Developing By The Method Of Beating

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt says “there is not a blade of grass below that doesn’t have an angel Above beating it and telling it to grow,” which means that a force from the upper world that matches the grass in the lower world, beats it and forces it to grow according to its role. These blows are felt in the feelings and in the mind, but first of all in our feelings, since we are a vessel of feeling, a desire to receive, which begins to move as a result of the blows.

A blow is felt by the desire when it suddenly discovers that the old images it had are incorrect. The function of the blow is to make a person feel things more deeply. Just like a hammer hits a nail driving it more deeply into the wood, so does the blow drive us more deeply into the matter of the desire. Then we begin to feel it in a new way and we begin to understand it more deeply.

I am confused because of the blow, and I lose control. But in fact, that’s the way it should be: The more a person advances, the greater are the blows that hit him, he is constantly confused and discovers something new, and thus over and over again. You will soon feel how this mechanism is constantly ticking inside, regularly. These small blows, time after time, make us dive more deeply into a feeling of confusion, and thus help us understand and feel things more.

But in order to truly feel something new, we have to go through many such reincarnations. The amount of confusion is always greater than the amount of feelings, and only after great turmoil and many confusions is there a new feeling. Afterward there is another series of confusions and small revelations and then a new feeling comes along.

To sum up, these blows are beneficial, since the “angels,” which are the forces in charge of our development are giving them out.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/12

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