Everything Is Against Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanEventually a person will acknowledge the fact that he is the one who has to change. This understanding is not immediate because who would want this from the start? But gradually it becomes clear that the crisis continues unabated and troubles are only getting more serious. Today we already see: in all of its activities humanity has committed a sea of mistakes and it is collapsing. This begs the question: Why? Why does all that we have built work against us?

Defects in all the systems are disclosed every day, in fact our ego increasingly destroys and distorts them. If we take the health care system for example: There are an enormous amount of medicines that are essentially poisons that destroy our body. They are specifically designed so that we become addicted to them and will consume them all our lives, calling them by new names.

Specialists produce the latest medical instruments and apparatus for testing and analysis. And yet, they are not needed for people who are so debilitated and destroyed that they don’t know where to go with such a life. Is this “mercy?” We don’t know what we want.

It’s the same in every field of life: in the family, in education, etc. Initially we wanted to do good things, and then we discovered that the ego distorts everything we start and turns them against us. This is why it’s called “help against us,” meaning that whatever you do it operates against you, obliging you to correct the situation.

This process has become global today. In fact, none of the systems we have created operates in our favor. The conclusion is that the only solution is to change human nature and not the external circumstances. Gradually it’s becoming more evident and as a result, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed.

Humanity will discover that the cause for all the global problems is human nature, but no one knows how to correct it. Here comes our turn. We have to work seriously in order to show people the solution: Despite the deadlock, it is possible to correct man and to balance his nature. The method exists and is ready for use.

This is the message that we have to bring the world. Otherwise, it will deteriorate to even worse conditions and only then will it come to the same solution. We have to try to show it to the world now.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/29/12, Article “Exile and Redemption”

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  1. I personally experience every day how the medical industry is setup to sell more products that are little to no good at all for a patient. I have RSDS, and have gone from taking two pills a day to; at current count and rising, seven pills a day. There are medications that would help a lot more than what I’m currently taking but doctors refuse to personally research what they are. If I ask for the medications I’m labeled a drug seeker in the system. If I try to be involved in my medical care by talking about my systems, personal research, or advising any one of numerous specialist I see, I’m ignored and/or treated like a troublesome patient. There are numerous nontoxic alternative treatments but they are not as expensive as the current treatments I receive and would give me more control of over my own medical condition taking money out of the medical industries pockets.

    This article’s comments on the medical industry are extremely accurate. I think there are millions of people like me who are suffering from the effects of disastrous and unnecessary medical treatment they receive every day. We are in desperate need of the mercy that this article refers to.

    Thank you Friends for all your efforts, every day, to help me and billions of people find the Creator and his mercy that relieve the side affects of a greedy, sadistic medical treatments.

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