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Awakening By The Light

laitman_749_01The process through which the people of Israel go is different from the process through which the nations of the world go. In the days of the First Temple, Israel reached its individual correction, and since then has been in a constant descent because the intention of creation lies in the fact that it is broken, according to the breaking of the spiritual vessels.

As a result, the vessels were mixed; the people of Israel went into exile for an indefinite period of time. In our case, it is 2,000 years; however, in essence, the exile was completed during the time of the Ari. Here there are also plenty of calculations, but they are not so important. Whatever it was, this exile was bound to happen, and it was told about it in advance.

Now the people of Israel need, first of all, to awaken, and then make the nations of the world follow it.

In general, we are talking about two parts of a single receiving desire. One part has already experienced a spiritual ascent and fell, and as a result acquired an even stronger and crueler egoistic desire. But today, standing in front of the need to correct itself from falling and breaking, it has such a great potential that is able to lead the nations of the world, to convince them in reality in this world, to benefit them.

The people of Israel lived among the nations of the world and mixed with them. Due to this, now that it is awakened and draws the Surrounding Lights, these Lights come also to the nations, but cause a backlash, make them against the people of Israel. The nations are still in evil, and they have no desire of their own to come to good.

However, they feel their dependence on the people of Israel, which is expressed in anti-Semitism: The nations claim that the Jews cause all the evil in the world.

It is indeed so: Evil can be caused only by the one who can but does not bring the Light to the world, in other words, the people of Israel, because only it can carry the Light.

Therefore, the allegations of the nations are true, which in principle are reduced to the fact that all the evil is caused by the people of Israel and they depend on it, and if it wants, they will be fine. In these circumstances, the attitude of the nations seems justified.

The people of Israel must understand the negative outburst of emotions against it is to urge it to correction, which it is obliged to bring to the whole world.

Let’s hope that the people of Israel finally understand this and give the world correction.

The overall layout is quite simple and clear: The general desire is divided into two parts: internal and external, Israel and the nations of the world, each of which has the same division. From this it follows that Israel, Galgalta ve Eynaim, is able to attract the Light that Reforms, and the nations, AHP, are incapable. This is the reason for what is happening.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Action Instead Of Intention

laitman_281_02Question: The external performance of the Torah, is this descent or not?

Answer: External performance of the Torah is the result of the exile of the people of Israel. Before that, it did only internal work because everyone was in attainment of the Creator. Yes, there were problems, troubles, wars, but all this was part of a powerful internal analysis.

And then in the days of Rabbi Akiva, the people of Israel fell from the degree of brotherly love into unfounded hatred. If in the past, everyone had understood the Torah in a spiritual sense since their vessels, desires, were in revelation, after falling to the material level, they began to understand the Torah in the material sense. As a consequence, they started to perform it as we see today: strengthening themselves only by actions, not by intention.

The vessels of Israel have Galgalta ve Eynaim, part that is engaged in intentions and AHP, part that is engaged in actions. So it happened that there are two Torahs:

  • For the vessels of Galgalta ve Eynaim, it is the wisdom of Kabbalah, called the true and also hidden science because it is revealed only to the one who lifts the veil over it;
  • The science of explicit material actions, performed by part of the people of Israel, belonging to AHP.

We are not going to evaluate anyone, to judge anyone. There are no clever or stupid, good or bad. No one should be punished or despised. Simply, these are the facts. We should have come to this after the breaking of the vessels and exile. This is the way how the vessels, desires, are arranged in the process of its correction.

But now the question arises: How can we collectively become awakened to the true work of the Creator?
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Calculating The Maximum Load Of The Soul

laitman_569_01Baal HaSulam, Shamati #72, “Confidence is the Clothing for the Light”: The Kli where the Light of life is clothed is usually called “confidence.” It means that he sees that he can do every difficult thing. Thus, the Light is felt and recognized in the Kli of confidence.

Confidence refers to how high I can rise above my desire, my ego, to what extent I can stop thinking about myself and no longer remain trapped, chained, to my desire to receive which causes me tremendous anxiety. The moment I am free from the corporeal fear for my existence, then I can think about actions of bestowal.

Thus I can really be free since when my desire to receive is filled with the Light of Hassadim, it is free from its role of constantly thinking, worrying about itself, and is considered dead as “the dead are free.”

Because of that, one’s life is measured by the confidence that is perceived inside him.

We can also add that the vessel, the soul, is measured not simply by the Light that goes through it, but by the amount of Light that can pass through it to others. This means that the measure is not in the actual vessel but in the vessels that a person can attach and connect himself to others by providing them with correction and filling.

We know there are electrical limitations as well. If we have to plug in a certain device, we should first check how much voltage it can carry. There is a limit to the voltage that every device can carry, and this is an important parameter for determining its intensity.

