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The Economy Is Losing Support

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “HSBC Global Research forecasts economic uncertainty on a grand scale for the world economy in the first quarter of 2012. A year ago, politicians and economists were moderately optimistic in their predictions and said the worst is in the past. Now it’s obvious that this point of view was wrong.

“HSBC predicts a full-scale recession for the Euro zone. If China’s economy will continue to slow down, there is a possibility that the world economy will go into recession.

“As a result, HSBC predicts that the world’s GDP in 2012 will grow by 1.9% instead of 2.6%, as per previous forecast issued in October.”

My Comment: The time has expired; integral education and upbringing must be urgently introduced in the world. It will change society so that it becomes similar to integral nature, thus cancelling all these crises.

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The Food Inflation Nightmare Is About To Hit 40% Of The World’s Population

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Business Insider): “Overnight, the threat of further Chinese tightening multiplied as a result of food price inflation. A basket of 18 key vegetables saw their prices increase by 62.4%, year-over-year, in the first 10 days of November.

“But just how likely is Chinese tightening?

“Waverly Advisors feel that it is now a near certainty, based on the political realities within China. The fact that Premier Wen Jiabo chose a supermarket as the location for a press appearance to comment on anti-inflationary measures today indicated how seriously Beijing is taking the potential disruptive impact of rising cost at the cash register.

“But this isn’t just a Chinese problem. 40% of the world’s population, found in China, India, and Brazil, is seeing their food prices skyrocket as a result of price inflation.”

My Comment: This is not the treat of famine, but food riots, unrest, and violence, which will afflict more than half the population of the globe. The only salvation of the world is to introduce integral upbringing immediately and to restructure society to a society of reasonable consumption. Otherwise, humanity will have to advance by the path of suffering.

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Occupy London: Tank-Driving Protesters Want To Put “1% On Trial”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Huffington Post): “Occupy London protesters have driven a small tank to a former magistrates court where they intend to hold mock ‘trials’ of bankers and corporations accused of financial greed.

“Occupy plans to use the court for a series of mock trials of bankers and other figures it considers to be part of the ‘1%’ responsible for the financial crisis.

“A spokesperson for Occupy London told The Huffington Post UK that qualified solicitors will conduct the trials, and that anyone accused will be invited to defend themselves.

“A list of people and companies to be tried in the courts will be released soon, the movement said.

“‘These trials will be about economic crime, about companies that have not paid their taxes or people who have made profit out of the recession,’ said Spyro, a spokesperson for the organisation.

“‘We need to see justice,’ he said. ‘Our court will be a symbolic peoples court.’

“The movement said that the building was chosen because it was a highly ornate, visible and expensive development that had been abandoned for many years.

“‘We want to give back to the public,’ Spyro said. He added that Occupy was not concerned that its message would be diluted by PR stunts, and argued that ‘PR is a good thing.’

“The organisation also rejected the criticisms on Twitter and other social networks that the ‘prosecution’ of the 1% could have an unpleasant resemblance to ‘show trials.’

“‘Ours in an open movement,’ the spokesperson said. He added that the public would be welcome to watch the trials.”

My Comment: The rich should be afraid, and that’s why it’s in their interest to introduce integral upbringing for society so that it can understand that our egoism is the cause of what has happened, and now we all must get out of it. We need to rise above it in unity, abundance, reasonable consumption, and the realization of the higher level of nature. “The Phantom of Gaddafi” is flying over them, and as soon as the masses are jobless and hungry, it can descend upon them….

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Western Society Has Reached A Dead End

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Michael Khazin, economist, from “For nearly two years, a serious debt crisis has been taking place in the EU, and its authorities are silent about its main cause: the change of lending model and inability to maintain a standard of living due to the growth of debt. But how can one deal with the crisis without knowing its real causes?!

“The European monetary authorities cannot compete with the crisis: They are just trying to push the economy to grow by monetary incentives, but it resists.

“Probably, there is a strict taboo on the reduction of the euro area, the collapse of the European Union, and a sharp drop in living standards. But behind closed doors, it needs to be discussed! However, the real causes of the crisis are not discussed at all.

“This suggests that either the current political elite is so degraded that it is not even able to act more or less adequately, or that the raised issues touch some topics that are serious taboo in Western outlook, such as the possibility of building socialism in the wake of rejecting private property. Then, we can only conclude that the Western society with all its ideology has reached a serious impasse, getting out of which is possible only through the total destruction.”

My Comment: I completely agree with Michael on this issue. To turn towards the question of change in society, a new attitude to life, is like economic death for them because they think they thereby lose power and money, that is, their life…. What transpires here is not alienation, but confrontation between the elite and the masses, as well as necessary manipulations of people, up to a war, and all that is done in order not to part with possessions….

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Weekly Torah Portion – 12.30.11

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion “VaYigash,” Selected Excerpts
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The Truth Is In The Connection Between Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When hatred arises between two people, should they figure out the reasons for it with each other, or should the whole group participate?

Answer: It is much easier to figure it out between two people. There are many additional factors inside the group which force us to act in a particular way. Usually it’s better to perform these clarifications among yourselves or in the presence of a few people with whom you can be completely honest because it is not our goal to prove who is right.

None of us can be right—the truth exists in the unification between us. Therefore, the most important thing is to clarify the greatest differences and rise above each of them. We should tune into each other to such a degree that I would perceive all your negative qualities, which you perceive as given to you, as positive ones.

It is the same with our children. We love everything about our child because love outweighs all the negative things. We see almost nothing bad with our own children and even if we do, we immediately gloss it over, sweeten it, and forgive them. In regard to a neighbor’s child, it is the opposite: I not only notice the most minor negative qualities in him, but also I exaggerate them or make them up only because he is a stranger to me.

