goal before us, and have to naturally perceive all this with gratitude and with joy. If it weren’t for the joy, we would have no power to do anything.

Therefore, we must constantly feel inspiration, which will be cultivated naturally within us if we begin to appreciate the cause we gathered for. Together with inspiration, with the feeling of joy and the greatness, we need to feel some concern that we might not be able to do it. Without this opposite part we will take our current actions lightly, while it is actually a very serious matter.

All our other studies: the structure of the worlds, the souls, the Lights that enter the vessels, and other processes that take place there, they are all theoretical. The realization of this theory takes place in the group, and this is the practical part. Here we can see and feel to what extent this method is working internally, if we really take it seriously: on one hand, in great inspiration (it is like Keter), and on the other, in fear and some concern regarding the success of the mission (it relates to Malchut).

The greater the gap between these attributes in us, the gap between the concern and the great inspiration, the stronger and bigger our vessel, in which we perceive the revelation of the upper Light. The capacity of the vessel depends on the gap between the two attributes.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 2

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Thoughts About Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is the Creator concealed from me? What is He afraid of?

Answer: During the preparation period a person sometimes feels that the Creator is concealed from him, and sometimes he doesn’t feel anything. As a person advances he feels how much he needs the revelation of the Creator so that he will be able to bestow.

A person understands that without this revelation he will never be able to bestow. Only the revelation of the Creator in contrasts to my ego will provide me with the attribute of bestowal above receiving, “faith above reason.” Then I will be able to restrict myself, and will receive a Masach, (screen) and the Returning Light, and will be able to bestow, but it all depends on the level of the Creator’s revelation to me.

I am waiting for His revelation, not in order to receive pleasure from Him, but so that I will be able to work above my desire to receive. This is the state we should reach and we are almost there. We have to feel that the revelation of the Creator is essential, so that we will be able to attain bestowal and connect among us and bestow upon Him.

First different thoughts come up, searches and then feelings. It is the state of the “posterior,” which is a state of deficiency, of necessity. The “face” is already the filling, the revelation. But in spirituality the filling and the revelation symbolize the ability to bestow by which I am filled.

I am not filled in my vessels of receiving as I previously thought. New vessels are depicted in me and by them I feel a deficiency for connection, for bestowal, a yearning to see everyone and all of reality as one. By trying to actually implement this I suddenly understand that I can’t do that and that I want to do something else, but I don’t have the “hands” to do so.

I cannot perform an action of bestowal. It is like wanting to do something in this world but not having the tools to do it, and so I feel totally helpless and powerless, lacking the understanding and the resources to carry it out. I feel like a fish that has no fins that cannot do anything and cannot change anything.

I understand that I need a certain force, in order to discover all three discernments: right, left and the middle. Then I will discover how to work with the right and left lines in order to build the “head” between them, the mind. My fulfillment is when I will be able to fulfill this action of bestowal above myself. I have to imagine exactly how to put all the components together, in order to feel the importance of bestowal, who I bestow upon, what do I bestow, and by what do I bestow. This means that I clearly understand this action.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/12, Writings of Rabash 

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Building An Environment For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is no schedule or exact timeframe set for our development, understanding, persuasion, analysis, and self-correction so that from being egoists we will become altruists, permeated with love and concern for one another. Don’t wait for some time period or change of generations because changes can happen in our generation. Everything depends upon one’s readiness and the extent of his desire to change.

As we have learned from the studies of free will, our desire depends entirely on our environment. We have to work together. A person can’t work on himself by himself and convince himself of something; this never bring any positive results. We have to build an environment, a society, which will influence us, and then everyone will change. So go ahead and build this great environment for all of us! With the help of this environment we will become convinced of the necessity of this path and will quickly wish to change and become connected through mutual guarantee.

As a result, the environment will influence us with such intensity that changes will take on a flying speed. After all, these changes don’t depend on our timeframe.

The still, vegetative, and animal levels of nature evolved over billions of years. This is the process of the egoism’s development. We aren’t responsible for this process; we only actualize it more and more in accordance with our growth.

However, right now the intensity and the speed of development is in our hands. Everything depends upon the environment, and I can artificially build it, constantly improving it so that it will become greater and stronger in its influence over me. Here I need people of the arts, scientists, sociologists, and psychologists. I must use all that exists in humanity in order to create an intense and effective influence. Then we will experience a happy life in this generation and see the good that we’ll leave for our children. 

If we separate human desires within this context, we can then say that they divide into two parts: individual desires that relate to a human being personally, and social desires. A person should limit his individual desires to the point that allows him or her to lead a normal life. However, a person should develop his social desires as much as possible, starting from a small circle of friends and then expand it, until the influence of the environment will help him develop to the level of good relations, responsibility, concern, mutual guarantee, and love for the entire world. 

One has to understand that by exiting one’s egoism and by becoming more concerned with building mutual relationships with the widening circles of humanity, he obtains more wisdom and deeper sensations; he includes everyone within and thereby senses all of reality and all of nature. This way one opens for himself a new reality, world—he lives in it by exiting himself and sensing everyone. This constitutes life on the human level, which nature prepared for us. Through this we realize ourselves correctly here, in this world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 11, 01/09/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.22.12

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash “What Is the Blessing that He Made a Miracle for Me in this Place in the Work”

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Zohar for AllPassover “Bo (Come Unto Pharaoh),” “The Passover Sacrifice,” Item 186

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 15, Item 37

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Writings of RabashDargot HaSulam.” Talk About the Preparations for the Conventions and About the Dissemination

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