If we talk about the way a person bestows to others, the number of souls, meaning the same number of people that he can connect to himself and provide with the spirit of life; this is an important parameter in his work.

But this is on condition that the Light of confidence shines on a person. He isn’t such a hero that he can overcome his desire. A person cannot overcome even one gram of his desire to receive by himself. It is possible only according to the amount of filling that he receives from the Upper Light.

When the Light fills the desire, it neutralizes its intention of in order to receive, gives it the power to restrict its ego, think about others, connect to others, feel others as himself, and even more. Then we can say that everything is being corrected.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/14, Shamati #72

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Egoism That Was Intentionally Forced On Us

laitman_236_01Everything depends on the Light that fills the vessel. The level of confidence or the level of life and vitality it feels is determined by this filling.

Baal HaSulam, Shamati, #72, “Confidence is the Clothing for the Light”: This is because the Light of life, which is a force from Above, shines on him and he can work with superhuman powers since the Upper Light is not limited like corporeal forces.

If it didn’t shine on me, I would have no chance of feeling even the minimal signs of spiritual life inside me. This means that without the Upper Light that fills me, I cannot attain or be rewarded with spiritual life.

However, I don’t have any corporeal powers of my own either. But to the extent that the desire to receive in me demands a filling, making me feel that I lack something, it pushes me and forces me to attain the desired filling. Thus, I receive the powers to attain this corporeal life.

It is the same when the desire to bestow shines on me and awakens the desire to attain spiritual life in me. This means that we need to understand and to try to feel that we carry out and fulfill both corporeal life, in order to receive, and spiritual life, in order to bestow, by the Light that operates on us and shines in the desire to receive: either for the desire to receive or against it.

The ego doesn’t appear in us naturally and is also intentionally directed from Above, and we have to see it as a special action on the Creator’s part. This means that a person should see himself neutrally, not belonging to the desire to receive or the desire to bestow.

The fact that we are in a desire to receive now is intentionally directed from Above, but it doesn’t mean that it is natural. The Creator manages us now by the egoistic force, in order to receive, on purpose so that we would want to ask and to demand the opposite force from this state, the force of bestowal. We need it in order to balance these two forces inside us and thus to acquire our freewill. The more I try to think that the force of receiving, the ego, isn’t just a natural force and not my natural attribute but that it was intentionally forced on me from Above, the easier it will be for me to ask for the power of bestowal that will balance the force of receiving.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/14, Shamati #72

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Planet Earth Is Our Common Home

laitman_746_01In our time, establishing a family “for the sake of family” has exhausted itself. That kind of family life about which they say, “my home is my castle” no longer exists. Today nobody can isolate himself from society and shut himself off from everyone with a high fence. That situation no longer exists.

Large masses of people are moving freely throughout the world, interacting, mingling together. They no longer feel that they belong to a particular place, people, or society.

A feeling is appearing in people that they are citizens of the world. They can live in every corner of the globe, without connecting themselves to any framework, especially now, when the English language has become the general language of communication. We are no longer limited by anything: not by area, not by family, not by nation. Today we must look at all of humanity as one family, and at the entire planet Earth as our common home.

So the role of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to change a person’s thinking. He really must become a citizen of the world. And while there are now certain nations that are still playing with isolation and detachment, claiming that they have their own way, in the future this will come back on them as a very unpleasant situation.

For they are going against the laws of nature that aspires to being global, to being integral, to connection and unity, to erasing all the borders, to what it was before the shattering of the collective soul. It is impossible to stop and delay yourself from this general integration. No matter what kind of integration this will be, for better or for worse, it is integration, and we must go towards it, otherwise the nation or the people will be disregarded and will be sentenced to great suffering and later will need to break themselves up.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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From A Pastoral Family To A Spiritual Unit Of Society

laitman_745_01Life is showing us that the way of life based upon a strong family life has disappeared and has been swallowed by the past. Families no longer remain where the husband is the head of the family and the provider, where the woman is involved with home economics, the home is full of children, and the yard if full of pets, dogs and cats, running around. This no longer exists and it is not necessary to be sorry about it.

Now, an absolutely different feeling of family has come. It must see and perceive itself as a part of a boundless macrocosm, feel like an element that has been correctly integrated into an immense system, like a gear that must find the place prepared just for it, and enter into it with its attachment.

Every family thereby makes itself into a family unit and works on itself within it, beginning to feel, in spite of itself, the kind of environment that is appropriate for it. The creation of an environment like this will be carried out gradually, until from very many small integral cells an immense integral field, an integral system will be created.

So we must constantly be involved in education, both of children and of adults, in all directions. For our role and mission is to bring them to feel their family unit as a single whole that has merged into a single whole with the entire immense society, all of humanity.