We need to understand that by uniting with each other, we need to reach a state where I will perceive all the negative things in you as positive.
Talk on Integral Education 12/12/2011

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The War Of Philosophers And Kabbalists

Dr. Michael Laitman“The Greeks have gathered against me during the days of the Hasmoneans, they broke the walls of my fortress, and have defiled the holy oils…” (Excerpt from a song, sung during Hanukkah)

The Greeks in me are fighting against studying the Torah, against the knowledge that was left to us by Kabbalists who reached spiritual attainment so we are able to correct ourselves and also reveal the upper force. After all, the Creator’s desire is to reveal Himself to the creatures, and the wisdom of Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator to the creatures in this world.

The revelation of the Creator is the revelation of the quality of bestowal. And when man studies with this specific goal in mind, disseminates this wisdom, and strives to connect with his friends for the sake of attaining the quality to bestow, then he studies the Torah and comes closer to revealing the Creator in him. After all, the only purpose of the Torah is to create a common vessel through loving thy neighbor as thyself and to reveal the Creator in it, to become so attached to Him that this quality would clothe inside us.

But those who only study for the sake of knowledge or use it for to take pride in it before the others, to despise them, which is even worse, turn it into a deadly poison. This is the difference between people who wish to correct themselves and return to the Creator and those who have no aspiration to return, who only wish to acquire knowledge, which naturally is not the purpose of creation, the purpose of man and the Creator.

When man aspires towards a true goal, he strives to raise his faith above reason, to make the quality to bestow his most important objective. After all, he understands that by acquiring the quality to bestow, he enters a higher dimension than the world where he now exists.

And then he begins to perceive the entire system of creation, which descends from above, from the Giver, the governing force, instead of feeling like he is locked in a limited world without the understanding of being fully controlled from above. Or maybe he did feel that he depends on nature, but he did not reveal the system through which he is being controlled, or the actual governing force.

The quality of bestowal, which man now acquires, opens a new vision for him “in the reflected Light,” the Light of Hassadim, to acquaint him with the system that governs the entire universe, and thus become closer to the revelation of the force which governs the entire reality.

This is what the war inside man is about—it is between his desire which compels him to attain everything inside the mind as it is a custom in our world and the understanding that it is necessary to develop new senses inside. The philosopher in him is fighting the Kabbalist. The philosopher says that the only way to advance is through science and knowledge, the external mind. And this requires some money, good fortune, or a sharp mind, and special external actions.

When man deems these things important, then the Greeks in him are victorious. But when he resists all these disturbances attacking him, feels that he is unable to defeat them, and needs the help of the upper force, the Creator, he understands that it is impossible to defeat them on his own, only the power of the Upper can do it, and this is why we must merit meeting Him and attaching ourselves to Him.

This is why we must value this inner war, because it helps us experience a strong desire and the need for the Creator’s help. Revealing Him is what saves man and what is called a miracle! This is how we rise above the Greeks in us.

These two forces: the Greeks and the Maccabees are equal when one is revealed against the other, and they are unable to defeat each other. Only a third power from above can conduct a middle line between them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/11, Writings of Rabash

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Supposed Desire, Supposed Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will I, being broken and having only egoistic requests, be able to bestow?

Answer: You are not able to bestow, and no one expects it from you. You are expected to do what you are capable of—which is demanding correction.

Naturally it will be false and you are lying when you say that you want real correction. But the more you want this fake correction, keep asking for it as if you really want it! This is called a game through which we grow, learn, become wiser and advance.

Of course I do not want it, but I act as if I do. There is no choice—how else am I to wish to be in this state without being in it? And this is why you are given this transition through “as if”—an opportunity.

We will later understand why this world was created in this specific way without being in the spiritual space, with us having to rise from it. Attaining the perception of the upper world is a game. And it is clear that everything is a lie if we were to look at it in a sane manner.

But how is a child playing with a plastic car not a scam? But this is how he grows. Our world was created this way for a reason, and it precisely reflects the fact that the creature was intentionally created opposite to the Creator, and it must distance itself from Him in order to feel like a creature. But on the other hand it must become similar to the Creator.

And this transition of someone who is separated but at the same time becomes similar can only be done in this form—act as if you are in a state of similarity, while you start out separated.

This helps you discover how much you “supposedly” want it! And this “supposed” desire attracts the surrounding Light to you. And this Light is not even the real Light, it is the “supposed” Light! In this way we establish a connection with it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/11, “Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Waiting Will Not Help

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly the force that I develop in front of myself to attract me to bestowal is a sign of spiritual advancement. Sometimes, we do not understand what is going on; why there is no advancement if so much effort has been applied. We are on this path for so many years, but still cannot finish the period of preparation. What else is required of us?

And we do not understand that we have been waiting all that time for some kind of force to come and push us instead of using our own actions to create the force that would attract us forward rather than pushing from behind. We take this motivation from the environment in order to move forward due to the greatness of the goal, bestowal.

This is all our work, the freedom of choice, annulling ourselves and raising the environment. Everything is in order to become inspired by the goal and elevate it. It is not enough that I attach myself to it. I need a very powerful force of attraction that can outweigh my ego and make me revolve around this goal day and night, to lose sleep over it.

If I manage to create such a large attractive force, then I will move forward.

This is the human level, opposite to all the previous steps. This is not a natural development that comes from nature and happens by itself. Sufferings will not help there; they will not propel me forward. Only my own efforts and concentration of forces, using all the advices of Kabbalists and all the means that will influence me and inspire the greatness of the goal, will help me move forward so that I rush towards it.

And the goal is bestowal to which I am going without any other calculations, goals, or rewards, nothing, but pure bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/11, Shamati

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