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Two-Sided Work

laitman_942Our connection with each other indicates that we have established a covenant that requires us to be concerned in general about the whole group, or at least in the meantime about our group of ten.

According to this criterion can I examine whether I am disconnected from that concern or not?  Do I think about them all the time or don’t I? How much I am attracted to them and holding onto my thoughts about them shows where I am.

Thanks to our being able to carry out physical actions within a small group (a group of ten), spiritual work becomes simple physical work, visible and accessible for scrutiny, analysis, and examination. I can count how many times per day I have thought about the friends, how I have been concerned about them, how I have lifted their mood and have given them upliftment and excitement about the goal, and have nourished them with confidence and happiness.

I need to examine myself as to how much I adapt to the principle: “The end of the action is in the initial thought.” The final state is connection with the Creator. For this I connect with the friends now. So I need to check whether I am truly thinking about my connection with the Creator or have I forgotten about Him completely?

If I forget about the Creator, then my entire connection with the group of ten is not good. It doesn’t lead to anything except harm. This will be the regular egoistic connection where there is no spirituality, like between soccer fans or a military combat unit.

So I must be concerned about this enough to speak about it, at least, if I have no feelings about it in the meantime. I must remind myself that I am ready to connect with the friends in order to attain adherence with the Creator. This means that I am connected to attain the characteristic of complete bestowal.

And so already now, from the start, I show the friends how much I want this; I am ready to invest lots of energy in them; to inspire and serve them, I am ready to do anything for them, the main thing being to reach the Creator.

On the other hand, I can turn to the Creator with a request to help me to work with the friends so that I will be able to help them, to connect and elevate them. For it is clear, that I myself don’t have the strength for this, I can only ask on behalf of the friends.

It means that this is two-way work: through the group to the Creator and from the Creator to the group. In work through the group to the Creator, I am the bottom, for me the group is a higher level, and the Creator is above that higher level. The difference is who serves as a conduit that connects, the transmitter.

If I want to reach the Creator through the group, I use the group as a channel that connects me with the Creator. And If I get energy from the Creator to bestow to the group, then I am that conduit that connects the group with the Creator.

I must constantly imagine this scheme, to see most correctly and precisely where I am found, especially during the lesson.
From the Convention In Los Angeles “Day Two” 11/1/14, Lesson 4

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Short Stories: Climbing Mt. Sinai

laitman_740_03Having gone through all the stages of life in Egypt and the exodus from Egypt, the people of Israel reach a state called Mt. Sinai. They begin to understand that they are facing a huge mountain of evil, the word “Sinai” stems from the word “hate” (mutual hate) in Hebrew, the deep repulsion that people feel towards one another which is much greater than what they felt in Egypt.

While in Egypt or in ancient Babylon they didn’t understand it and were not fully aware of it; now the evil is revealed to them to it’s fullest.

As a result the people feel perplexed, helpless, and cannot even imagine what they should do. But Moses eases their mind, promising them to arrange and fix the connection between them and Creator. This is his role since he is the link between the people of Israel and the upper force. The people wouldn’t be able to do anything without his help and guidance, without his connection to the Creator.

He climbs Mt. Sinai while the people don’t feel this connection and are ready to go back to Egypt. The main thing for them is to feel that they have something, something to hold on to! Hatred scares simple people.

Imagine you are living in an apartment building in which everyone hates you deeply. You are afraid to come out of your apartment, to open a window, you feel currents of great hatred on all sides, you cannot sleep, and are losing your appetite. This is a terrible situation! This is exactly what the people standing at the feet of Mt. Sinai feel. The true nature of their ego is revealed to them and they see that they cannot overcome it in any way since the connection with the Creator who helped them not long ago is gone.

But Moses promises them that he will ascend to this level of connection, establish the contact between them, and take them out of this hatred. Only he can ascend above the mountain of the ego, but it is only one small attribute in us.

The moment he detaches from the people they lose hope of connecting to the Creator and the only hope they see is in creating the golden calf, which they believe can bring them together. There is nothing else they can hold on to.

They are ready to take off their gold jewelry and to donate it so that something will unite them. Because compared to the deep hatred they feel, the small ego that is embodied in the golden calf egotistically connects them at least to some extent.

When he comes down from Mt. Sinai, Moses comes closer to the people wanting to connect them to the Creator through him and to establish the contact between them, but he sees that once again they bow to their ego (the golden calf). Then he breaks the two tablets of the covenant received on Mt. Sinai, which is now unsuitable for the people since they have fallen to a different level.

Moses climbs the mountain, meaning the ego again, and when he connects to the upper level of love and bestowal above it, he receives a second instruction from the Creator. When he descends from this spiritual level he brings the people the plan for unity: the revelation of the Creator by their getting closer in the inner unity between them.

