Short Stories: The Schools Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the time when a small part of the Babylonians joined Abraham and began to work together on unity between them, the starting point of the Jewish people began.

Although it was not yet a formed people, the group of Abraham’s disciples, who were Kabbalists, received from him the method of unity with the purpose of revealing the Creator and began to move forward.

From a Kabbalistic point of view, moving forward is not the story of their moving from Babylon to the land of Canaan, the descent into Egypt and return to the land of Israel, but the growth of their egoism and their constant ascent above it. Indeed, the ideology they agreed with in ancient Babylon continued to work in them.

In the process of the growth of egoism, the people gradually began to change and became more sophisticated, both egoistically and altruistically. Their unity underwent various metamorphoses, and took different forms.

Therefore, the school of Abraham transforms into the school Isaac, then into the school of Jacob, then Joseph, and, finally into the school of Moses. All of them represent a variety of movements of the people to an ever increasing revelation of ego and the rising above it.

The the school of Isaac represents the people’s desire to break away from its egoism and rise firmly above it. This is the sacrifice of Isaac, when a person is ready to slaughter his egoism. Indeed, at first he thinks that this is the only way to maintain his movement forward.

Then the school of Jacob is then formed, which believes that one should not kill egoism, but balance it with the property of mercy, represented by Jacob. After all, when mercy begins to correctly use the property of Isaac (the ruthlessness of judgment), then it turns into the property of Israel, which means straight to the Creator.

This is a serious movement forward, in which both the egoistic and altruistic forces are coming together, with egoism remaining at the bottom and altruism rising above it. Thus, by rising and falling synchronously, they move together. This is the way people grow, composing the two parts of nature within themselves, and in the correct symbiosis between them, they reveal the Creator.

The spiritual movement of Israel gradually leads the people into Egypt. The development in Egypt means that the people’s egoism rose even more, to the level of Pharaoh, and they were required to rise above it.

Pharaoh represents egoism, which one simply cannot rise above and use. It is necessary to be pulled out if it quickly, to correct it in small portions, transforming it into altruism.

The people of Israel, having finding themselves in Egyptian captivity, i.e., in an extremely egoistic state, discovered that they could not follow the ideology of Abraham. A new leader, whose name was Moses, appeared among them. He was able to organize them so that they understood that progress must be based on detachment from egoism. That meant they had to escape from Egyptian captivity, the captivity of egoism, and slowly begin to correct its parts.

While in Egypt, under the pressure of a huge ego, the people were in the same confrontation as in ancient Babylon. Moses understood that it was necessary to make another effort, to get out of Egypt and go to the land of Canaan, as Abraham’s group once came from Babylon.

The land of Canaan symbolizes the spiritual state that gives people the opportunity to internally unite among themselves, to rise above egoism and move away from it, i.e., to leave Egypt, go into the Sinai desert and head for the land of Israel.

This is the essence of the school of Moses, the direct follower of Abraham. In the history of spiritual development, there is no brighter personality than Moses. After all, the group of Abraham came from Babylon after rising above the manifested egoism and that was enough, but now its followers, while escaping from Egypt, must not only rise above a huge ego, but also gradually correct it.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/22/14

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