The Only Ritual Of The Kabbalist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are there rituals in the Wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: In the wisdom of Kabbalah there are no rituals! It is not involved with anything connected to the material world nor to a person’s physical body.

The wisdom of Kabbalah consists of a person’s inner work, which is directed towards connection and unity with others and through this correction, discovery of the Creator. There are no external actions in this, but assisting to each other toward successful spiritual work. This is work in a group, work in a group of ten (called a Minyan), gatherings of friends, shared meals, etc., in other words, all kinds of external activities that can help us to get closer to each other are welcome.

Here it is possible to immediately see the difference between a Kabbalistic group of ten and a Minyan of people who are gathered in a synagogue who are not moving towards closeness, but simply come to pray. They have no shared task to create a single whole between them and discover the Creator among them.

Whereas for us, connection in a Minyan, a group of ten, is a spiritual activity where we try to connect ourselves into a single whole, the image of one unit called Adam (Man), so our only image elevated above the ego and connecting everyone among them is built upon the characteristic of bestowal and resembling the Creator.

From this unity between us, from the common heart, we raise our request to the Creator so that He will be revealed in our unified desire, our unified heart. This is called a Kabbalistic prayer, a Kabbalistic Minyan, a group and a ritual.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/22/14

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  1. Is being part of a Minyan a necessity to progress with the studies of Kabbalah? If so, are there any prerequisites to become part of a Minyan? Gender, age, social status, nationality…?? And what is the way of becoming part of a Minyan please?
    Thank you in advance,

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