Give A Person What He Is Ready For

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In recent years we have been talking a lot about the work for the 99% of the planet’s population. If I have already changed and I see the world corrected, then why should I be changing them?

Answer: If they were not suffering then, possibly, you would be right. If they were not looking for a way out of their condition, then of course we would not be addressing them.

The science of Kabbalah was hidden throughout all of the millennia. The first time it was revealed was 5,773 years ago, but then it was hidden again. Its second revelation happened in the Ancient Babylon 3,700 years ago. However, nobody used it practically and it was hidden again. Now, throughout the past decades, it is gradually being revealed again. This third revelation is characterized by the fact that it is global.

A serious need exists in the world: how to go on living? Humanity has finally discovered the futility of its existence. What is life? A form for the existence of protein matter and that is it? But since you have already developed to such an extent that you are constantly suffering and you are constantly lacking something, then these sufferings are drawing the questions: What do I need this life for, how, and why?

Since before those questions were revealed, while the sufferings were not revealed in a more or less global form in the family, in society, culture, and science, and today even in economics as well, we did not come out to the large masses.

However, if a person does not need anything today as well, then don’t tell him anything. Let him live peacefully. The Creator gives him desires on a particular level, and he fulfills these desires: He has a home, a garden, chickens, a small yard. He is fine; it is enough for him; so don’t touch him. You have no right!

However, if a person is suffering, try giving him something so that he will find an answer to his question about suffering.

But if suffering is manifested already in the global form: the terrible state of children in schools, the detachment of youth, depression, drugs, suicide, lack of work, and the complete destruction of the past relationship towards life, then we can speak, but in general, not addressing each person. Speak about the reason behind what is going on, about our egoism, and how we can come to a better life if we correct it a little, if we change our relationships between us.

Practically, we are only advising about how it is possible to improve our state and only where people have a big question about this. That is why we disseminate Kabbalah only in those places, where it is necessary, where people really do have a need.

Question: If I go to disseminate to the 99% of the population without the minimum preparation, will I bring them more benefit or harm?

Answer: One needs to study about this. We have special courses open for educators and teachers, for people who work with the masses, for lecturers. All who participate in dissemination are required to pass these courses.

Everyone is obliged to this without exception. Everyone! Each one must take these courses and keep developing constantly. And this helps. First, this shapes a person; addressing others he becomes connected to them, and in the contact with them, he begins to form himself.

Dissemination is an effective means for spiritual ascent.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 4

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