The End Of The Economic Miracle

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Laurence J. Brahm, global activist, author, pioneer social enterprise entrepreneur, political-economist, international mediator, and lawyer based in Beijing): “China loses its competitive advantage. Many foreign manufacturers withdraw their investments from China to neighboring countries – Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, where wages and corruption are not so high. …

“The influx of foreign capital led to the integration of China into the international community. … China’s economy is capitalism on steroids, and there is a danger that it is deflating. … A small group of rich people angers the poor. … Economy becomes more fragile. …

“The new reform in China is impossible without rethinking the existing social values; the cult of money thrives in society. The Chinese model of economic growth cannot reach balance by using only financial and administrative controls. It is necessary to rethink concepts such as social success. And it may just be the biggest challenge for China.”

My Comment: Realizing what social success means is not the biggest but the only problem, and not only for China but for the whole world. This success can be achieved only by educating people. We must “go to the people.” No financial or administrative measures will help. They will only cause resentment and rebellion. But integral education will immediately explain the cause of the crisis and its correction to the general public.

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