We Don’t Impose Ourselves On Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the discussions at the round tables some of the participants in the integral group couldn’t overcome their growing ego and were much more active in the discussions than necessary. It looked artificial and fanatical. How should we work in such cases?

Answer: We must agree in advance what the limits should be, and we cannot cross them, and most important is to subdue ourselves before others. It’s the same thing that we do in the group.

Under no circumstances should you show that you are smart alecks and that you have some method hidden in your pocket! You shouldn’t scare people by showing that you are advanced, since by that you suppress people and don’t allow them to grow. You mustn’t do that!

There mustn’t be any ego here! You have to plan things accurately in advance and to clearly determine how to process this method among you, so that you will sit quietly in the circles like among kids.

A good teacher is someone who pushes a kid invisibly so that the child can advance by himself afterward. He assumes, understands, builds, and does everything by himself, even without realizing that someone is guiding him; this is true learning.

So you have to prepare for the roundtable very seriously and there is no room for ego here. It’s very bad. You will ruin everything by that. You have to extinguish such cases and to set an example for one another. Otherwise your work will be corrupt.
From a Virtual Lesson 10/28/12

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  1. Do not reveal yourselves before those who you would deem lesser, lest you have the same effect the creator would have by directly revealing himself to us, paralyzing the smaller ones with fear.

    If they knew how infinitely far the ladder extended they would sit and weep. Instead, descend and sit with them, together. This is not only mercy, but the means to love and draw each other upward.

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