As We Ascend, The Fear Will Defuse

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is fear?

Answer: Fear is always the fear of losing something. After all, I am merely the desire to enjoy. What is this desire afraid of? It is that something it possesses will disappear from it or that it will not be able to achieve something to which it really aspires. Briefly speaking, it is a fear of losing.

Confidence counterbalances the ego, the desire to enjoy. This is confidence that I will not feel any lack, that I always exist within my friends, that I will always be satisfied with them in every regard, and that we will undoubtedly reach the upper Light that will fill us. Nothing will bother me once I rise above the ego.

We have to reach the quality of bestowal. The quality of bestowal is the sensation of absolute confidence. I do not feel any lack, and I no longer have any concerns, worries, or fears. This is the state of Hafetz Hesed (one who does not desire anything for himself), as in the parable about the righteous man who lives in the woods without even a shirt. He needs nothing.

In this case, I have no problems. I separate from my desire to enjoy. By doing this, I acquire confidence in the state of Hafetz Hesed. Why is confidence called the Light’s clothing? It is because the Light of Hassadim (Mercy) is the clothing for the Light of Hochma (Wisdom). This is exactly what I need. Another word for the Light of Hassadim is confidence. Separation from the ego, the degree of separation, is referred to as confidence.

The more I advance, the more my ego grows according to the principle of “he who is greater than his friend, his desire is greater than his.” Every time, I am given a greater ego, even greater concerns and worries. As I rise above this, I acquire a greater quality of Hesed. This means that I acquire greater confidence. I do not depend on my desire to enjoy. I am not concerned about losing or not attaining something.

When we attain spirituality, the degree of Hafetz Hesed, we stop worrying to such an extent that one even stops concerning himself with whether he will attain the upper Light. This is an absolutely opposite state: I wanted to attain the spiritual world so badly, to acquire the quality of bestowal; I thought that it would give me unlimited possibilities. Suddenly, I discover that I do not want anything. I am fine as is. Then, I begin to work with the ego in a different way.

We will speak about these advanced stages, but our first stop is to attain a state where I rise above everything that I now have, when I dissolve in the group. Then, I really do not feel any lack, and I can begin to reveal the upper Light.

What is the upper Light? It is a degree of one’s bestowal to the others, a concern for how much he fulfills others through himself, instead of being concerned with how much he receives and how fulfilled he is. It turns out that we begin to add another dimension over the level we have achieved by rising above our ego. How much will pass through me toward the others? How much stronger will we connect into our common Kli (vessel)? Everyone fulfills everyone else.

Try to think of it this way: No one is capable of this on his own, but it is possible through helping each other, as it is written: “They helped every one his friend.” This is the only way the spiritual vessel, the Kli, becomes revealed. It is in the interconnection, care, and help. This cannot happen in any person individually; he will not be able to feel the Light.

Individually, it is possible to separate from one’s ego and not desire anything. But when I rise to a state where I do not desire anything, what is the problem? What am I missing? I lack the connection with others for all the goodness, the upper Light, to stream through me to them. Then, the Light becomes revealed, passes through me, and I feel my bestowal to others. This becomes our common spiritual vessel because there is nothing within me, alone. It is only formed in the unity between us.

We already know that we need to work with these states of mutual sensations. We need to try a little bit more, just a little bit, and then it will happen. We must hold on to this state.

Right now, we are beginning: Everyone is trying to rise above himself and connect with others in heart and mind. We must invent a certain higher dimension where we all exist. We achieved this state in the Arava desert. We had this sensation. Now, we must achieve it again.

Let us try to do this: Everyone, rise and connect to the common desire, the common sensation, the common thought, hovering over us. Do not have the sensation of the body, rather let this “animal” live near us, like a dog near its master.

We have to be connected together in one common desire, confidence, where we exist above our ego. The Light of Hassadim that will fill us then is the Kli for clothing the Light of Hochma.
From Preparatory Lesson, The World Arvut Convention 2011

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