Between Minus Infinity And Plus Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are part of a system called the world of Infinity. In this Infinity, there exists the desire with various forms and modes of reception and bestowal, as well as the Light that is revealed within the desire to the extent that desire ascribes importance to the attribute of bestowal. The more the desire expresses bestowal, the more the Light is revealed. If the desire doesn’t long for bestowal, the Light is not revealed.

It is called the world of Infinity as all possible forms of creation, from the most egoistic to the most altruistic, from minus Infinity to plus Infinity, exist in it.

Desire itself was created by the Creator, and all of its forms are revealed according to the plan of development that also comes from the Creator. However, as a result of all the metamorphoses and changes that the desire, spinning and boiling in this cauldron, goes through, a new, special point of self-awareness, of independence, is formed. And this point begins to grow in all the states that the desire goes through: to feel more, to understand more, to feel itself as existing, and to attain its independence.

This point is most important because it grew from the middle, third, line. It doesn’t exist in the nature of the Creator nor in the nature of the creature, which is opposite to the Creator and completely subordinate to Him. Of course, it is a derivative, the result of the clash between these two opposite attributes, but it is absolutely independent.

It is difficult for us to imagine how this independence is possible if everything was created by the Creator. But imagine two completely opposite fields, divided by a chasm along the entire range from minus to plus Infinity, where neither one can exist. The border where both of these attributes meet and battle with each other is where the creature can exist independently.

On one hand, it is still considered the created being, meaning that it was created by the upper force. On the other, it has an attribute that makes it possible for it to stand opposite to the upper force, not being under its full control. In the meantime, we are unable to grasp how this is possible. Man doesn’t understand how, being under the full control of the Creator all the time, he can nevertheless remain free!

Two completely different, opposing attributes exist, and the creature can exist only in the abyss between them. It becomes the creature only to the extent that it makes efforts to acquire awareness. This awareness is something third that did not previously exist.

All the rest already had existed in the creature: all the forces, the attributes, and the character that determines who I will be. For all of this, it is written: “Go to the Master Who made me.” However, above all this, I create something third, independent. It is like a child who grows and suddenly becomes independent, having his own opinions. Obviously, this is created under the influence of heredity, education, and environment, but this is the manifestation of his personality, not just a simple sum of fixed parameters according to a plan inscribed into it.

It is like when we cook soup, add all ingredients into it, and in the end receive a new essence called soup. Or we slice and mix five ingredients: tomato, cucumber, onion, salt, and pepper. In the end, a new essence appears called salad.

Today, we live in this world, unconsciously fulfilling the commands of our nature. From where can something new appear to us? Only if you position yourself between the two worlds of reception and bestowal, wanting to belong to both in order not to detach from either of them, but use them both, then thereby you create a new essence, like a new dish, the “salad.” You take all the desire from the world of reception and give it the form of bestowal, which is called Adam.

The fetus is composed of the matter, the desire to receive pleasure, but from the outside, it adopts the form of the Creator, the Light. Then, the substance and form together are called man.

It seems that there is nothing new here as everything already existed. But you did the work—you lent the matter the Creator’s form. You took the matter from one area, the property from the other, and you combined the two together. As a result, a new essence was formed. It is no longer the first or the second, but something third. It’s like the salad that has a meaning on its own; it is a new taste, a new existence.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2012, TES

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