The plan includes all the major laws of the Torah, and the most important one is “love thy neighbor as thyself,” and the people are ready to keep it and to unite.

The day that Moses descends the second time from Mt. Sinai is called Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). He brings the people the two tables, which means the ten conditions in contrast to the ten plagues of Egypt. By fulfilling these conditions on the spiritual level, they reach a level of unity between them in which the Creator is revealed and they merge into complete unity with Him. This is the purpose of their correction.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/22/14

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The Power Of Motherhood

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We know that motherhood leads to a great change in a woman’s life. What exactly changes in her? What does she have to give up? What new process takes place in a woman when she becomes a mother and what does she have to prepare for?

Answer: A woman who becomes a mother gradually moves from the level of an individual person to a level of a system, which she enters. If previously she felt that she was an individual and not connected to anyone except her home, her parents, and her husband, she feels that she becomes dependent the moment she has a baby; she becomes connected and even captivated by her baby, who is now by her side, obliging her, tying her down, absorbing all her attention, and enslaving her to such an extent that there is nothing more important in the world for her than caring for him.

When I stroll in the park, I see young women sitting on benches with baby carriages speaking to one another. Each one is constantly looking at her baby while speaking to the others: “Perhaps he needs something or perhaps I can do something for him.” This goes on continuously. The baby doesn’t need that much attention, but her motherly nature obliges her to constantly care for him.

Imagine what would happen if we had to post a policeman next to every mother to make sure that she didn’t leave her baby alone. It would be impossible.

But the natural force that awakens in a woman after she gives birth is a great force. It is a force that spurs and gives birth to life. There is no more powerful force that creates dependence, love, connection, and care other than the force that is born in a woman who becomes a mother. It gradually grows weaker later on and takes on other forms because a mother can have more children and has to pay attention to all of them.

Still of all human desires, the dependence of the baby on her and her care for him is above everything else by far. It is because of all the other desires for food, sex, family, wealth, and respect, the desire to care for her baby, to be connected to him, precedes all the other desires and is more important than them all.

I emphasize this because in order to bring humanity to a state of harmony with nature and on which the positive advancement of humanity depends to reach a bright future, we have to use this force. It is because it is natural and we don’t have to look for anything artificial.

We only need one thing: to bring mothers together and explain to them in a simple and convincing manner that the integral method we recommend to the world is the best thing and is the only way that can promise their children a good, safe, and healthy future.

We should explain to every mother, for the good of her child, what the system of connections we have to establish in society, what we all have to prepare so that her baby will have a wonderful world to grow and develop in as every mother dreams of.

We don’t need to convince them any other way other than to simply explain to every mother what will create the best world for her baby and what we have to do so that her baby will have the right environment. We will not need to do anything else.
From the program “A New Life” 5/15/14

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The Children Of The Universe, Part 3

Laitman_013_03Today, we are slightly lifting the veil on dark matter and other phenomena, but we don’t feel them; the result is calculated from data we collect, postulating what is lacking in them.

But we don’t know the source of the forces that operate in nature, the essence of their action, and the relations between them. The very fact of their existence we perceive as a consequence, not as a given.

The main point is that everything we can learn, study, and attain is described in our five senses because at the end of a chain of experiments and research there is a human being with his five senses, with his mind and his feelings, with his imagination and his ability to build specific models and to make them into a general model of the universe. So far, of course, all these models and results his research are very limited.

Basically, we know nothing, like a little turtle that comes out of his asylum and creeps a few steps in a time span of ages. In fact, he is not very far from the bush he sat under with his head tucked under his shell. And it doesn’t know anything.

Moreover, by advancing gradually he will not discover anything either. No matter how much we develop in our current state, we will not discover anything qualitative. We can collect a massive amount of facts and data, but we will not be able to process and study them so that they would depict the general picture for us.

This is because in order to conduct true research about ourselves we have to move to a higher level, to a higher mind and heart, in other words, not depending on the three axes of time and space and on the mind and heart that we have today, but ascending above them and seeing everything in a different light, as if we are not human beings on this planet any more. Then we will attain knowing people and understanding who they are.

We need a new science in order to do that. It isn’t by chance that scientists today already acknowledge the fact that traditional science is in a crisis. Why? After all, we have enough tools, we know how to build huge complex structures, we send telescopes to orbit the earth and our microscopes and accelerators penetrate particles.

Billions are invested in scientific research, but eventually the benefits of such studies turns out to be an illusion to such an extent that we even mock scientists who seem to be satisfying their natural curiosity at the expense of the tax payer.

We don’t regard science as seriously as we used to, especially when our essence, our ego, ruins all its fruits. After all, we use science in order to dominate one another and to profit at the expense of another, so it is actually almost impossible to find any good fruits on this tree.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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