Like Nuts In A Sack

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In what way can we help each other to push our common wagon forward and advance?

Answer: Everything that is said in a lesson must be internalized in a person’s heart so that he will begin to live it. Everything that is covered by us must move into the Kelim, his emotions, in order to format and organize his inner desires so that one feels within them the phenomena he heard about.

Each one is certainly familiar with the text that we have already read many times previously. But to realize the simplest spiritual action is possible only if we think about connecting our shattered Kelim. It is necessary to imagine the picture accurately and clearly to ourselves: the egoistic envelope within which the spiritual spark is wrapped doesn’t allow us to connect with each other.

Even though we must try many times to connect between us with the right intention, we are certainly not ready for this. And from this, a genuine cry to the Creator will break out in each of us to allow and help us to connect.

Each one is in his egoistic capsule or bubble within which the spark of bestowal is held captive. And we ask the Creator to help us to connect, even though each one is wrapped in a rigid, external, egoistic shell, like nuts in a sack, as Baal HaSulam described. And in spite of it all, the nuts with which we can connect are within the sack.

For this, we must discover our true state and not hide or flee from it. This is because it is very unpleasant to feel our true egoistic essence, which is suddenly discovered after so many years of effort to reach bestowal. And so the prayer is born within us.

The Upper Light arrives only if there is a lack for it. And we must attain this lack, for it is impossible to scream artificially. So it is necessary for us to try and imagine our correct and true form, and we are already getting close to it. Widespread dissemination is very helpful with this, since through it, we have advanced in the last two months more than in previous several years.

Only the right prayer will help when we feel that we are not ready to connect. This is because we expect to discover the Creator with the right intention, meaning to bestow to Him and not to ourselves. For this, it is necessary for a radical revolution to happen, an inner revolution within our Kelim, which depends upon our entire great world group.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/14, Shamati #1

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