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We Demand Light!

Dr. Michael LaitmanJust now we were able to reach unity. We made a great effort and this happened. But soon we will feel how difficult it is to hold on to this state. And that’s good because it means we are already great, strong, and can handle a more difficult task where as a result of my efforts, I do not attain everything, and instead I discover that I can’t do it.

I see that I cannot unite myself, the group and the Creator above all of the events that occur in my life. I seem to be confused, disoriented, and helpless, and unable to connect everything together the way we just did. The problems seem greater than my concentration, the force of my thought and desire. I seem to forget everything that happened during the Convention and cannot focus to reunite with the friends and to unite all of us with the Creator.

The problem is that among us, we do not sufficiently demand a connection with the Creator, with our root. But the goal of creation is to attain precisely the root, meaning His level. That is why the Creator sets up these situations for us where we cannot unite without Him, so we would need Him and understand that we can’t do anything without Him.

“Without Him” means without the Light that reforms, without Him appearing and revealing Himself. That is how we reach the need to reveal Him, to demand this.

Therefore, I ask of all the friends: If you have problems reaching unity and connection with the group, being in the same desire and sensation as at the Convention, and even increasing it more and more every day, then you have to write about this, discern it, and work on it.

We do not return to the same habitual routine between one Convention to the next. There is nothing habitual and customary. These states are given to us from above so we would increase the sensations and thoughts we had at the Convention by many times and would grow by virtue of them.

Now, thanks to our confusion and disorientation, I have to understand: The Creator has to help me and appear inside of our unity. In this form we reveal the upper force and exist inside of it.

That is, we have to see that there is none else besides Him, and we are involved in active interaction with none other than the Creator. All of the occurrences on the way, this entire world, including the most serious of problems, are relationships between us (all of us together) and Him, which He continually reveals to us in this special form. He wants for us to feel how we need Him and to want for Him to appear and give us the force to unite, to become revealed and to rule as the Light of AB-SAG, which discerns, corrects, and unites desires, and then becomes revealed inside of them.

This way, step by step, we realize the goal of creation, and I very much hope that we will get there.

At the Convention we were sure that we are going to a specific, clear goal – that we are attaining unity and revelation. We revealed this initial point and now we just have to keep developing it and be sure that these phases of development are standing before us like drops of semen, which we attained.

The goal of our entire work, of our unity is to reveal the Shechina between us. That is, to aspire for all of the gaps in which we feel repulsion, confusion, and separation from one another to be filled by Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/11/11, Writings of Rabash

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The Guiding Thread Of Conventions

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the spring we will hold a convention in America, and we have to aspire to make its level be no lower than the international Convention in Tel Aviv that just took place. I hope its level will be even higher. All countries have to join this Convention so we will feel that we are together.

Even if not everyone will be able to come to the United States to attend this convention and even if it will have much fewer attendees, yet by virtue of our unification and preparation, we will try to attain an even higher state. We have to work hard to get there.

A person has to see that from one day to the next, he benefits more and more in relation to the connection that we attained. The point of adhesion, the drop of unity that we attained must now expand similar to how a drop of semen inside of the womb begins to develop and form into a fetus, a future embryo. With each passing day, it develops more and more. That is how we should see ourselves.

An embryo grows by virtue of the “meat,” meaning the desires, thoughts, doubts, and problems that deliberately come to us at every moment according to the program of creation. But we ascend above all of these problems that become revealed and attach all of them to one point of unity. That is how we form the body of the embryo.

This is already the body of our soul. We must only add more and more flesh to it. Now we are starting to prepare for the spring convention in America where we will spend a few days together again. It doesn’t matter who will be able to attend physically and who will join virtually. We will work throughout the next few months to get to this convention internally united.

We will see the extent to which this world will lose its significance, its might of desire and power. And on the contrary, the force of our unity will be unlimited and no boundaries will be able to separate me from the friends. That is how we will attain greater and greater unity.

But this will happen on the condition that we will work on this constantly, day by day, making it our objective that our next state, the American convention will bring us to a very powerful unity. That is how we will place the current objectives ahead of ourselves, like milestones on the path, and will work on them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/11/11, Writings of Rabash

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The Revolution In Energy Sector

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer, or ‘E-Cat’ reactor, is intended to produce large amounts of energy from a reaction between nickel and hydrogen. Rossi said the reaction produces heat to heat water, which produces steam that can be used to generate electricity.

“If the technology works, it could enable a new generation of power plants to provide safe, cheap, and virtually unlimited nuclear power, without fossil fuels or radiation concerns.” (Source: The Boston Globe)

“Cold fusion technology is in the nascent stage, and Mr. Rossi’s steam generator is the first step in a wide-open field of research and development that will generate new roles and jobs for people worldwide.

“As a thermal energy generator, the Energy Catalyzer can be used for heating work spaces or as a hot-water heater at a fraction of current costs, and its clean, a welcome development for environmental programs which have seen their budgets slashed too.

“The fuel is hydrogen, the main element in water, and the reaction occurs in a powder made of nickel, the same metal that is in a US 5 cent piece. There is no carbon dioxide emitted by this reaction and there are no radioactive materials used.” (Source:

My Comment: When humanity ceases to pursue profit as the main purpose of its existence, it will begin to explore the inventions that were unprofitable for corporations and thus not implemented. We will hear about many wonderful possibilities if the goal is not profit at any cost, but to bring public good.

