Model Of Family Relations

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe experience life in family relations in our connection with each other. We are not talking about external things here, not about me and my spouse, but about the way that we connect the images of our spouses that exist in each of us with the images of us that our partners have. These reciprocal images unite to the extent that they eventually become one whole. We are changing all the time, so we should continue working on these images of each other and developing them and their relationship.

Currently, we already subconsciously link with each other this way. Let’s say, when you are talking with your boss, you create his image inside you, then, based on this image, you choose what to say to him. Only in a family, we want to be conscious of this connection to be able to manage it and make it good.

In fact, we are already acting this way. Similar adapters work in nature, technologies, and biology. Without them, it would be impossible to maintain liaisons between us. Even if we are connected in a wrong way, our bonds still bear the same form.

In other words, I have to create an image of my spouse inside me; reciprocally, my spouse has to help me by creating my image inside her. And this is a whole process because none of us knows or understands oneself well enough and does not understand our partners. We have to gradually talk over and clarify all potential questions that exist among us.

Women usually complain that their husbands do not talk with them, do not pay attention to them, and do not show much interest in them in general. All of their complaints can be immediately satisfied. Women’s complaints are true and correct since they correspond to spiritual needs that exist in the part of the female, Nukva to the male part.

Our partner’s images are comprised of their desires and aspirations, of their habits, perceptions, views, and attitudes. We have to behave as actors who play certain roles and for this duty we enter the internal image of the character we play. Your physical body remains the same, but your whole inner world of thoughts, desires, and habits dress up in a new way. This is what we should strive for.

And when you build yourself this way, you will understand the internal world of your partner. You will look at the world as if through his or her eyes and perceive through his or her habits and his or her natural qualities. You will begin to see the world through them and then you will better understand what she/he expects from you and clearly see what kind of connection with them that you are capable of. In other words, we will conduct a deep survey of the system that opposes us instead of gliding on its surface; we will perceive it internally by dressing in it. We will build a buffer, an adapter, between our spouses and us. Wives will do the same in regard to their husbands. Usually, women handle it with much more ease then men since men are built more primitively than women; so women understand men better, rather than the other way around. Wives know their husbands much better since women are granted the ability to see their men in the correct way by nature.
From a “Talk about a New Life” 7/16/12

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