We must organize family workshops for parents, for children, and for grandfathers and grandmothers by directing them towards mutual integration between them. Precisely within this correct integration they will begin to feel that force of nature that we call the Creator, the power of bestowal, the power of love. And only the right education can bring a person to this level, not his knowledge and not various academic degrees.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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A Hero Among Heroes

laitman_572_03If the troubles in life are what drive us, if we are just looking for where to hide from them, then this is the very long and difficult way of suffering. In this case, I actually want to flee from what the Creator is doing to me. I am apparently fighting with Him, so certainly I won’t attain anything this way.

But if I don’t forget that I am specifically dealing with the Creator, then I react differently to any disturbances. I don’t eliminate them, instead I prepare myself so that through “equivalence of form” with the Light, through the bestowal that I radiate, I neutralize and transform every bad factor into a good one, and that is how I succeed.

In that way, success is being a “hero among heroes.” It is about a double overcoming: I transform my hater into a neutral state, after that I transform him into my partner. And about this it is said, “Who is a hero? It is someone who transforms his hater into his lover.”

From here we see that in our work we shouldn’t completely hold onto the same direction typical of ordinary life. I must make an effort to see that behind every person there is a force that activates him. I arrange a contact with this power through every object or entity. It is specifically that with which I am involved and not the person as he is.

How does one do this? I try to connect with a person so I can be closer to the force that motivates him. That is basically how I put all of humanity into a network that is connected to me and I discover the collective power, the Creator, the Infinite Light that is revealed in the entire Malchut, all in the same Kli, which I ultimately combine with me.

The beginning of the way, the ascent on the spiritual ladder, and the final state are all hidden in this yearning. So in everything that we go through, everything that we discover, we must only keep this direction. In every situation, in every detail that appears in front of me and generally in reality that singular, good and beneficent power is concealed.

I cannot keep this direction by myself. But by working with my group of ten and in relation to it, it molds in me this approach of “there is none else beside Him” and the “good who does good,” and I advance towards revelation.

And in addition to this, it is self-evident that we must go out to disseminate because we need to discover the Creator in all of reality, meaning, to discover Him in His entirety.

And this is our work, our advancement.
From the Convention In Los Angeles “Day Two” 11/1/14, Lesson #3

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The Children Of The Universe, Part 6

Laitman_077We see the solar system and the planets that orbit other stars and the interesting fact is the complexity of the systems in which every part influences the others. For ages people have found different signs of these influences while looking at the sky, and these signs are true.

We have, for example, some idea of how the moon affects us. Certain phenomena are known, but we don’t have any real knowledge.

Generally speaking, many forces certainly operate and influence us and we have to keep on studying them. The influence of the universe is immense, but it is concealed from us because of our own limitations.

In fact, nothing is concealed in nature but depends on the essence of the researcher. Unfortunately, we don’t pay enough attention to this aspect. Otherwise, we would know much more about the universe, including, for example, the influence of the moon on the level of the oceans, the air, our diseases, and so on.

But no, man is attracted to what he can later use in industry, wars, etc. This kind of knowledge seems valuable to him, while celestial objects, both near and distant are beyond our control and don’t seem to offer any benefit because they don’t attract our minds and hearts and therefore don’t attract enough resources. This kind of research was considered more valuable in the past.

One of the basic elements of the universe is the law of gravity. What is it? No one knows. The nature of the force of gravity and its cause are a mystery to us.

On the whole we never know the real reasons for what we see and we only study the outcome of the phenomena that we encounter, which sums up all our science. We don’t ask why, but what and how. In other words, we learn how to use the forces of the universe, including its matter. We know how to do it in the short run, but we don’t attain and understand the main reasons, the basic nature of these forces.

But basically it is something else. Our limitation becomes a problem when we discover that without knowing the general system we cannot manage even on our small planet.

This is surprising that the still, vegetative, and animate nature don’t have questions like: “to live or die?” or “how to live?” All the creatures get along with their environment instinctively and in the best possible way without dominating and ruling it, aspiring to get the most by minimal effort. Nature contains all these levels in such a simple egoistic manner.

But man cannot get along in a similar way; man aspires to change his environment, to change others. Therefore he is forced to learn, study, explore, and advance. This internal urge is in our nature and we must provide ourselves with the necessary amount of information, options, and potential.

Besides, we have such thirst for knowing what the meaning of life is that some of us even look at the universe again and again, since it is the source of our birth. The earth is its outcome, our cradle, but in fact we come from outer space, where we began. How can we know ourselves if we don’t know our origin, the forces and the reason that formed our planet and everything that is on it, including ourselves?

If we engaged in it seriously, we would learn something, but instead we look down at our small planet like kids in a sandbox: who has more, who has succeeded and who didn’t… We refuse to accept the perspective of our evolution outside the sandbox, not in the planetary sense but in a much wider sense.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.14.14


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