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There Is Only One Solution: Complete Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (French President Nicolas Sarkozy): “He [Sarkozy] said France and every other euro zone country needed to enshrine a budget-balancing ‘golden rule’ in their constitutions, to force stricter fiscal discipline as the bloc strives to reform itself or get left behind.

“‘Europe is no longer a choice. It is a necessity. But the crisis has revealed its weaknesses and its contradictions. Europe must be rethought,’ Sarkozy said.

“‘Let us not hide it, Europe may be swept away by the crisis if it doesn’t get a grip, if it doesn’t change,’ he said, warning that a collapse of the euro would make France’s debt unmanageable and wipe out people’s savings.

“Sarkozy promised that reforming Europe would mean closer inter-governmental cooperation, not handing control to a supra-national body.” (Source: Reuters)

“‘The reform of Europe is not a march towards supra-nationality.’ …’The integration of Europe will go the inter-govermental way because Europe needs to make strategic political choices.'” (Source: Reuters)

My Comment: Of course, it is necessary to pursue a greater integration, as the times demand. The world is getting closer, while countries and people are not, and the lack of balance of society in relation to nature is manifested as a crisis—the crisis of society, not financial and so on. As soon as the EU will decide to unite fully and begin this long process, we will feel how the crisis eases and see new opportunities.

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All Faces Are Familiar

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From BBC): “There are on average 3.74 degrees of separation between any one Facebook user and another, a study suggests.

“The number of degrees represents the number of people in a friendship chain, excluding the people at either end. Or, as the authors put it: ‘When considering another person in the world, a friend of your friend knows a friend of their friend.'”

My Comment: This tells us not just about our interconnectedness, but also about a mutual influence on each other, a mutual dependency, a subconscious exchange of thoughts and desires. And if I don’t take that into consideration, my negative attitude toward others comes back to me multiplied many times….

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The Right To Life, Not To Slavery!

Opinion: (Henri Jorda, professor, University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne): “Paul Lafargue formulated his ideas in the following way: ‘Everyone has the right to manage time freely, not to be its slave.’

“Having forced workers to believe that life is work, capitalists steal time from them. And workers should demand not the right to work—it is a masochistic error—but the right to laziness. It is the love of work that has brought the greatest misery to those who have nothing. They became totally dependent on work, which spoils the mind and health, which kills their best abilities.

“The ultimate goal of a just society would be to distribute work and idleness, without distinction of social status. Everyone should manage his time according to his needs.

“When work becomes binding only to the extent necessary to provide the society with the necessities and not more, three working hours will be enough to meet our material needs.

“Once people get rid of the dependence on work, they will be able to spend time on self-renewal (physical, intellectual, and spiritual), and this ‘lazy’ mode will give them an opportunity to develop themselves.”

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European Debt Crisis Threatens The Core Economies

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Juergen Stark, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank): “ECB policymaker Juergen Stark has warned the sovereign debt crisis had spread from the eurozone’s periphery to its core economies and was affecting economies outside of Europe.

“‘These are very challenging times. The sovereign debt crisis has re-intensified and is now spreading over to other countries including so-called core countries. This is a new phenomenon,’ Mr Stark said in a speech to Ireland’s Institute of International and European Affairs in Dublin.

“‘The sovereign debt crisis is not only concentrated in Europe. Most advanced economies are facing serious problems with their public debt.'”

My Comment: That is why the world is said to be global. But besides that, it is also integral: All countries, economies, and people are completely interrelated in it. We will not be able to break this connection even in a world war. This connection can only be corrected to good: mutual guarantee!

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To Be Born In Order To Never Return To This World Again

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can we do in order to never again return into this world?

Answer: When I strive to achieve a mutual sensation between us: unity, unification, solidarity, mutual guarantee; when everyone depends on everyone else, and everyone feels the common desire born between us because a new notion came into being, a spiritual Kli, the common desire to bestow; once I find it (it already exists), then I am born on the spiritual level.

As soon as I connect to it, I enter a new world. After all, in it, in this common desire, I reveal the Light that awakens and exists in it according to the law of equivalence of form: The Light only bestows, and this desire also exists in bestowal. The more friends connect to this desire, the more they strengthen it, and then the Light can be revealed more inside this desire.

This is why being born means to connect to our common desire that already exists. Many already feel it at this convention. And those who ask this question: “How can we be born?” must simply find this new reality, the common desire. This feeling will also remain after the convention, and will be developing in every one of us.

Friends will go home, become submerged in their problems, but the same feeling we have attained at the convention will return to them because this reality is already connected to him. And the purpose of all the confusion, descents, and everything that happens to everyone will only be to once again return him to the feeling of the common desire (heart). This way a person will develop time and time again: His ego will grow by turns, and he’ll acquire a greater connection with the common desire over it. It is similar to the way the heart beats in and out.

But right now we need the very first contact between us, and I am asking everyone to find it. We have the time for this, everything happens within a fraction of a second. Make an effort! I am very glad that we have come to this state. I feel that this place is filled with a common single desire that was created here. Connect to it; it invites everyone!
From Lesson 7, The World Arvut Convention 12/8/2011

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Fundamentals Of Kabbalah – 12.11.11

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