Western Society Has Reached A Dead End

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Michael Khazin, economist, from km.ru): “For nearly two years, a serious debt crisis has been taking place in the EU, and its authorities are silent about its main cause: the change of lending model and inability to maintain a standard of living due to the growth of debt. But how can one deal with the crisis without knowing its real causes?!

“The European monetary authorities cannot compete with the crisis: They are just trying to push the economy to grow by monetary incentives, but it resists.

“Probably, there is a strict taboo on the reduction of the euro area, the collapse of the European Union, and a sharp drop in living standards. But behind closed doors, it needs to be discussed! However, the real causes of the crisis are not discussed at all.

“This suggests that either the current political elite is so degraded that it is not even able to act more or less adequately, or that the raised issues touch some topics that are serious taboo in Western outlook, such as the possibility of building socialism in the wake of rejecting private property. Then, we can only conclude that the Western society with all its ideology has reached a serious impasse, getting out of which is possible only through the total destruction.”

My Comment: I completely agree with Michael on this issue. To turn towards the question of change in society, a new attitude to life, is like economic death for them because they think they thereby lose power and money, that is, their life…. What transpires here is not alienation, but confrontation between the elite and the masses, as well as necessary manipulations of people, up to a war, and all that is done in order not to part with possessions….

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  1. Yes in deed, the most vicious, poisonous and dangerous drug of all has its roots in concepts of slavery, control and power. If a new civilization would spring out of the most capable ten survivors, the end result would be the same. We need real help here, GOD!

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