The Leap Into The “Red Sea”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean when you have to jump into the “Red Sea” in order to escape from “Pharaoh?”

Answer: It is a state of despair when Pharaoh, your ego, pushes you from behind. He doesn’t leave you, he wants to swallow you, to eat you, and you feel that being in it is worse than death.

When the Twin Towers burned in New York, people jumped from the 50th floor. It was meaningless, but a person simply cannot stay in the fire. For him to stay even a second outside the fire seemed like redemption, and so he jumped.

A person feels the same way while escaping from Egypt. You cannot stay in this situation one second longer, and you are ready to jump into the sea, no matter where, for you it is redemption. When you reach this state the sea opens up.

You overcome the splitting point, the breaking point, and there is no way back. You have already reached the decision and by that have totally killed, cut, and broken the connection with your ego.

Question: Has the ego today reached this state, that you can overcome it only together in a group?

Answer: Yes, this is a collective point in the group that is described as Nachshon that jumped into the water first.

It is the point of “Moses,” that is the center of the group, but which changes its role each time, according to the attribute that is revealed in it each moment.

So the point of Nachshon is revealed in the group, when all the group is convinced that unity, closeness, and mutual support, is the most important thing for it.

At the same time, people don’t mind that they are in the dark. What’s important is to get closer, even if they die together. It is more important than being alone in the ego and existing in it in a most comfortable beastly manner. This is all our free will.

Then the sea is split, which means that you simply discover the next level, meaning the jump into the “Red Sea.”

This is the end of the period when you lived under the control of your ego. From this moment onwards you don’t return to it.

You never return to the previous level. If you think you are in a worse situation, it is only because you were given the next level, which isn’t corrected yet.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 4/1/12

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