Calculating The Maximum Load Of The Soul

laitman_569_01Baal HaSulam, Shamati #72, “Confidence is the Clothing for the Light”: The Kli where the Light of life is clothed is usually called “confidence.” It means that he sees that he can do every difficult thing. Thus, the Light is felt and recognized in the Kli of confidence.

Confidence refers to how high I can rise above my desire, my ego, to what extent I can stop thinking about myself and no longer remain trapped, chained, to my desire to receive which causes me tremendous anxiety. The moment I am free from the corporeal fear for my existence, then I can think about actions of bestowal.

Thus I can really be free since when my desire to receive is filled with the Light of Hassadim, it is free from its role of constantly thinking, worrying about itself, and is considered dead as “the dead are free.”

Because of that, one’s life is measured by the confidence that is perceived inside him.

We can also add that the vessel, the soul, is measured not simply by the Light that goes through it, but by the amount of Light that can pass through it to others. This means that the measure is not in the actual vessel but in the vessels that a person can attach and connect himself to others by providing them with correction and filling.

We know there are electrical limitations as well. If we have to plug in a certain device, we should first check how much voltage it can carry. There is a limit to the voltage that every device can carry, and this is an important parameter for determining its intensity.

If we talk about the way a person bestows to others, the number of souls, meaning the same number of people that he can connect to himself and provide with the spirit of life; this is an important parameter in his work.

But this is on condition that the Light of confidence shines on a person. He isn’t such a hero that he can overcome his desire. A person cannot overcome even one gram of his desire to receive by himself. It is possible only according to the amount of filling that he receives from the Upper Light.

When the Light fills the desire, it neutralizes its intention of in order to receive, gives it the power to restrict its ego, think about others, connect to others, feel others as himself, and even more. Then we can say that everything is being corrected.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/14, Shamati #72

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