My New “Self”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf the Creator is the only force that governs, maintains, and enlivens everything, then even the words that I utter, the thoughts and desires that arise in me now, all of it is also Him. Hence I need to unite with what passes through me now and comes out from me to others. All of it is all His work as well; He is carrying all of it out. I’m not here. I am only what perceives itself filled with the might, force, intention, and desire of the Creator who thereby addresses others.

I need to connect and to merge with what is happening inside of me now, to feel that I’m entirely filled by Him because there is no other force besides Him. And when I try to eliminate my own “Self” within me, that everything is only Him, this is exactly when I find my new “Self,” based on “there is none else besides Him.” That is, everything that I think about, it is all Him.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/2012, Workshop 2

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