Who Determines The Destiny Of The World?

laitman_202_0Question: Always during the heyday of countries, it was also better and freer for Jews. They weren’t loved, but they weren’t hated after World War II. And then later the world slipped into a general crisis. Why is it that when it is bad in the world, then it is even worse for the Jews?

Answer: The Jews are the only group (the power) in the world that can influence the state of the world. This is so because on one hand, they are connected to the Creator and on the other hand, they are connected to the nations of the world. This means that they are between the whole of humanity and the Creator. And it depends on their behavior whether the Upper Light, the power of vitality, will arrive through them to the nations of the world.

The Jews are part of the transition, “Maavar” in Hebrew; from here comes the word “Jew.” From all of humanity, only this nation has the freedom to influence the way the world advances, through suffering or happiness, toward the final goal, the attainment of equivalence or adherence with the Creator.

How can the world relate to the Jews if they make the world so cruel? And the nations of the world rightly blame the Jews for this, that the Jews by their inactivity, invite the revelation of bad forces instead of good forces. The nations of the world say directly that all the suffering in the world is caused only by the Jews. By this they declare their dependence on the Jews, their weakness to influence their own destiny.

How would you treat these people who you understood have a hand in determining your destiny, i.e., your destiny depends on them, even unintentionally, but simply through their existence they turned your life into misery?

“There is just as great an obligation upon the Jew to show his humanity toward the whole race. … that he begin to fulfill in a sense his exclusiveness has never yet enabled him to fulfill, the ancient prophecy that through him all the nations of the earth should be blessed.” (Henry Ford, “The World’s Foremost Problem,” funded the printing of 500,000 copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that were distributed throughout the US in the 1920s)

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