I Wish Us An Easy Birth!

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person goes through many stages of unconscious development like we have been through throughout history. But in the meantime it isn’t the human in us that has developed. The human in us has to be born now, out of labor pains! A new form of existence called “man” is going to develop from the animate level.

All our previous history was only the preparation for the development of real human life. Now the human species has to develop in all of humanity, which includes the Israeli nation in it. The human level is called a desire to connect with others, an inclination to connect with others, an intention.

At first it can be an egoistic inclination that results from my feeling bad and knowing that a connection with others can improve my situation and save me. This is the state we are in now in Israel. The pressure that we are feeling lately and have always felt because of wars was created only to push us and to force us so that the human will be born, it is like labor contractions that push the baby out.

All this happens so that we will exit ourselves towards others, and because this development is already above the level of still nature, the vegetative and the animate, an additional component is necessary here: understanding, recognition, and self-participation. The embryo that is about to be born from us now helps itself come out of its mother’s womb, out of its egoistic nature.

Thanks to its understanding and recognition and different assisting actions, this baby is incorporated in the general system so it can use it. The system begins to help it and this help is called the Light that Reforms.

I perform actions on my levels of development: the still, vegetative, and animate nature; I work in the group. And while I operate egoistically, it makes no difference. If I do it in order to be born and even in order to escape sufferings, these actions help me in the birth process, pushing me forward with the contractions. Then it will be an easy birth since I open the passage out by myself!

As long as we are in the desire to receive, as if within a womb, we feel good: We have developed, yearned for different achievements, fought, conquered, made profits and everything was great. But this passage is the egoistic state that precedes the future state, the birth canal, which is an extremely narrow place, as we know from the corporeal world.

It is a very dangerous passage, very difficult, involving great sufferings and pressure. But we can expand the birth canal by the Light of Hassadim, by yearning for an opening, for connection. This means that we draw the Light of Hassadim to this place, thanks to which the canal expands, and we come out easily, like a baby with the water. We can help ourselves this way even with the help of our previous egoistic desires if we only understand that we have to be born.

So we have to understand that the same problems we have experienced lately as a result of the shelling on the outside and the economic difficulties that will soon be revealed on the inside, all these troubles, like labor pains, are meant to give birth to the human in us. First the Israeli nation has to do it and then everyone else.

This pressure will grow and we shouldn’t wait and make any calculations based on political talks. The pressure will grow until we agree to participate in our birth.

There is nothing but these two forces; if we want to come out of the birth canal quickly and easily, we have to expand it by Hassadim, and to spread the connection and love among everyone. Now we are in the delivery room, in a crisis (the word “crisis”—“Mashber” refers to the birth stones that women used to give birth on in the past.)
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/12, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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